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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. No, nothing besides the base entries in Skyrim.esm.
  2. Looking good now! Sorry I missed your edit. I would've been curious to see if something had somehow modified the records, but I'd restarted the worldgen already. Thanks again, for the prompt response and the excellent work.
  3. No, definitely using 4.1. I'll redo it from scratch this time instead of updating an existing esp, give me an hour and a half or so and I'll report back. Woops, saw this too late. It's already running again. I don't think I had the Beyond Reach patch installed, so it needed to be done again anyway.
  4. Hi folks, Anyone had issues with lod for the College of Winterhold? I'm seeing this. I'm using Immersive College of Winterhold. I had just installed a couple new quest mods so wanted to redo the whole process, but when I started the worldgen it notified me that DyndoLOD.esp was found. I had forgotten to remove the old one, but it said something to the extent that it would update the old one, so I let it go. I don't know if that could have anything to do with it. Should I delete the data and redo it from scratch this time, or is there something else going on? Thanks.
  5. Yes I have the high res version installed. I found the LOD files in there as well. The file for the tree I mentioned above looks normal to me but I don't know what to look for. Regenerating the trees with -2 brightness helped bring the green on distant trees more in line with close ones however the issue with the brown color remains. It just looks really off to me, like the branches/leaves that would be radiating from the trunk in the direction of the player looking at the tree are missing. Or the brown color from the trunk has bled out into the leaves in the center.
  6. I'll try darkening the tree LODs but it really feels like the distant LOD doesn't match the meshed tree very well at all. In the screenshot you can see how the distant trees are not only too bright, but they appear to be missing leaves or the brown color from the trunk is bleeding out onto the leaves.
  7. Hi sheson, I missed this thread in my search at first and posted in the general section. Some of my distant trees do not match the meshed counterparts when a cell loads as seen here: I'm using the guide and have not changed or added anything related to trees. I found some posts earlier in this thread about distant trees looking too orange, and read the FAQ about distant trees not matching. But I can't seem to sort it out. I checked outside Whiterun and one of the offending trees is 00051126 - TreePineForest05. The FAQ says to look in Textures\Terrain\LODGen\ and subfolders for files with the same name/form ID. I use Mod Organizer and can't find a LODGen subfolder in the STEP DyndoLOD Output, STEP LOD textures, or DyndoLOD mod folders. I don't see any files for this tree in any of the subfolders for those either. I haven't had any errors or warnings when running the DyndoLOD scripts in TES5Edit. Also my understanding is all the LOD billboards for the STEP guide are included in the STEP Compilation. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I'm using Vivid Weathers. Disabling it doesn't fix this. Maybe I didn't describe it correctly. The LOD trees don't match to the meshed trees when the cell loads. This is discussed in the DyndoLOD FAQ, but I'm confused as to why this is happening. I followed the guide and haven't changed/added anything flora related. The correct LOD billboards should be included in the STEP compilation.
  9. Can anyone help me fix how my distant trees look? The color is too light, and it looks like the brown color from the trunk is bleeding out into the leaves. Compare to the trees in the foreground in the screenshot.
  10. Yeah, using the recommended 768/256 and it doesn't get close to that. At one point I had a save that repeatedly crashed just after loading in to the game. I was going up a switchback trail near Ivarstead I think and had heard spells above me, lighting type I think. I saved and would take 2 or 3 more steps and crash. I tested the memory blocks then. I used tfc 1 and flew up there and there were 2 dead npcs and 2 bandits I believe running further up the path. I tried to look at their active effects/spells but didn't know what to look for.
  11. Hello, I am occasionally getting a CTD mostly in exterior cells when fighting NPCs / near NPCs in combat. If I reload and go back to the same spot, the crash doesn't happen again most of the time. This makes me suspect it has something to do with ASIS because ASIS will redo it's increased spawn when you reload, and where there were 4 enemies there might only be 1 or 2 after. I wonder if it could be caused by ASIS automatic perks or spell distribution for NPCs. It could also be a problem with an enchantment on an item the NPC is wearing from Worlds Dawn, then when I reload the NPC doesn't spawn again. I don't suppose anyone has experienced issues with ASIS, OBIS, and Worlds Dawn? It could be something completely different as well, I'm just guessing really. modlist.txt: plugins.txt I would appreciate any help / troubleshooting tips. I've made it to level 40 so far so it definitely doesn't happen that often, but I never know if I'll get stuck in a CTD loop on my latest save.
  12. Hello, Been searching for something like this online with no luck. Some melee enemies in my game are broken. When they get in combat they are stuck in a constant loop of the draw weapon animation/sound effect. Because they never draw their weapons, my followers ignore them. Archers and mages are normal. I first noticed this happening with the Northguard NPCs where you have to rescue that one person from prison. But now it seems all Forsworn are doing it as well. I haven't noticed any other NPCs doing it, bandits seem fine for example. I've only recently did the Northguard quest and started running into Forsworn so I can't say if this is happening because of a new mod or if it's been like this and I just haven't seen it. The only mods I've added recently have been followers: Selene, Sofia, Tania. I don't know if it's related but when fighting the Forsworn/Northguard I notice sometimes my arrows do zero damage. Anyone heard of anything like this before or have any ideas what could be wrong?
  13. Hmm, ok. I still have not figured it out. I managed to pass the intimidate check on that first one for now at least.
  14. What? I just got up, it's 7 AM here. Glad you think the game is running better! I'm still reluctant to revert to Windows 7, but it would be better. I should really get around to doing it.
  15. Oh, I didn't know that. But, the brawl quest still doesn't seem to be working.
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