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  1. It's so unfortunate that no tool allows sharing of an overall mod download list and installer options configs to allow people to just distribute a Skyrim compilation pack that downloads and configures everything needed. I just don't have the time and patience to go through all these endless circles anymore to get a good Skyrim mod setup. I wanted to note a couple things: Vortex seems to be pretty much rock solid now so far as I can tell. It uses hard virtual links instead of soft in terms of the Data directory, so you can see and make a backup of your data folder after you have a solid setup and from then on just restore the backup to have your fully working Skyrim mod setup (windows will copy the hard links as if they were the actual files).RSO was updated some time ago. It's still by far the best overall texture pack to maintain the original look and feel. https://www.moddb.com/mods/skyrim-realistic-overhaul/downloads
  2. Since people seem to have trouble finding it, this is the newest information regarding the SKSE64 (from a little over a month ago). Ian Patterson: Basically, the they haven't had time to work on it since their December update video, and don't foresee this changing anytime soon.
  3. I could say that about the game-breaking bugs fixed in the unofficial patch that they didn't fix as well. It would appear that Bethesda and Zenimax really only care about Fallout 4, likely since it outsold Skyrim. Now, FO4 is even getting a fully interactive VR Vive update. It was nice that they retro-updated the Skyrim engine after the FO4 updates, but without SKSE, I don't see any Skyrim fans actually using the new 64-bit game aside from a bit of novelty to see the differences. I wonder if we won't see some people building total conversions for FO4 to import all the Skyrim assets, thus being able to play Skyrim in fully interactive VR.
  4. I think Bethesda must have gotten a lot ticket requests to bugfix Skyrim:SE. I sent in an enhancement request to include the game-breaking fixes from the Unofficial Patch into an official update. They just flat closed it without even bothering to say 'No'. ---- On the mods arena; I wonder what kind of ballpark timeline Tannin is thinking for the new NMM. Hopefully it will coincide around the same time as SKSE.
  5. Agreed: as can be evidenced by them not even spending 5 minutes to merge in the unofficial mod fixes for this version. Its actually to their detriment though, if SKSE functionality, SkyUI, Unofficial Patch, and SMIM would have simply been integrated into the base game, they would have been given rave reviews about how awesome Bethesda is for this re-release.
  6. I wish one of the devs who did the Skyrim port to the updated engine would just stealthily hand a list of entry point memory addresses for SKSE and ENB guys to use... hooking is much easier with prior knowledge.
  7. I believe this was mentioned somewhere before, but... Make sure you pull down the latest GeForce driver; they made a number of changes specifically for Skyrim: SE and it seems to make a very noticeable difference (at least in my case of running at 2160p).
  8. You can use a GIMP plugin for directx textures and GIMP can be macro'd if you tinker a bit.
  9. So... https://techraptor.net/content/skyui-not-in-the-works-for-skyrim-special-edition It sounds like he's okay if someone else wants to do the work, but give him the credit for porting SkyUI. There have already been a couple people who posted their own partial ports without his permission that were immediately removed. ---- It also sounds like Boris is having issues even getting Skyrim:SE to run and hasn't decided if he even wants to mess with it. Apparently, the Fallout 4 ENB was a whole heck of a lot of work for him due to lack of workaround options.
  10. I understand that the unofficial mod fixes countless things, but it would take so little time/effort to put those fixes into an official patch and then people who do not mod would have a much more stable game.
  11. I'm a bit disappointed; from everything I am seeing the only real change worth mentioning is the 64-bit support. It looks like they didn't even bother to fix the most obvious bugs. Even though they messed a bit with lighting and fake-shaders and such they did not even bother to fix height map rendering with ssao or anything.
  12. I think I will pick this back up after working on Skyrim:SE a bit. Since I found such a huge amount of problems with the normal maps and parallax maps with both vanilla and mod textures, as well as the models, I think I will need to create an imaging utility for fixing everyone's texture packs if possible and visibly marking those with bad normal maps since I can't post fixed versions of other peoples' work. Until then, here is a consolidation of my previous posts for my personal preferences in textures so far: *This requires downloading a bunch of different texture packs and also renaming files [ENB] FixParallaxBugs=true FixParallaxTerrain=false [General]Dirt01 - Noble DirtPath01Dirt02 - SeriousHDRocks01 - VividDirtPath01 - aMidianBornDirtCliffs01 - SRODirtCliffsRoots01 - Vivid [Rocks & Mountains]Mountains\MountainSlab01 - VividMountains\MountainSlab02 - Vivid [Water]RiverbedEdge - NobleRiverBottom - NobleRiverMud - Noble [PineForest]FieldGrass02 - Amidian PineForest02PineForest01 - AmidianPineForest02 - SeriousHDPineForest03 - Noble PineForest02 [FallForest]Road01FallForest01 - NobleFallForestDirt01 - NobleFallForestGrass01 - NobleFallForestLeaves01 - NobleFallForestRocks01 - Noble FieldGrass02 [Tundra]FieldGrass01 - Noble Dirt01Tundra01 - SROTundra02 - Vivid Tundra01TundraMoss01 - ?TundraMossTest01- ?TundraRocks01 - Vivid FieldGrass01 [Volcanic]VolcanicTundraDirt01 - Reloaded VolcanicTundraRocks01VolcanicTundraDirt02 - NobleMineralPoolTerrace - ReloadedHDVolcanicTundraGravel01 - ReloadedVolcanicTundraMinerals01- SROVolcanicTundraRocks01 - Vivid VolcanicTundraDirt01 [snow]Road01Snow01 - NobleDirtSnowPath01 - NobleGrassSnow01 - NobleSnow01 - Quality Snow HDSnow02 - NobleSnowRocks01 - Quality Snow HD
  13. I expect that it will take some time though as the guys in charge of the Unofficial Patch will have to create a whole new one.
  14. If you don't mind talking to your computer, I've found voice attack to be very handy for doing non-common things. It still requires shortcuts, but allows you to use obscure shortcuts and not have to remember them. "Equip Bow." "Start Campfire." etc I generally set it up so that I can tell my character what to do for things that are not often repeated.
  15. Why remove Elysium in favor of Morskom instead of using both? Elysium is near Whiterun and is the perfect location for a house when you are first starting out with the vanilla campaign, whereas Morskom is at Dawnstar. As I understand it, Morskom issues are with long-running scripts and script bloat, not with fps drops. I have not personally tested it out yet though.
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