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  1. Great - thanks for the clarifications! As a relative newcomer to the guide, I thought perhaps I was missing something obvious, there... :)
  2. Wondering if anyone could explain best practice around adding bash tags? I think I understand how bash tags are added and used for Wrye Bash (I'm assuming they help to bring forward or disregard relevant changes for the bash patch). 1. What I'm not clear on is why LOOT also shows (and allows adding new) bash tags? If the tags are added in LOOT, they don't seem to apply when the mod is viewed in Bash - so not understanding why that's even an available LOOT option? (since it seems the tags should simply be added via Bash) 2. Then, for purposes of the guide, should we be adding tags via Wrye Bash, LOOT, both?
  3. Yes, this fixed the issue for me. Updated YAWTO, rebuild the zMerge, rebuild TexGen (necessary?), and DynDOLOD now completes successfully. To Vorians' comment - does this point to a larger systemic issue with zMerge (that could also impact us elsewhere in-game?)
  4. From what I can see, removing Dynamic Equipment Manager did the trick - no more invisible weapons. Consistent on a couple saves with/without. It's very nice being able to aim the bow (though i'll sadly miss my flowing locks in 3rd person :). I also notice there's also a comment on the DEM page about invisible weapons (though no resolution).
  5. Hey Memoso, I get this all the time, also. I die frequently enough without my daggers going missing too. ;) I use hotkeys to switch primary weapons - then when they've disappeared, without fail I retry the draw and end up sheathing instead... shortly afterward, my corpse is usually on the ground. Good times! I don't think this was always an issue, though. I want to say my last LLOTD play build (a few months back) worked fine. Maybe i'll take advantage of the wait for the Burma-less build to try and track it down...
  6. On Zim's... Maybe double-check your version of the override esp - mine shows v1.05 looking for the newer ZIA_Complete_Pack.esp instead...
  7. Along the same lines - curious why we wouldn't want the patches for Diverse Dragons and Splendor Dragons Variants?
  8. A few questions... 1) Do the DynDOLOD generations have any inherent dependency on the earlier Bash/Smash/zEdit/Relinker steps? I.e. if we updated a mod that just impacted DynDOLOD, would we just need to regenerate xLODGEN, TexGen64, and DynDOLOD64? Or conversely, if we update a mod that doesn't impact DynDOLOD, we could just regen the Bash/Smash/zEdit/Relinker? 2) Is there typically any noticeable impact to performance between the High/Meduim xLODGEN and DynDOLOD options? While the GTX 1070 seems fine for High settings, curious if we'd see any performance improvement going lower? 3) On zEdit - is there any reason we can't be lazy and just check all and then "Build All"? (at least after all options are initially set?) 4) In terms of FPS, this guide hits a quite outstanding level of visuals for generally a minimum of FPS impact. That said, any thoughts around easy tweaks to provide a few more FPS at a minimum of sacrifice? (and I'm loathe to give up my ENB... :)
  9. My last CTD happened near a specific rock. Seriously. PITA. Hours... then face-palm. Traced it back to Stunning Statues of Skyrim - and my not following the installation instructions. :)
  10. Yeah, I saw that one, too (but against a different dependency, Cutting Room Floor, maybe...?) when I was just trying to build in some of the esps to track down the culprit. For what it's worth, I did end up getting it to merge, but not in a very satisfying way... here're my steps, maybe it'll help... - Created a new test merge - Noticed the whole test merge would work without the last OMEGA LOTD Consistency Patch - Re-installed that Patch (thinking maybe I'd picked the wrong file and mis-installed at some point...) - Tried the merge again, failed again - In exasperation, deleted the entire test and original merges, recreated and... Now working? Yep - and now can't seem to recreate the error. Good luck!
  11. Just curious if anyone else is seeing a consistent crash with zMerge on "LOTD Patches Merged"? So, zMerge looks to be awesome. Going through and sorting out/updating all the merges - I've done about 10 so far without any problem, but zEdit crashes hard when I try to do the LOTD merge. Seems to have some problem between "OMEGA LOTD Consistency Patch.esp" requiring master "DBM_ImmersiveCreatures_Patch.esp"... but they're both present and ready to go... I know this isn't the right forum for zEdit (not to mention it's alpha, etc.), just thought maybe there's something extra I'm missing with this one (or maybe still in process...?) [spoiler=zEdit Error] Exception loading OMEGA LOTD Consistency Patch.esp: "OMEGA LOTD Consistency Patch.esp" requires master "DBM_ImmersiveCreatures_Patch.esp" to be loaded before it. Fatal Error: Exception loading OMEGA LOTD Consistency Patch.esp: "OMEGA LOTD Consistency Patch.esp" requires master "DBM_ImmersiveCreatures_Patch.esp" to be loaded before it. [ERROR] TypeError: Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined at Object.cleanup (file:///D:/Mod%20Tools%20-%20SkyrimSE/zEdit/resources/app.asar/app/app.js:5496:35) at handlers.forEach.h (file:///D:/Mod%20Tools%20-%20SkyrimSE/zEdit/resources/app.asar/app/app.js:8492:46) at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at Object.cleanup (file:///D:/Mod%20Tools%20-%20SkyrimSE/zEdit/resources/app.asar/app/app.js:8492:18) at cleanupMerge (file:///D:/Mod%20Tools%20-%20SkyrimSE/zEdit/resources/app.asar/app/app.js:8598:27) at onMergeError (file:///D:/Mod%20Tools%20-%20SkyrimSE/zEdit/resources/app.asar/app/app.js:8613:9) at err (file:///D:/Mod%20Tools%20-%20SkyrimSE/zEdit/resources/app.asar/app/app.js:8629:19) at processQueue (D:\Mod Tools - SkyrimSE\zEdit\resources\app.asar\node_modules\angular\angular.js:15616:28) at D:\Mod Tools - SkyrimSE\zEdit\resources\app.asar\node_modules\angular\angular.js:15632:27 at Scope.$eval (D:\Mod Tools - SkyrimSE\zEdit\resources\app.asar\node_modules\angular\angular.js:16884:28
  12. FYI - After using ENBoost (and ENB mods) for the last year without a problem, I re-installed my Windows 7 (new SSD!) But, after re-install, ENBoost (or any other ENB mod) would CTD immediately on launching Skyrim (using MO and SKSE). Re-installed Skyrim, Steam, MO, no mods, etc. - nothing! i3-6100, 16MB RAM, GTX970, 2xSSD - arrghhh! But then... I installed (and re-installed) the MS download for dx9 - no change. Still CTD. After downloading the full "DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)", and installing using the DXSETUP.exe file - no CTD! Fixed! (See post #5, above... https://forum.step-project.com/topic/7575-enboost-ctd-before-bethesda-title-screen/?p=120763) Thanks to keithinhanoi for pointing out that dx installs are not clean! I've enjoyed this site for about a year - thanks to all, this info is priceless! Now, after many weeks... I've got a date with a horker... :) Thanks again!
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