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  1. Oh haha, I wouldn't dare change anything on this guide on my own, but I appreciate the input!
  2. I added on to your original installation instructions, I tried to make it as clear as possible without being long winded
  3. Yeah, I saw that part and waited until just before Adjustable HUD to install it, I just got confused because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to let it install as "FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition" or not because I wasn't instructed to merge it OR instructed to rename it
  4. oh, okay. then hopefully Kelmych would be willing to add an addendum to his guide for people like me that would never know better thanks!
  5. hey again, i'm just finishing up the Base UI mods section of Kelmych's guide. when i reached "DarnUI Support for FWE," i downloaded the file from the FWE and installed it when installing it, however, the files want to install under the name "FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition" (the same mod name generated by FWE). subsequently, the DarnUI Support for FWE installation brings up a merge prompt. i went ahead and merged the files and i think this was the correct thing to do, but Kelmych's guide doesn't mention merging any files here in the guide, the instructions for DarnUI Support for FWE read: below shows exactly how it appeared to me when i installed it: i'm wondering if i installed DarnUI Support for FWE incorrectly OR if i did install this correctly, could Kelmych could add some clarification to this section of the guide for future users?
  6. Even better, I got the three plugins to merge through MO so now the original instructions make sense
  7. Cool I really appreciate that, I'm sure other new modders will, too!
  8. Awesome, thanks for the clarification, I really appreciate it!
  9. hey guys again, please forgive me if this is an obvious answer, this is my first day modding so i'm down to the Base UI mods section in Kelmych's guide and i've arrived at FWE, i followed the installation instructions but i ran into a little confusion with the optional ESPs. i browsed through the threads in this subforum to see if anyone else has asked a similar question, but i couldn't find anything. it may turn out that i just overcomplicated simple instructions the guide says: when i installed the fomod for FWE part 1, the only optional plugin i added was "Optional Restore Tracers": Therefore, I didn't have to add anything to the optional ESPs section: now, where i ran into confusion was with the FWE Hotfix Patch. since i didn't install "Alternate Travel" and "Optional Restore Tracers (automatics only)" with FWE Part 1, do I need to add those two files to the optional ESPs section for the FWE Hotfix Patch? I highlighted the files I am uncertain about in the image below: Thanks in advance for any help and solutions, and I apologize if this turns out to be a redundancy
  10. awesome, i will try this now and let you know what happens. thanks for your help update: i followed the directions from the template you provided and the program is booting up perfectly now, thanks again for your help and thanks for your awesome guide. i'm still just installing all the utilities at this point, so wish me luck with the rest of the process!
  11. thanks for your reply, i appreciate the clarification i installed Wyre Flash 31.5 Standalone, added a shortcut through mod organizer and then opened it i received this error immediately at first time startup, before touching anything at all edit: i went ahead and backed up and then deleted the bashed patch esp that was automatically created when i started Wrye Flash for the first time and the error is no longer occurring on startup
  12. hey guys, first time poster, brand new to modding i've been trying to follow Kelmych's project to learn how to mod. i've been watching and reading the guides he linked in each section but i ran into an error that i can't figure out when i started Wrye Flash for the first time: i've done some googling and looked through old threads but i can't find any comprehensive answer to what this means and how i should deal with it i'm also a little confused about the terminology being used on the Wyre Flash because I keep seeing differing names such as: Wrye Bash, Wrye Smash, Wrye Mash, etc. am I correct in assuming that these differing terms are similar to how xEdit is described? Different versions of similar programs for specific games (with Wrye Flash being the Fallout version)? thanks in advance and please bear with me if these questions are noob bs. like i mentioned, i'm brand new to this and i stepped into this world about 6 hours ago
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