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  1. By now I finished my STEP installation and started playing for about 3 hours. I'm mostly happy with the overall look and feel of the game after this enormous guide. But I'm unhappy with the language experience. I have now a mixture of german and english which is confusing und annoying. For the quests and dialogue it's somewhat ok, as I can mostly think of what the people mean. But particularly the item menu is frustrating, as the item names are also partly in english, which makes sorting nearly impossible. Any hint on which mod(s) did this to the quest journal and item names? Some of the mods had a german version, but maybe I missed one. If nobody can't help me, I might be forced to switch to english. Here a a few examples -> https://imgur.com/a/5ialM
  2. Is the FMOD table left out by intention?
  3. Thank you very much for your answers. It is like I expected it. So it seems more likely that the screens show whats possible. And not how it could be played. I will continue with my STEP installation tomorrow evening. I've read you hardware guide today and recognized that I have to check many mods again. I've often chosen the Performance version of a mod or the 1k textures. You stated, that with a 4GB vRAM Card (I have 8GB vRAM) I could take the 2k textures without being afraid of a performance impact. So I will swap these files.
  4. So, I told a friend of mine that I'm going to start a second play through a Skyrim. My first run was when the game came out and I installed about a dozen mods. A few gameplay enhancements to make the game feel better (SkyUI for example) and a few graphic mods like HD textures and some clutter textures. For this time I decided STEP would be a great opportunity to get the best out of this game for both graphic, gameplay and stability. I ordered a AMD Radeon R9 390 for this and started the guide. Because when I thought I could just install a few HD and gameplay mods like I did 2012 through NMM, I soon realised that the only thing I would get was one CTD after another. So my expectations were like: After the whole STEP guide this game would feel like 2015, baby! Yesterday my friend send me this pic. And I was like: "Ok, I install STEP right now. I have been on this for about 4 evenings and I'm still not close to the end. But I'm quite sure that my game won't look nearly like this. After Step this game will more be like 2013 than 2015 for me. (Which is still 100% better than my early 2012 experience with Skyrim, don't get me wrong!)" My question is: Does STEP get me near this graphics quality? What would be my way to achieve this? I mean I can't install just any ULTRA HD mod without making the game CTD once per minute, can I? (Just out of curiosity, no real intention here, but hey let's have some Small Talk with you guys!) Source: https://9gag.com/gag/aE7xDnx
  5. I understand your answer, and it makes sense, but I don't agree with you. It has now been a few evenings that I work on my first install of STEP (man this takes ages) and this is the very first time I got the message from MO about the data folder and there was no hint on the wiki. It's right and important that you have notices on top of the guide and a very detailed MO tutorial, but I installed about a dozen mods by now which had a hint in the wiki about the data folder selection. If the MO guide was enough, you could delete the data hints on every page. Or you add the missing ones. This guide is supposed to help first time users and even people like me who are fairly new to this stuff, and to help them throughout this guide it is most important to keep things continuous. In my opinion it just should be the same on every page.
  6. Is it maybe possible, that the Wiki page for this mod forgets to mention the hint about the "data" dir? "This mod is not packaged correctly. Right-click on Data and choose [set data directory]. Click [OK] to install."
  7. Thanks for clarifying this. I will try to stick with German. But I noticed one thing. The "Guard Dialogue Overhaul" Mod (https://wiki.step-project.com/Guard_Dialogue_Overhaul) offers the possibility to choose the fitting language file. I guess that this is for a reason, and the english version wouldn't be right for me. You should mention this in the install notes, so that the STEP User has to consider this.
  8. That was my error -.- 8. Launched the Skyrim Launcher from MO and closed it without starting the game Should have been: -> 8. Launched the Skyrim Launcher from Steam and start the game once. Now it works again. BTW, I didn't have do to all this INI stuff. I check my old and new ini files two times with the Notepad++ comparison. Only a single line changed. The one i quoted in the first post: sD3DDevice="AMD Radeon R9 390 Series" Thank you again! Ps.: Yes, it's 4064. EDIT: I would suggest to alter the wiki article slightly. > 1.D. INI Tweaks says: "After deleting them, the default versions can be regenerated by running the Skyrim Launcher again (run via MO if using MO)." This could be: "After deleting them, the default versions can be regenerated by running the Skyrim Launcher again (run via MO if using MO) and start the game once to the main menu."
  9. That didn't work out :-/ I now have a instant CTD after I start SKSE from MO. I performed the following steps to the best of knowledge: Turned PC off Swapped cards (New one is a AMD R9 390) Starte in Safe Mode Started DDU and let the PC reboot Installed Crimson 16.1.1 Reboot Delete all four ini files. The once in my user profile and the ones from the MO profile Launched the Skyrim Launcher from MO and closed it without starting the game Did all the INI tweaks from STEP once again Startet "VRamSizeDX9.exe" again, just to get the exact same value?! Tried to start SKSE from MO and got an CTD Deactivated almost every Mod in MO just to test, but no difference. Still CTDNow I haven't got a clue what I did wrong. Can you help me please?
  10. Glad to hear, that you liked my feedback!
  11. Hello everybody, I started installing Skyrim accroding to STEP yesterday and I'm now at about 40% I think. Today my new graphics card arrived and I would like to replace the old card sometime today. I stumbled about this entry in the skyrimprefs.ini "sD3DDevice = "AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series" and that made my think about my STEP setup. Will I break anything in my setup through swapping the cards? Do I have to run the Skyrim Launcher again for first time detection? -> Will that revert all of the INI changes I had to do? Gladly I don't switch Graphic vendors, I stick with AMD, but I really can't tell what I maybe have to redo to keep my current STEP progress. Thanks for helping me out!
  12. Thanks to both of you! Now it behaved like expected. Now I can continue this never ending guide :D
  13. Hello, currently I'm starting my second play trough of Skyrim. I played it once about 3 or 4 years ago, but I think it's time to play again. Right now I'm in the middle of my STEP setup. Its very hard work and I'm shocked about how many bugs, errors and inconsistencies you guys have fixed throughout the years. I think it might feel like a whole new game. Just bought a new graphics cards because of this (old card only has 1GB Video RAM). But now to my questions. I'm from Germany, and I have installed the game in German. This made me think of two questions: Do I get any unforeseen problems because of this? Anything I might have overlooked? I ask because I've just seen the following: https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:Guide#2.E._Interface https://wiki.step-project.com/Main_Font_Replacement -> "DO NOT USE this mod if Skyrim language is not set to English!" Second question: If I should decide to play in englisch, (which would be no problem for me) what would be the best way to switch? I tried to stick exactly to the guide. And If I understand it right, everything I've done has only happend inside MO and the Steam-Skyrim folder is (nearly) untouched. Could I just switch the game language in Steam and nothing will happen? I mostly think about the cleand ESM files, as I don't know if they inherit any language references. I hope I could explain what I wanted to know. If anything is explained inaccurate please give me a hint I will try again. Thank you very much!
  14. Very noobish question, but I have to ask. Does "STEP recommends the HQ3DMap - Meshes Hi-Res and HQ3DMap - Normals Original main files." mean I have to install both files? Or does it mean, that both files are OK with STEP, and I can chose whether I like? Another question: I decided to go with the second option and only installed the "HQ3DMap - Meshes Hi-Res" file. The Wiki states: "Choose the 03 - High 1024x1024 option in the installer." But after I activate the download, it simply gets added to my left pane, with no installer at all. What am I missing?
  15. I just came across this step, and I have to agree to @GrantSP that the wiki page definetly needs clarification. The SFW Link is not enough. Especially because the FMOD Table says "XPMS NMM-BAIN INSTALLER" which opens two possibilities for a first time noob. This name suggests the load the _old_ version "- XPMS 1-8 NMM-BAIN Installer" 1.8 which I think is wrong. In think the wiki page and this discussion tend to say that "XP32 Maximum Skeleton" 1.95 is correct. This has to be clearly explained. Also it should be explained, that even if the author of the plugin encourages people to use the extended version instead, that STEP users have to ignore that warning and use the "legacy" version. Hope I could help out with a new perspective.
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