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  1. Thanks for the hints! Finally came to check it and turns out there was indeed an overriding .ini in my MO2 mod list.
  2. Thanks for pointing in the right direction sheson! I'll follow the alpha test instructions!
  3. Another issue I'm having ... I'd like to get DynDOLOD to not generate tree LODs for the world map but I already tried all the tips from the manual and the world map still gets tree LOD. I've tried with setting LOD Level 16 for all tree mesh rules to empty instead of Billboard and also the alternative of setting uLockedObjectMapLOD=32 in Skyrim.ini and Level32=1 in DynDOLOD_SSE.ini. I've also tried both these options at the same time but no matter what, I get the world map full of tree LOD again. Any ideas what else could cause this or how to get rid of the LOD?
  4. Hi, I've been always creating ultra tree LODS with DynDOLOD since a while but wanted to go back to generating medium quality billboard LODs because the 3D LOD flickering in is just too jarring for me. However since I tried a few days ago DynDOLOD 3 always stops after scanning/collecting data with the message: "[01:31] Duplicates not allowed" and I can't make head or tails of it. Does somebody know what this means? This only happens if I try to generate billboard LOD (i.e. loading medium preset and don't check the Ultra LODs checkbox).
  5. Well, I'm confused! Today many of of my graphics mods suddenly don't work again. I have this in all three ini files to be sure: [Archive]sResourceDataDirsFinal= sInvalidationFile=bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 But again now, some mods obviously don't get invalidated. For example I have this mod installed. Yesterday the map worked. Today it's reset to be colorless (note that bPipboyDisableFX=1 is in all ini files, too). Also my terrain texture mods aren't working. What could be wrong?
  6. Thanks for the link Jarl! Looking forward to the progress of MO! It's the best mod manager IMHO. Only for Oblivion (Steam version) I still have to use NMM since MO seems to not be able to get the archive invalidation right for it (these ini fixes arent't part of Oblivion, right?)
  7. I think I got it working. I had to add [Archive]sResourceDataDirsFinal=bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 to the fallout4.ini as well. It was written in fallout4custom.ini but that alone didn't work.I have to mention that with FO4 having now three ini files with many of the same parameters in each is beyond confusing! Edit: also it seems that MO must stay running for this to work. Using a shortcut to deskltop that instantly launches the game via MO seems not to do this successfully.
  8. How do you archive invalidate FO4 mods with the latest MO alpha? I set it up with several mods, the game is launched successfully but mod textures and models are not appearing. Anyone know a workaround to invalidate manually so that it works with MO?
  9. Hello! Long time Mod Organizer user here! I want to check out version 2, in particular for FO4 but also for the other games (shared mode). Does anyone know what I have to do to reset MO so that it asks me again at launch which games I want to manage with it? I can't find the file that stores this data and MO doesn't ask me again, even after re-install.
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