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  1. There was a texture update (as separate download) to fix an error in the recommended HDR nebula option. (Though I didn't notice a bug.) Time to change the recommendations?
  2. Could have had that thought by myself… Thanks! Restart worked.
  3. Have you MO "installed" in Q:\, via its installer? Or simply extracted the whole thing to a folder there? If the latter is the case, you simply can copy the whole MO directory into your Skyrim folder and start it from there. Should work.
  4. Hello again. This time I've checked the known issues list before posting. As far as I know, MO recognizes the files contained in an active archive and takes them into consideration when checking for conflicts. (At least for the USLEEP BSA this happens.) I've just installed a mod with a BSA, but this time MO doesn't work in that manner. I have the same mod with a different name active further down in the left panel (don't ask why, I'll remove it later…), but with loose files. MO shows no conflicts for both mods. When using its BSA extraction feature and extract the BSA right into the mods folder, the conflict is recognized. But not with the BSA. Why? How reliable is the BSA-conflict feature? Should I extract all BSAs, only to be sure? The specific BSA is the 2K file from HQ Snow Texture, hqsnow.bsa, found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/download/1000080654.
  5. Hello. Every time I switch from a profile with some archive mods enabled to a profile, where these mods are not enabled, and then back, the archives become disabled on the former profile. I'm speaking of mods, where I don't have the according ESP enabled because MO is managing the archives. It does not happen when quitting and restarting MO, only after such a profile switch. Any idea other than using the ESPs nevertheless?
  6. What about this one? It even serves as requirement for the full effect of the STEP mode Silly Level of Detail-Wine Cellar. Does CACO change the textures, too? I have it on my wanted list, but haven't looked further into it, yet. Glad to hear that it's on your watch list, too…
  7. Okay, I'm not going to look further into detail of this… A few STEPs further below comes another mod, RUSTIC POTIONS and POISONS – which will overwrite 8 textures from the topic's mod. I don't check, which exact texture paths have been set to custom, but I think this last mod is nearly redundant, because the topic's mod changes many, if not all paths. In addition I don't know the effects of combining these two mods' textures. Perhaps an oversight in the composition of mods for STEP? And the order of these two is alphabetical, so I don't think they are ordered by priority…
  8. The fix… I have done. At least for the STEP recommended file. Could provide the files. The permission… Probably better, you ask for this, than an unknown, little modder. The author was last online some months ago. Don't know, if he has notification active for posts on his files. Permission is required.
  9. There are no changes in the STEP patches related to this mod, I've checked.
  10. Have you been aware of this? Source: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/702257-radiant-and-unique-potions-and-poisons-hd/page-38&do=findComment&comment=36460450 I don't think, in its current state this mod is worth of being a STEP mode… I have corrected the errors in my version, but haven't contacted the author, yet, to ask about permission. I also have only changed the recommended version. And I haven't looked for other errors, such as using wrong textures.
  11. phinix has uploaded his cleaned version of the mod, including USLEEP compatibility and allegedly fixing compatibility issues with USKP and Hearthfire, though only to dropbox. His post.
  12. I may have encountered a bug… The newly created Fallout.ini looks in a certain section like this: These aren't the entries for [backgroundLoad], those are missing. The first one, fAlphaAddInterior, belongs to [blurShader], and the following ones to [blurShaderHDR], whose section titles are also missing. Or is this on my system only?
  13. Why do developpers and game portal providers introduce achievements? Because they are a motivation factor for gamers. Okay, I'm beyond this. I could enjoy games without them. But if they are a feature, why not use it? (And they would give me xBox live points, however I don't have use for them. ) 'kay… Perhaps I should re-evaluate my approach to the game. Would make it much more easy to use mods requiring FOSE. And there're a lot of those… Thanks again! If I find a way (or at least can confirm, the achievement system still works) I'll let you know.
  14. Thanks! At least the log in is functionally. I would have to look which achievements I am missing and could try to work directly into that direction, to see if that still works. All guides I've found don't tell that. Of course the GFWL disabler is mentioned, along with the note that FOSE requires it, too. So if that's the only way I'd have to let MO manage my mods, but launch the game otherwise. Or switch back to NMM. (After one day setting MO up I surely can say, I like it more. ) Or would there be a parameter, an argument I could give to the executable call? (Why is this text smaller than the others?)
  15. The crash does not happen without MO. So the cause is not an inactive Windows Live, but MO. And I'm looking for a solution to this, not how to disable GFWL.
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