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  1. Hey guys! Hope all of you are all right after all those months of pandemic. I've updated my modlist with the latest version of the guide and found a few things here and there to share with you. 1) Modern brawl bug: I think this mod can be removed now as it is included in Blade and Blunt. The information is available in the compatibility section of the mod 🙂 2) Daedric Voices: Regarding the installation, it is indicated to install the main file and the patch for the Growl mod. I believe this could be removed since the Growl mod was recently replaced by Manbeast by SimonMagus616. 🙂 3) Realistic water 2 patches: I just saw this morning that the three missing patches for RW2 (Luminosity, Telengard, Oakwood) are now included in the latest Dread’s modlist patches. However, there is a mod that covers the fixes for Telengard and Oakwood available on the Nexus if you want to take a look. The name of the mod is: Oakwood and Telengard - Realistic Water Two Patches. 4) JK's interiors patch collection: With the latest update of the mod (March 14th, version 2.6.1), there is a new section in the patch for JK's Blue palace mod named "Solitude city mods". Which patch do we select in that section? I think it is the one for JK's Skyrim - Solitude Skyway? 5) Wyrmstooth; Wyrmstooth have been ported to the Nexus for a few weeks now, but the guide is still pointing to the version on the archive.org website. I think that the version on the Nexus website is the most up-to-date (v 1.19.1) comparing with the one found at archive.org (v1.18SSE). Which version should we use? 6) Nemesis Unlimited Behaviour Engine: I've ran into a problem with the Nemesis Engine, as I was not able to update it. I've got error message telling me that I'm missing the falmer behavior file. After a few google search, I've found the mod: Ultimate Combat and Creatures Behaviour compatibility for Nemesis. This mod apparently solved the missing behaviour file for other Nemesis users who ran into the same bug. I've installed it and placed it right under Nemesis in my installation order (I did not selected any patches, neither for Ultimate combat or Ultimate dragons). Afterthat, I've tried to update the engine and the error message was gone. Yeah!! I still don't know what caused the bug, but I think this information might be usefull for the other persons who might encoutered the problem. That's it for now! Many thanks for updating the guide, to be in line with the latest STEP version. I really enjoy the gameplay we have with the guide, and it makes Skyrim always so enjoyable even after 10 years 🙂
  2. Good friday morning! There are a few questions here and there and here is what i think. 1- Lanterns of Skyrim 2: After reading the thread in the STEP forum, I must admit that I agree with some comments. The big difference between Lanterns of Skyrim II (LoS II) and the original version of LoS MCM is in the textures and models of the lanterns used. In LoS II, many light poles are darker making them more visible and they don't seem to blend in well with the surroundings, which is why it catches the eye. Even with that in mind, I prefer the diversity for the lanterns and textures that LoS uses over the original. To me it looks more "modern" than the original mod. The fact that some lanterns can blow as if they are weightless doesn't bother me much. Pretty much all of this questioning is about textures and if the general agreement is that the original mod fits better then why not change it? However if we continue to use LoS II I think we should check if we need the update file as it was updated towards the end of August. 2- Status of the guide: I know that there was quite a lot going on in the last few days, especially when it comes to updating the Github page (which is REALLY beautiful and easy to navigate) but is it this a good time to update or are there still changes coming? 3- Question about Relationship dialogue overhaul / Cutting room floor (CRF): There is a patch for RDO - CRF and USSEP but it is not in the list. Is it necessary? I believe this is included into the Dread’s modlist patches, right? 4- Suggestions 4.1 Immersive Sound Collection: More diversity for sounds is always nice and this one goes well with Audio Overhaul for Skyrim (needs fixes). Adding an immersive sound compendium could make a few mods in the section Sounds and music that will overlap, but it's easy to test and see which sounds you prefer :) 4.2 Solstheim Mods: I still think this area of ​​the game is really unloved, as there aren't any mods that cover it in the guide. There are a few mods that can add life without too much of a workaround for the city and settlements. For the town of Raven Rock there is the mod Quaint Raven Rock (there's also a patch collection) and another one, Raven rock Reborn. Better Tel Mithryn is an expansion of the settlement of Tel Mithryn. It add more life around the Telvanni tower and make it less isolated. For textures, I can't recommend the mods made by author Rallyeator enough. There are five for Solstheim: Rally's Raven Rock, Rally's Riekling Outpost, Rally's Tel Mithryn, Rally's Landscapes of Solstheim and Rally's Plants from Solstheim. All of them have been on my mod list since their release and improve textures a lot. 4.3 New Beginnings Live Another Life Extension: More choices for the mod Live another life by Arthmoor. This is soooo nice for the gameplay. I really like this mod :) 4.4 SSE Display Tweaks: An alternative for the mod Havok fixes. That's it for now! See ya :)
  3. Hello guys! How are you? As I had indicated I am sharing my comments and suggestions for the guide, following my (short) playtesting so far. I'm still investigating the issue with the voiceless quartermasters, I'll get back to you soon about that. 1- Installation Corrections/Questions: 1.1 Engine fixes: For the part 1 installation, the settings should now be done in the EngineFixes.toml file rather than in the EngineFixes.ini file. The toml file is now replacing the ini file (Sorry, I do not remember in which specific version of the mod this was modified). 1.2 Smooth Sky meshes: This file is already included in Cathedral weathers. 1.3 Barenziah Glory: Those textures might be redundant as they are already included in Forgotten Retex project. 1.4 White phial: Same comment as Barenziah glory. 1.5 Dread's modlist patches: In the section patches for Locations, do we need to activate the patch for JK's Skyrim Cutting room floor patch if the one for JK's Skyrim have been auto-selected? (I just want to be sure) 2- Mods that where Updated (Maybe they need to be checked for potential conflict resolution): 2.1 Adamant/Mysticism/Mundus/Aetherius: Mostly all of SimonMagus616 mods were updated a few times now but the one for Mysticism seems to most important one. 2.2 Skyrem - Cori; This one have been updated a few times, but the update for the version 5.2 seems to be the most important one as the ability progressions was reworked completely. 2.3 Lanterns of Skyrim II; There is some new patches for Cutting room floor, Kynesgrove. I do not know if this can be usefull for the guide or if thoses changes are already included in the patches you've made. 2.4 Tournament of the Ten Blood: A new hotfix was added and it is necessary as it is fixing a sound issue. 2.5 AI Overhaul v1.6: This one was updated today. Companions Training Packages and more idles to College of Winterhold were added, only to name a few. This surely requires adjustments and I also saw that the STEP guide had redone its conflict resolution file especially for this purpose. There is so many other mods were updated in the past weeks, here's the list: Bodyslide and outfit studios, Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer, Deadly Dragons, Embers HD, JK interiors patches collection, JS Dragons Claw - Amethyst patch, Nether's follower Framework, Racemenu, Realistic Water two, Rustic clothing, Skyrim Landscapes and Water fixes, SSE Engine Fixes, The Tools of Kagrenac. 3- Mod suggestions: 3.1 Misc Retexture Project: A huge retexture projet that upgrade numerous items in the game. I'm using it with the optionnal Retextured SMIM Ingredients. A really good improvement, in my opinion. 3.2 EasierRider Dungeon pack: Adds 8 new, lore-friendly dungeons around Skyrim. Easy to incorporate, does not go over the top. Might need some patching with the other mods in the guide. 3.3 Inn room costs: The room cost quickly become pointless as the price is the same for every inns across Skyrim. Changing the price for the various inn is more immersive and can also have an impact on your gameplay if you are using a survival mod like the Frozen north. I discovered this mod when I was playing the Lexy LoTD mod list and we could use it as a reference for the suggested prices of the rooms for example. 3.4 Glorious doors: A great retexture for the doors of many locations. At the moment, I use all of them except for Whiterun, Dragonreach and the ones for the ruins. It will add two esp if you select the rotation fix (one otherwise). Both are ESL flagged. 3.5 Wizkids signs: Great retexture for the signage. Goes well with Lanterns of Skyrim. This mod will add an ESL plugin if it is used with 3DNPCs. See ya :)
  4. I've been going through the whole guide (I've taken a few notes to share later) but I have an error message when I'm trying to generate the animation files with the Nemesis unlimited behaviour engine. Here it is: --- Checking engine version Engine is up to date Version Code: 3886-8984 Initializing behavior generation Mod Checked 1: nemesis Mod Checked 2: aarm Mod Checked 3: agpo Mod installed: NAR Mod installed: XPMSE ERROR(1210): Vital behavior file cannot be found. This will cause T-pose in game. To fix this, either reinstall the mod or manually restore this behavior file File: c:\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim special edition\data\meshes\actors\character\behaviors\0_master.hkx Failed to generate behavior --- Has this error occurred to anyone else? Is there a way to fix it? UPDATE: Fixed the issue by downgrading to the previous version of Nemesis, v0.83. I really have no idea why it didn't work with the most recent version of the Nemesis engine (v0.84-beta), since I repeated the exact same steps ...
  5. Hi! Since there was a huge update for the Phoenix flavour last week, I think I'll just made the switch for your list and start from the beginning. My only preoccupation with Diverse Skyrim was for the dialogue with the quartermaster's at the locations that I've mentioned but otherwise there was no other bugs that I've found. Is it the same thing on your side? I'm curious about what you are looking to add for the textures, but here's some suggestions; The first one is Sigils of Skyrim, which is the successor of Design of the Nords with new colors and design. It also have some textures for the shields to match the banners. For the flora, I really like the mods made by ArtbyMari, which are not too far from the vanilla look and can compliment the ones you already use from Cathedral plants. There's a lot of stuff happening in my personal life, as I'm moving on a new apartment in less than two weeks, so I may be short of time to complete the guide as fast as I would like. After that, I would be more than happy to play the game and give you some comments. I really like your choice of mods and sure that it worth it to give it a shot :)
  6. I've just saw that the mod Provincial courier service was updated. The the courier house is now relocated to the southwest side of Whiterun on the main road just past the stables area. It might now be clashing with something else around this area... :(
  7. Update on the bug for Diverse Skyrim, I checked by visiting all the imperial camps and all the Stormcloak camps. This situation is only happening when the player attempts to speak with the quartermaster. When the quartermaster replies, he is mute and no voice is heard. I have noted this bug for the following locations: Eastmarch Imperial camp; Reach Stormcloak camp; Hjaalmarch stormcloak camp. This only happens in three places and not for all of the imperial camps as I mentioned before. Hope this helps :) p.s. I'm playing with the Phoenix Flavour list (V3.3) at the moment, which is also running Diverse Skyrim and AI overhaul (both mods are requirements and not optionnals). I'll go ask in the Discord if someone else have encountered this bug or if this is only happening on my side.
  8. Hi! What I am worried about the more about updates is losing a saved game after finishing the changes but this will not be the case here. I've tried a lot of guides and constantly updating it can become time consuming rather than playing the game. Even if you do some updates for Diversity and Ethereal Elven overhaul, it should not be that difficult to incoporate them. I've also see this week that Techangel have ported the mod HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit for the Special edition and that there is a new weather Patch for Cathedral Weathers for Audio overhaul for Skyrim SE. I will keep my eyes opened for the upcoming additions and you are a 100% correct that your guide deserve more visibility ;) p.s. Regarding Diverse Skyrim, I'm actually playing with it but I've noticed there is a bug with the quartermasters in the various Imperial camps. They are like muted when the player talk to them for the first time. I think this is a known bug for this mod but I'll go verify this detail in-game and get back to you later today or tomorrow.
  9. Hi there! What a surprise I've got by finding this guide, as I was looking to the latest updates in the STEP Core build! I remember the days when I've used the modpack from you Dreadflopp (with Enai mods) with a previous version of STEP, such a charm! This guide right now seems to preserve the essence of the vanilla game, without adding to many stuff. I'm also a great fans of SimonMagus616 mods and I appreciate the idea to use all of them. A few mods have been updating recently, Ars Metallica (adding Fur armor recipes), aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE have been ported to SE by Kryptopyr (it is now a single pack instead of 5 different files) and I might have to check back to give you more informations for the updated files. Was there any updates planned for this guide? Pretty much everything is optionnal so I'm pretty sure I can give it a go and start to install the mods, unless maybe the patches for the guide are requiring an update. Really great choices of mods :)
  10. Hey guys! I've found out a new mod named "Convenient horses patch hub" and there is a patch if we use Apocalypse, CACO, Skyrim Immersive Creatures and Summermyst. Do we need to add it below Convenient horses or it is handled by the latest conflict resolution patch? I did not see it on the Trello page. Thanks for the help :)
  11. Hi guys! For the Weather system merged, are we suppose to add the WetandCold.esp in the merged patch? I know this mod is not listed on the merged page, but if I don't add it, I received the "non-contiguous" error message. Both Wet&Cold - WaterFix - Addon.esp and Obsidian_TS_Wet&Cold_Patch.esp are loaded after WetandCold.esp in my load order (according to LOOT). Do I have to adjust my load order? How can we make this merge without issues?
  12. I've updated a few things according to the latest changelog as well as LOOT to the latest version (v0.13.6). After trying to sort my plugins with LOOT, I receive the following error message "Failed to sort plugins. Details: see general messages for details." The group "Realistic Water' does not exist. I've check the groups editor and the Realistic Water group is now missing. None of the updates I made in my installation were for RW2 or editing the mods groups. Here's the picture of my groups editor now: https://i.imgur.com/s6XDZGW.png Is it a problem with the latest update of LOOT? Is there a way to fix this? I've tried to reinstall LOOT and I still have the same problem.
  13. Hi there, I know the major overhaul is probably not completed but I wonder if there going to be patches added for the mod Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes (WACCF)? There's quite a few that we can find of the Nexus; - Immersive Weapons __ WACCF - Improved Closefaced Helmets __ WACCF - Unique Uniques __ WACCF - Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes (WACCF) and Summermyst Enchantments Consistency Patch - Zim's Immersive Artifacts - WACCF Patch Otherwise, maybe there's going to have a conflict resolution made specifically for this guide? Sorry I don't have the links for the mods above, but I'm pretty sure you can find them with the names I've given. See ya :)
  14. Hi there, I'd like to try the Aequinoctium mod rather than Obsidian weathers in order to compare the results. If I remember correctly, when Vivid Weathers was used in this guide, there had been modifications in SSEEdit for the mod Obsidian fogs. Would there be a way to see what these changes were? Thanks guys!
  15. Hello, I saw that the question had already been asked, but is Follower trap safety redundant with Immersive Amazing Follower SE Tweaks (iAFT). I saw this information in the "mod compatibility" section of iAFT. I do not think we need both. Second question, can we replace Lethal traps with Kryptopyr's mod "Improved Traps"? Sorry to bring the question back again. :S
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