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  1. Yeah, think I've had enough with the whole "modding till it crashes and try to troubleshoot to resolve issues" thing. I'll follow the step core, extended and step packs as suggested on site. If there are any further complications after following this strictly, I'll come back to the forum for help. Thanks for the guidance thus far grant... Here's to hoping my game doesn't break. Thanks.
  2. I understand this concept. As a mod user of Skyrim before step, I've had utilised the "extra" mods mentioned without step and a few selected graphic overhauls without issues. The thing about step I love is the idea in which there is a pre-conceived notion that there are a set of functions that are grants to work well together, in the form of step core. I intended to build on the step core by utilizing mods I normally use on top of step core. Now, granted that there are step extended and step packs created for intergration of other form of immersion / quests; should I turn be looking at implementing only the step core, extended and packs to the letter? I could Technically abandon my current intend approach of following step and it' extensions to be letter. Let me know what you think :)
  3. Hi guys, I'd tested out my install yesterday. A strange thing occured. Every time I try to go into whiterun or river wood, I crash a few seconds after entry. For whiterun, it's during the scripted dialogue upon entry. For riverwood, it just happens. I've looked up the papyrus logs (and yes I know it's not a crash log) and constantly found the errors relating to MSO before the crash, which is related to movement stamina overhaul mod, which is part of the epic gameplay overhaul mod from appolodown. As a troubleshooting Mechanic, I'll try to enable only step core file and epic gameplay overhaul, give that I didn't install ego from the start of character creation, like the author says that it should. Also, all my other mods like frostfall, ineed, hunter born, harvest overhaul, etc which are script intensive will be turned off. If I still crash, I will come back tonight with updates and Technical info on mods, papyrus logs before crash and ink settings. Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, It seems the elimination method has resolved the situation. Just to ensure we're on the same page and to anyone who would reference this thread for guidance on such matters: Step core was activated as the base Character was created from scratch in LAL Saved and exited. Loaded script intensive mods, 2 at a time or based on dependent files (ie: CACO + Patches, Frostfall + Ineed, etc) Rinse and repeat after each activation of script intensive mods. Worked like a charm after that. Also, another point to note: Try not to activate all the script intensive mods at a single go after loading in game. Best be outside, load em one at a time and create a save for each mod loaded. I tried it with the option as a patron in LAL and the minute i exited the door, started crashing. Looking good so far... will monitor and come back to this thread in 3 days post playthrough. Thanks. Best Regards, Rishi Dave Nair
  5. I'm trying this now. It seems the elimination method is the only choice I suppose. Will come back with updates.
  6. Hi Grant, Point noted on 1. Point 2... not so much I will try to remove the steam added mods and see what can be done from there. I will come back for advise if it doesn't help resolve the situation. Thanks.
  7. I tried doing this, but there were too many dependent mods. Seems like elimination may not be the best method for now. Any other suggestions?
  8. As requested, please find the information below: Plugins.txt: modlist.txt
  9. @GrantSP: will reply to you when I get back from work. Yes, you're right in mentioning that the mod ineed is calling on frost fall scripts before ctd. Perhaps I should look into disabling frostfall? Or Ineed?
  10. OK, I will try this and come back to you. Wonder why I never though of this though. Thanks.
  11. Hi Step Forum, This is my first post here and i'm not sure if it's in the right place. I've been modding for a fair bit using NMM. All that changed as of 2 weeks ago, when i got my souped up PC, running windows 10, a 980 TI graphics card and i7-6700k And yes, the intent for purchase was solely for some extreme modding into this 4 year old game that i love. I followed the step core guide (minus FNIS and Dual sheath... i'd like to think i'm old skool that way), plus i find the animations for sheathing the shileds and staff on the back in such a short timeframe highly unimmersive. Anyways, i got that, some elements of STEP extended and immersive survival packs. In addtion, i installed some mods not part of step, like simply knock, TK dodge, CACO, Wiseman303 Flora fixes.... yeah, you get the drift. Turns out, after successfully generating a character whilst using the Live another life mod, the game crashes at some point whilst loading all the mods. Now, before one goes and says that it's an Load order issue, i have all my mods sorted via loot with no error generated. Then i tried to run TES5 edit to load all mods to see if there is a crash occuring (least it should give me an idea right?)... no result. All mods successfully loaded without crashes. Giving up, i finally captured the papyrus logs, but only to realize i don't know how to decipher it. As such, I need help in order to decipher and perhaps even pinpoint the error. TLDR: Modded Skyrim crashes --> Able to generate character --> CTD happens when mods are loading --> Loot doesn't show anything --> TES5 doesnt show anything --> Papyrus logs generated --> Need help on identification and possible resolution. Error Logs in next post below Thank you. Best Regards, Warlocksg
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