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  1. 1. Just the outer ones 2. That's a common error that seems to come up at random. It has no known effects and can safely be ignored.
  2. Nope. It shouldn't cause any problems as long as you have Borderless Windowed Mode enabled.
  3. Have you tried setting EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks to true? ENBoost gave me terrible stuttering until I changed that.
  4. Yes, many ENB presets come with SweetFX packaged with it however, so if it does you should remove the old SweetFX files before installing it.
  5. FNV's ENB disables the game's default AA even with effects disabled. ENB does have its own Antialiasing features, but they don't work with effects disabled. You'll have to use post-processing AA like FXAA or SMAA. I prefer SweetFX's SMAA. It's not as good as default AA but it's still an improvement over no AA and it's not as performance intensive. Here's how to get SMAA working with ENB: Download Unofficial SweetFX 1.5u from https://sfx.thelazy.net/downloads/. Extract the folder to somewhere safe like your desktop. Delete "dxgi.dll". and the "X64_dll's" folder. Rename "d3d9.dll" to "d3d9_sweetfx.dll". Move "d3d9_sweetfx.dll", the "SweetFX" folder, and the three text files to your Fallout New Vegas folder. Open enblocal.ini and set your [PROXY] section to this: [PROXY]EnableProxyLibrary=trueInitProxyFunctions=trueProxyLibrary=d3d9_sweetfx.dll Save the file. Open SweetFX_settings.txt and under "Choose Effects", set "#define USE_LUMASHARPEN" to 0.Under "SMAA Anti-aliasing settings", set "#define SMAA_CORNER_ROUNDING" to 0.Now save the file. You should now have SMAA working with FNV and ENB.
  6. I went ahead and updated the Yukichigai Gameplay Tweaks page to clarify this.
  7. Hmm, try this: Open Wrye Flash, click Yuki Merged mods, and right click on the "Bash Tags" box on the bottom right. If "Deflst" isn't checked, that's your problem. Click it and rebuild your Bashed Patch.
  8. Hey, here's some minor tweaks that I think should be made to the guide: For the NCR Trooper Overhaul, it tells you to clean "NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta" even though you're not using that plugin. You'll want to move the "Contains dirty edits" notification below "NCR Trooper Overhaul - Distributed." For Wasteland Flora Overhaul, you should let users of the Dead version know that they'll need to install "Update for the latest Dead version." For Fallout Character Overhaul, tell users to rename "FCO - Sweat" to "FCO - Sweat.esp" since FCO installs the wrong file. For Holster - new mesh for Heavensturkey, "Holster.esp" needs to be cleaned since it has ITMs that conflict with YUP. Pip-Boy Light Colors overwrites Roberts Pipboy Fix if you choose anything other than Vanilla for color.
  9. Here's why "FCO - Sweat.esp" wasn't installing properly: From FCO's FOMOD installer script.cs: CopyDataFile("AnimatedSweatEffect/FCO - Sweat.esp","FCO - Sweat");InstallFolderFromFomod("AnimatedSweatEffect/meshes","meshes");InstallFolderFromFomod("AnimatedSweatEffect/textures","textures"); This is what it SHOULD be: CopyDataFile("AnimatedSweatEffect/FCO - Sweat.esp","FCO - Sweat.esp");InstallFolderFromFomod("AnimatedSweatEffect/meshes","meshes");InstallFolderFromFomod("AnimatedSweatEffect/textures","textures");
  10. Project Nevada fixes this problem already, so the Bashed Patch option isn't needed.
  11. Here's a few mods I recommend: Dead Money Fireworks Fix Enhanced Bullet Impacts Faster Pipboy Faster
  12. 1. Dynavision is safe to install, I use it myself. Just install it like normal and move it above OneHud on the left panel. You should still use ENB for the ENBoost feature; follow the guide on how to install it. It helps performance and it's compatible with Dynavision; after installing it just open enbseries.ini and change "UseEffect=true" to "UseEffect=false". 2. Unlike other mod managers, Mod Organizer handles conflicts automatically based on where the mod is located on the left panel; you don't need to untick and retick anything. If NMC is placed above Poco Bueno, then for any conflicting textures, Poco Bueno will overwrite NMC. This isn't important with texture mods; you'll still see the textures from both, but some of NMC's will be replaced with Poco's. If you want to install NMC Medium, you can either delete the Small one, or untick it and install the Medium version into a separate mod; when installing Part 1, change the name to whatever you'd like, and install Part 2 and merge it into the same mod. Then tick it and drag it above Poco Bueno's texture pack. I'm not great at explaining things so let me know if you have any more questions.
  13. "Advanced Recon Tech.esp" is included in "Advanced Recon Patches.esp", so it isn't needed. Just move it to "Optional ESPs" before making your merge.
  14. Actually, I unintentionally incorporated your changes into my mod, since I made it using your version as a master; I wasn't aware you had changed anything with the ingestibles. I can go ahead and credit you if you'd like.
  15. Holster.esp should probably be cleaned, it has some ITMs that override YUP.
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