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  1. I wasn't able either... Well I eventually found out: I rebooted my PC and game launched from MO2 using F4SE. And my 30+ first mods ran like a charm.
  2. Indeed, FO4Edit starts up well with alpha4, it helped me find a couple errors in load order. By the way, I can't launch the game from MO2: Fallout 4 executables are set (paths to my Steam folder) but nothing happens when I click RUN. Any idea?
  3. Yeah, thanks. I don't think a couple more followers would break the game.
  4. What about that custom follower, Celestine? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40915/?
  5. Ok, so what would rather go to the main forum?
  6. Hey, My saves are starting to bloat again a bit. So I'm trying to get used to a new toy: Savegame script scalpel - Disassembler - Diagnostic Tool - Papyrus Data Transfer. I'm getting those instances that seemed unattached. I don't know if they are the actual reason for occasional CDTs. ( ::MBI_DisableCoins_var ( [variable_name] ), [and], MBI_NotACoinDisable ( [script_name] ), [and], e65400 ( [ref_id] ) ) ( ::MBI_DisableCoins_var ( [variable_name] ), [and], MBI_NotACoinDisable ( [script_name] ), [and], 453c00 ( [ref_id] ) ) Would that mean the mod Molag's Bal Inferno needs to be cleaned up in a way of sorts? It's not a region I explored yet, just hanging around Whiterun at level 3. PS: Tell me if that kind of question should go to the new SRLE Extended Support forum instead.
  7. Oh, you might be right because I activated all the eat/food/sleep parameters with MCM on both mods. Now I know why they were eating all the time and emptied their reserves so fast too. So, maybe not a conflict with Frostfall, but more likely one with food/thirst managers. And with 6 followers, that could be a lot of processing too... Actually Neo says "Mod Notes: This mod contains an animation package that can be used by Bathing in Skyrim." The message should be more explicit like "Only activate/use the animations". But yes, those mods at the beginning of the load order are supposed to be there just for base resource for other mods...
  8. After a flawless 3 hours long new game with no more stuttering (all mods and game moved to the SSD) I finally crashed again. Well, the game froze actually. It happened again when all my followers started to starve and after a huge fight against brigands: 4 of them fell unconscious, I also started to get messages that I couldn't find valuable items to eat in my inventory, then froze. So I was wondering if there could be any script conflicts between several mods that manage those very same needs like eatingSleepingDrinking (KuNeruNomu), iNeeds and Eat and sleep? On another hand gekkou1992 says about EatingSleepingDrinking "This MOD isn't good compatibility with frostfall."
  9. Oh, didn't realize Noble Skyrim Parallax patch wasn't necessary even loading after Tamriel... Thanks for the tip. If I drop it, do I have to DynDoLOD the game again? (1 hour... lol) I need to recruit more followers now. Maybe things usually go wrong when you're in a team of 6-8 with lots of mods that make them more autonomous and alive. That's all about immersion, you know. Ah, and you can see on one of my screenshots that when I arrive in sight of Whiterun, some parts of the city appear before others and seem to float in the sky, and no long distance landscape is visible...
  10. Ok, just copied almost 70 Gb to the SSD (MO mods folder) and game has no stutter! Have a look to some screenshots I uploaded to Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/eolynn/screenshots/
  11. Hi everyone! Thanks Darth Mathias for your guide. It took me around 2 weeks to follow the SRLE guide and learn how to install eveything and get used to the different tools. Then I found your extended version, and as someone already said "we always want more". I don't know if my future contributions and feedback will be helpful, as I added some different followers and a few other mods I like. But a couple days ago, I thought my game was running fine: 3 hours playing flawlessly then a sudden CTD while running around Whiterun in the search of Sofia with my party of 6-7 followers (Feah, Cerwiden, Selene Kate, Recorder and Tocatta). Since then my save game is borked, getting CTDs when trying to load, even Save Tool stops functionning when opening the last saves... I remember having activated some mods options right before in MCM, but don't know why I get CTDs too even on a new game. So your theory about scripts being heavy (so many running, plus the fact I added some more) could be plausible. Maybe I have RAM issues on my side, other theory. Even with a big rig (GTX Titan 6 GB, i7 hexacore 6x 3.2GHz and 16 GB RAM) we all know that it's an "old" game made for DirectX 9 and as far as I run under Windows 10, it doesn't help much either. So I tried different tweaks on enbseries.ini, skyrim.ini, skyprefs.ini and skes.ini configuration files without any success... Even new games would CTD. I assume the game was too modded and I tried to remove some. I know Climates of Tamriel and Real Water Two need several optional mods and patches, so I just made a new profile choosing Purity instead as weather mod (less plugins to load). After one hour of DynDoLODding I finally was able to start a new game without crashing. But I had to keep Real Water Two cause it's necessary for the Skyrim Conflict Resolution mod to load (I don't know yet how to make my own corrective patches). I just hope it will not conflict with Purity. The result is quite nice (beautiful skies with sun flares); haven't tested for a long play though. Followin my "memory load" theory, I decided to move the "...\Mod Organizer\mods\" folder from my dedicated Steam HD to my main SSD (69 GB to copy!). I will check this evening if textures and distant objects load faster. Just a couple questions: With the settings generated by the little program spINI, it looks like very far objects don't appear, like mountains, landscapes. Aren't some default values a bit low? Instead of SRO I installed Tamriel Reloaded as base nice textures, then I put after it the new textures of Noble Skyrim Mod performance pack for overwritting. I don't know if it's a good choice (TR + NSM in place of SRO). Thanks for the good work everyone, I learn a lot while following this ongoing guide. I hope to finally get a stable modded game and eventually play past the starting quests: I'm also new to Skyrim, and want to experience a beautiful and immersive RPG from "scratch"! ^^
  12. First of all, as I'm new to this forum, big thanks for Neovalen's work on the guide. I learned a lot about modding. Question: where exactly should I copy and rename from/to? The "...\Mod Organizer\mods\" folder or the "...\Skyrim\data\" one? I think I moved them somewhere after renaming them, but did not let the original files in their place lol.
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