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  1. It looks like there may be a conflict between the new 2.22 version and Warburgs Paper Map (using the 32 bit version with Oldrim). It appears the new version of Dybdolod is generating files that mess up the paper map, making it look more colorful than paper with no text or roads on the map and the map markers floating high above the land. Reverting to Dyndolod 2.18 (the version I was using previously) seems to have resolved the issue. Anyway, I just thought I'd point that out. Thanks for all your work on this wonderful mod!
  2. I've got another question. I want to use the static and tree LOD but not the dynamic. I unchecked the "Generate DynDoLOD" box in Advanced Options, and I got a successfully created message at the end but it generated a DynDoLOD.esp in the Output folder. Is it okay just to delete that and use the meshes and textures? I assume that will work fine but I wanted to double check. Thanks for your help and all your great work!
  3. I am using version 1.46 of DynDoLOD, and I want to uninstall Immersive Patrols. DynDoLOD.esp has Immersive Patrols as a master. Would I need to do a full regeneration of DynDoLOD.esp with clean save procedures in order to remove the dependency on Immersive Patrols? Thanks for being so patient with everyone asking questions all the time.
  4. So, if I want to uninstall DynDoLOD and play without it for a while, will following the "clean save" procedures cited in the update post be sufficient, or is it not recommended to uninstall on an existing save?
  5. That makes sense. Thanks so much for the detailed explanation.
  6. Thanks for the new version. I am a little confused about the save game update procedure. The Gamer Poet video says to deactivate DynDOLOD in the MCM while in an interior location, then exit the game and deactivate DynDOLOD in MO, then restart the game without DynDOLOD and wait 10 days and then make a new save. That seems different that the above instructions, which I read to require deactivating DynDOLOD in the MCM while in an outdoor location, then moving to an indoor location, then making sure DynDOLOD is still deactivated in the MCM, then making a save, thus skipping the step where you deactivate DynDOLOD in your mod manager and then reload the game and wait 10 in game days and make a new save. I just want to make sure I understand the instructions for this part of the update. Is it necessary to deactivate DynDOLOD while in an outdoor location and then move to an indoor location? After you have deactivated DynDOLOD in the MCM and saved in an indoor location, is it necessary to then deactivate DynDOLOD in your mod manager and reload the game and make a new save without DynDOLOD?
  7. Awesome. Thanks for your quick reply. I am hesitant to update the existing DynDoLod because when I did that on my prior character, I noticed some increased lag as my character ran down roads and new cells were loaded that was not there before updating DynDoLOD. But its good to know that any issues with updating DynDoLOD's masters without updating DynDoLOD would be limited to missing LOD for any new structures and such, rather than causing general instability. DynDoLOD does make the distant views stunning. Great mod, and I appreciated your working with Alt3rn1ty to get his DynDoLOD Wrye Bash guide up and running. Thanks again.
  8. Is it safe to update from USLEEP 3.0 to 3.01 and Alternate Start from 3.10 to 3.12 without regenerating DynDoLOD.esp on an existing save? Arthmoor says that it's not likely that the FORMIDs referenced by DynDoLOD have been changed by either of those mod updates and the recent updates to Alternate Start don't affect LOD, but the updates to USLEEP do affect some LOD resources. Arthmoor did not know enough about the inner workings of DynDoLOD to know what happens if you update a mod that has a DynDoLOD dependency without regenerating DynDoLOD, so I thought I would ask here. I am hoping that only effect would be to introduce vanilla LOD in the areas that were changed by USLEEP and that it won't cause random crashes, lag or any other issues.
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