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  1. Hey wasted people of the goodlands ;) I'm back in the saddle now, that is actually playing FNV after a long break, 1 year to be more precice. I was just exhausted after going through and back and forth modding and tweaking FNV with the F&L guide + finding and fixing all sorts of performance and glitch fixes all over the internet for at least 3 months. I've came back and sorted out some old graphic glitches wich popped up when using ENB by turneing off antialiasing and anistrophic filtering in the launcher and finally found out how to use the Sort-o-matic and made some sort of order out of all the stuff i have collected during my time in the Mojave desert. I've been all the time subscribing to this thread so it seems alot of thing have happened since i last year, and of course i want to try out some new mods and mess things up again ;) So i have two question. 1. What new mods (a year old or so) is a must have in your opinion? 2. Can i and how do i update JIP (and NVSE) without ruining my now seemingly very stable and cool Fear n Loathing version of Fallout New Vegas? And a special thank you to all the Modders, Forum Admins and the Community participators for keeping this game alive and better all the time. Viva La Vegas!
  2. Turning off Steam Overlay didn't help for me, BUT turning off the ENB effects got rid of the glitches i posted before. Thanks for giving me a nudge in the exact right directions MonoAccipiter :D I was using the ENB 278 version and was using Old World ENB palette.
  3. Hey there people. I have followed the F&L guide, with great success so far, but i am getting these strange graphic glitches - see-through-objects and polygons appearing. Image attached, one is right outside Primm, lookin south east. The two other examples are inside the H&H Tools Factory I guess the game is full of these graphic glitches. Can anyone help me out or give me a clue to how i can fix it?
  4. My F&L in Fallout New Vegas has never been better, thank you :) Check out this well-made video i found: "The Philosophy of Fallout".
  5. It worked. https://imgur.com/5V4CZk7 Thanks alot. PS. Should i keep all the esp's checked from ADAM (complete, FAUE, Nevada patch)
  6. I get a missing meshes exclamation sign when i put on the Riot Prototype helmet on. The other helmets is ok. Any suggestions what i can do to remedy this little annoyance. https://imgur.com/ey1swJd NCR ranger veteran also has missing meshes. https://imgur.com/cAUpk5k oh no. what should i reinstall do you think?
  7. Dear DarkSide. Could you post a link to what ENB-manager you are using? I want to check it out and try to find a ENB preset which doesntt ruin my performance. Anyone: Is there a good ENB tweak guide you can recommend. I'm first and foremost looking for tweaks which makes performance much better, with only marginally worse visual quality. I tried Rudy ENB, but i lost 15-20 FPS's down to 40 and less - and that was noticable. Right now i only use ENB boost as the guide has instructed me to (and i obey) Funny thing yesterday, the shadows was more red/orange than grey, and they all seem so "weak". What else is there to say or ask..yes so after following the F&L-guide, i have on top (or in the end) installed A World Of Pain v5.4 + AWOP Compatibility Patches + AWOP Weapon Mod Patches, and the game at least boots up, and i havent seen any major bugs so far. I'm down in Primm and have been clearing out the New Bison hotel. When i was at the NCR camp outside Primm there was a character besides the officer which had NO Hands, so i was wondering about that. But hey, people get injured and amputees actually makes the game even morte immersive so i figured it was ok in a strange and cooky way. More so about the AWOP-fiddling: In LOOT it's says that some plugin wich the Bashed Patch has unticked, is not active (or something like that) and the game will crash, but the game hasn't crashed one single time so far. Thats what i like the most with the F&L-guide. The game seems STABLE as a tripodded prostitute strung up on a fistfull of Med-X'es washed down with Cuba Libre (Rum and Nuka Cola), slouching over the banister in the Atomic Wrangler.
  8. Hey in my Interiors Lightning Overhaul mod i also got the "Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp" Should i keep/use that one instead of the "ILO-NVinteriors Project.esp" or move it to optional ESP's ? Or have i done something wrong and should i redo that step?
  9. Heres some screenshot of my startscreen at Doc Mitchell and some posing with me new sweetheart alterego in the moajve (i've always wanted to be a girl deep down, giggles) "don't you wish your girfriend was hot like me" *kaping* https://imgur.com/a/4qUjc
  10. Ok so who is going to make a list of the mods we should add WeaponMods-tag manually to? :O_o: Hey MonoAccipiter! I will take a screenshot today of my characters hands and we can compare whos got the ugliest ones But i think your hands wasn't that bad, int he screenshot you posted. Mine was stumped and deformed and almost 8 bit style, when i had this issue. PS. Can never say too many times how much i appreciate the Guide: Fear and Loathing by EssArrBee's . It's a good way to "learn by doing" the tools like FNVedit, Wrye Bash, FNVLODgen and more. I read 50 pages of the FNVEdit-manual, but didn't dare do anything, afraid i might break the files i was tampering with. Then finally after weeks of modding with the Nexus Mod Manager and more and more frequent CTD's i found the guide. I say it's a initiation portal into the great mysteries of advance modding. Three times Hurrah for the Fear and Loathing guide. Pss. The fact that "Make a List" and "EssArrBee" has the same/similar colours is pure coincidence, and must not be mistaken for a nudge or something in that direction"
  11. Hiiidy ho! Back from the wasteland, couldn tkeep my hands of the modding. I am doing the small missed out step in "Generate Bash Tags": making sure 1nivVSLArmors.esp has the "Deflev" tag. Mine did already after doing the Generate Bash Tag script, BUT it also has a tag not mentioned in the list: Delev. Should i keep that or remove it? I found an earlier post about this in this very thread, but i didnt understand what the conclusion was :) I removed the Delev tag from 1nivVSLArmors.esp My second question(s) is about the Bashed Patch.Is it supposed to disable some plugins (in Mod Organizer) and still be using them?Should i re-enable the plugins in Mod Organizer which was disabled after doing the Bashed Patch? Sorry. Read the other posts again. I keep the unticked esp's unticked in MO after Bashed Patch. If i am wrong about these two decisions, please tell me, if not just ignore me (for now)
  12. I'm done doing all the steps in the guide. Jej. And even added a few of mods of my own selection. The initial testing in Goodsrpings seems fine. If i only can decide now what haircolour and hairdoo my character is going to have now, i can start gaming for real :P Thanks for all the help so far to every single one of you out there. My oh my what a wonderful day.
  13. LOOT reports that the DLCs has alot of ITM and needs cleaning. Should i clean all of them?
  14. MosAnted: Can you please help me explain the steps i have to take to use AWOP toghether with the FNL steps?
  15. Thanks for the replies MonoAccipiter, EssArrBee and Zilav. My low resolution hand occurance is gone now, it only happened when i was testing a character with race Male Afroamerican 40-something. It's gone now, jej. I am using theType 6 Modification Body [T6M body] by Izumiko, and i seems to working just fine so far. The pretty face and hair is from the mod Mojave Delight by GlossHouse Done with the FNVLODGen proceedure. Goinmg to start on the Generate Bash Tags thing now...omg thats one heck of a job.
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