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  1. Ok, but now my game works fine up until entering helgen keep, and I don't think they'd cause a crash there.
  2. I've been trying to get STEP and a few other mods to work, but everytime I think I get it to work it'll CTD just into a new game, and then I can't run it through MO without it CTDing right on a new game. However, I CAN run a new game without MO. Can anyone help me find any mods that might be causing the problem?
  3. I've used all that, I just reinstalled my mods a bit at a time till I got to the end and it worked, but then it crashed after I did some more tweeking.
  4. So I have Skyrim Installed, and it works with a regular launch, but If I run it through MO it CTD on starting a new game, even when I have unchecked ALL the plugins and switched off MO managing the archives. Is there anything else to try? I think I've finally gotten all the mods to work, but this one issue is stopping me.
  5. So I'm using both Step core and extended plus several packs, I have over 200 more than I can have to use in mod organizer. I can cut that down using Wyre Bash, but I need to cut like 50 from my list I'm going to work at it myself, but if anyone can give me general advice, or sees something obvious I can get rid of, or conflicts with something else in my list below, I'd be very grateful!
  6. Ok I got it, was missing one file!
  7. Hi, can anyone help me, I installed All the required STEP extended mods, but the installer for the patch keeps the extended patch greyed out.
  8. Ok thank you so much for all your help everybody!
  9. Ok good, So just follow the guides, one last thing, what is Skyrim Revisited Legendary Edition, someone on here recommended it to me but I don't really know what it is or how it relates to STEP.
  10. sorry, my question was confusing, will 2.10.0 require a new game?
  11. Ok, so will I be able to update my game, or will it require a new game if I get the current STEP release and 2.10.0 comes out
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