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  1. I found a patch for Blowing in the Wind and Shor's Stone. It's in the BitW FOMOD.
  2. Just to let you know, I don't think 101bugs is necessarily compatible with CACO: "- 101 Bugs - CACO already adds more new insects than this mod, so patching this mod is a low priority."
  3. Wow, that looks great! I would love for that to be added into the guide :)
  4. Ok, I already knew about how to find conflicting mods, I just didn't know how to decide which ones to remove. So, according to you, you should only delete/remove the mods that heavily conflict with SMC, even though they aren't actually a mod from SMC (like Telvani Reborn). Just curious, did you delete One Mountain - To Rule Them All, or did you just keep the meshes?
  5. What I meant was: If you have useless mods that were already included in SMC, do you need to fully delete them or disable them in the left pane? Nevermind the "update" part of my question, that doesn't matter. Regarding your answer, how did you figure out which conflicting mods needed removing?
  6. I'm sorry if that post came off as blaming you for my troubles, I didn't mean to write it that way, and if it came off as that way, I'm sorry. I had no intention of insulting you and I'm really grateful for all of the immense help that you have given me this far That being said, I don't think I should have even thought of using SMC as I don't think I have enough experience modding (even though this is my 2nd year, I haven't even tried solving conflicts by myself or even touched the CK, but I have modded without the need of a guide). I wrote the post because I was stressed about needing to reinstall everything and I felt like I would have to clear my install and reinstall everything again (this is probably my 6th time doing so). So, I guess my first question would be: Do I need to delete EVERY mod that was already included in the guide that came with SRLE first, or should I update everything and do that 2nd? Also, regarding your last paragraph, are you allowed to say something like: "Install all of the mods except for '__________" and just say how to integrate the actual mod with the guide and leave it at that?
  7. OK so I've had a lot of trouble so far on trying to get SMC to work with SRLE Extended. What's worse is that I fully deleted (didn't disable) most/all of the mods already included in the SMC list. The problem is, I have no idea how my Skyrim will look/work if I switch back to the SRLE/SRLE Extended profiles. I deleted those mods because I wanted to save space, but I don't think that was a pretty swell idea, because I'll probably have to reinstall every mod I deleted for the older profiles to actually work. On top of that, Legacy of the Dragonborn (as well as the guide) has been updated extensively so I'll have to update my game on top of trying to get SMC to work with it. Should I just wait until your guide comes out and reinstall the mods/update my game? I'm a bit stressed out here as I don't really know what to do. I mean, you DID tell me it was worth it to get SMC working with the guide, right?
  8. How did u guys manage to integrate A Quality World Map with Roads with SMC?
  9. I don't have it but World Eater Beater looks amazing. But, sadly, some users reported that they had a bug that did not let them hear any music in the game after the Alduin fight.
  10. I've also been looking around for a few mods to add to this guide, and Dragon Animation Replace seems to have caught my eye. It looks pretty interesting, and it adds another layer of difficulty to dragon fights by making dragons stand when they breathe fire, making them an even harder target to hit with your sword. You can find it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60934/?
  11. While merging the NPC Retextures, Merge Plugins detected an error in The Ordinary Women.esp (USLEEP Version), about Ulda the Unseen or someone like that. It automatically fixed the NULL reference and kept merging.
  12. Wow, seems like an amazing setup! I'm pretty sure I'm going to uninstall ELFX from the guide (along with all of its references) and try NVLA with RS and ELE as well. Also, I'm pretty sure I would need to install the IC patch for ELE if I were to use the non-lite version.
  13. Oh I had no idea you didn't run with ELFX. I personally prefer the look of SRLE Extended instead of Tetrachromatic with Vivid Weathers, but I didn't install NVLA like you suggested. This is a lot more complicated than I expected it to be. But, since I have removed ELFX from the guide before, I can do it again, I guess...
  14. So, here's a list of things I DID NOT install. -83Willows Bugs HD (Didn't want additional bugs, fine with LOS) -Ashes of the Red Mountain (Unable to find) -Bloody Dragon Bones (I like rustic version better) -Book Covers Skyrim (Already in LOTD) -Grimoa's Plantigrade feet for Beast Races (Looked on the mod page, most commenters say that it's buggy and does not support DLC armors. Not worth it IMO) -HD Khajiit Mouth (Ugly and no shadow in mouth unlike vanilla) -HD Werewolves (Gonna install MTE version after SMC) -Magic Runes HD (It was either this or Rune Magic HD. I preferred the other) -Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds HD (Already in immersive horses) -Realistic Sun (ENB generated sun is better) -SkyFalls and SkyMills (Waste of time and effort to integrate with DynDOLOD, as DynDOLOD already has these features and more) -Skysight - Smelter Ultra (Only use if you do not have SMIM) -SRTOC -SRTOM -True Wolves of Skyrim (Didn't like the look of the wolves) -Ultra HD Transparent Snowflakes (Looked in comments and the texture is said to be corrupt. Opened the texture in DDSViewer and it crashed)
  15. Which ones would you prefer? SRTO Clouds vs. Ethereal Clouds Northfire's Photoreal Mountains vs. SRTO Mountains
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