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  1. I found a bug today but I'm not sure if it has anything to do with DynDOLOD. I went to the Windstad Manor (Hearthfire) and started to build the house but nothing happened - the house didn't appear. I googled this bug and found out that a mod named Winstad Mine will fix it so I installed that mod, used LOOT but still got this problem. So I started to move the WinstadMine.esp around in my load order and found out that if it's loaded straight after "Enhanced Landscapes - Marsh no Trees.esp" everything works ok, and if it's loaded just before it I'll get the invisible house. Why I came here is because I haven't updated Enhanced Landscapes mod for a long time and I never had this problem with any of my earlier games. For the current game I have updated the DynDOLOD to version 2.14 and the earlier game had 1.49 so could it have something to do with the new DynDOLOD version?
  2. This current game is actually the new game. This same thing also happened to me in my previous game but I didn't pay so much attention to it then. That older game had also other issues and I thought that those issues were part of the problem. For these tests I have used save #293. That #302 is a corrupted save I made for checking. Time difference between these saves is rather small - #293 is after 103.53.29 and #302 is after 103.55.05. I might try to install the new V1.47 to my current save. It's still the same game and the time stamp for that save is 110.30.14. EDIT: Just installed the new version into my current save (same game as before), made a save and the save loaded without a CTD. So I'll play further with this setting and check if the problem reoccurs.
  3. I still get the corrupted save which causes the CTD. Here's the papyrus.log with the debug scripts. Papyrus.0.log.7z
  4. Here are the results: Primary analysis: Loaded module list: Raw stack contents: Dump header information: Strings:
  5. Removing the *MCM.pex allows me to load the save, but with the *master.pex present I'll get the corrupted save. The corrupted save is such that I cannot load it at all, no matter what I do. It cannot be opened with the "save game script cleaner" either.
  6. I load a save in interior (Breezehome) that always works (except when I had the *Master.pex uninstalled and *MCM.pex installed) and then I go outside and leave Whiterun. Then I move towards Rorikstead, making saves and trying to load them. The corrupted save usually occurs before halfway to Rorikstead. EDIT: I did some tests and have the same problem with these script files. I'll try to explain what happens. - If I have all the scripts installed I can load the Breezehome interior save without any problems. When moving towards Rorikstead and making test saves I get the corrupted save before I'm halfway to Rorikstead. - If I uninstall the *master.pex I have problems loading the Breezehome save. The game doesn't CTD during the loading, but usually quite soon after the loading. - If I uninstall both *MCM.pex and *master.pex I can reach Rorikstead without a corrupted save. I also tested with all scripts installed to deacrivate the DynDOLOD via MCM and the save I make after that is always corrupted. If you are wondering about that Breezehome save it's pure luck that I have it. I saved the game just before the problem started and I played quite some time after that save before I noticed that I cannot load my saves anymore. When I went backwards to found a working save that was just minutes away from that CTD point.
  7. I've done some tests and it seems that when the SHESON_DynDOLOD_MCM.pex and SHESON_DynDOLOD_Master.pex are installed I get corrupted saves causing CTDs when loading. When I had only the three others installed I couldn't get any CTDs during the time I tested. Removing the MCM.pex caused some other stability problems even with an uncorrupted save file and I can't test the MCM deinstallation without it so I'm not 100% sure about that one. EDIT: As I mentioned earlier I have installed these files from another package. The date stamp on these pex files is 20.10.2015.
  8. I woke up a bit early and decided to test V3.1. SexLab complaints about wrong version but I can still load the save. So I disabled the DynDOLOD in the MCM, made a save and this time there were no CTDs when I loaded that save. So it looks like V3.1 works but there are some issues with the V3.2.
  9. I just installed the v3.2 of the papyrusutil over the one included by SexLab (it's almost too easy with the MO) and I still get the CTD if I disable the DynDOLOD in MCM, save and try to load that save. It's getting late here so I'll test the reactivation of the esp tomorrow. And if I have time I'll probably also reinstall DynDOLOD completely to my current save and see what happens.
  10. I checked the saves and it looks like the size of the co-save has increased steadily by 0,1-0,2 MB after every tenth save which is app. 3-4 hours real time. So there is no sudden change. The log files are of the same load. The time stamps were a bit hard to read so I created new ones which I then uploaded. After I uninstalled DynDOLOD I have now continued with this same character for two hours without problems and the size of the co-save hasn't increased anymore. I have a save from an earlier character in my HD and that also had DynDOLOD installed and the co-save's size is only a third of my current character's co-save. I have to check what mods I have changed or updated between these games and if there are some SKSE stuff included.
  11. Sorry, I was away for a couple of days so I couldn't answer earlier. The world is not loaded and the CTD happens when the load screen is showing. The date stamps of the log files were somewhat confusing so I created a new ones. These are the log files when loading a save that CTD: JContainers.txt skse.txt skse_chargen.txt skse_loader.txt skse_nioverride.txt skse_steam_loader.txt SchlongsOfSkyrim.txt EDIT: Don't know if this has anything to do with the problem but if I remember correctly, when I started the current playthrough I had the problem that the DynDOLOD didn't activate and I had to overwrite the scripts using the scripts from the "DynDOLOD scripts.7z".
  12. The size of the .skse save files have usually been less than 0,5 MB in my previous games and now its slightly over 4,0 MB. That what's hit my eye. Anyways here is the requested info. Load order according to WryeBash.Bashed Patch, 0.txt SKSE version is 1.07.03 StorageUtil dated 05.01.2016 (the dll shows no version) nioverride 3.4.5 List of dll's: ddl files.txt I also noticed that I can reproduce the save bug whenever I want by going outside, deactivating the DynDOLOD in the MCM menu and then saving the game. That save cannot be opened in Skyrim or in the Save Game Script Cleaner. Here's a log of deactivating the DynDOLOD via the MCM menu (+ save + exit): Papyrus.deactivating.txt And here's a log when I try to load that save: Papyrus.CTD.txt When I did these logs I started SKSE, did coc qasmoke and loaded the game twice (except the one that CTD'd). That's why there are quite much all kind of stuff in the beginning of the log. Here's the TES5Edit log, but I'm not 100 % sure that it is the correct one. Here's the link to the corrupted .ess save. And here's a link to the .skse save. I know that it's a heavily modded game but these mods have worked together quite well in the past.
  13. This exact thing happened to me in my previous game and now again with the newer game. So I went through the mods I have installed to these two playthroughs and which I didn't have in my earlier playthroughs. I noticed DynDOLOD and uninstalling it made my new saves loadable again. Then I came here and saw this message. Don't know what exactly causes this problem (mod conflict maybe) but here's what I have noticed. - In both games it happened after approximately 100 hours - The .skse save file is "bloated". In my earlier games the size has been max 1.4 MB, usually less and when this problem occurred the size was 4,1 MB - The saving time is quite long and I presume it's due to that .skse save file. The .ess file is only 16,7 MB which is quite normal after 100 h Is there a way to see what that .skse save file contains? I hope it would include some hints.
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