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  1. I use MO and didn't have any problems. I would suggest that anytime you need to use OBMM create a profile without any mods and use that. This way all the files will go to the overwrite directory. You can easily pull the files out and create a standard MO mod. If you don't do this OBMM will write the files to your virtual mod folders if it needs to overwrite anything. If you ever do that by accident you can just uninstall the mod with OBMM and your virtual mod folders should go back to normal. As for updates I doubt any will cause a problem but like everything you read what it does and decide for yourself. For the ones you mentioned they obviously will have zero impact on the guide. Both are tools and the updates don't change how they are used.
  2. Try turning off all auto saves in options and turning off all auto purging from OR. if you have anything else that does auto purging or saving turn that off.
  3. Try turning off the camera in OR and OOO. If that doesn't work try deleting the oblivion ini file, make a backup first. Note you will have to do your ini settings over for darn ui or your game will crash on start up. I suspect the problem is with OR, OOO, and DR. Even though you removed DR a ini setting could have been changed in oblivion, Or or OOO which is continuing the problem. Also the problem is probably not with any one of these but a problem that only comes up when they are used in combination with certain settings active.
  4. I could be wrong but I don't think they do the same thing. Easy way to find out is to not install DT and look at the roads. I looked over the features and didn't see any that match DT.
  5. There is a program called Land Magic on Nexus. This app fixes land tearing, even really big city size sink holes. Land tearing happens when two or more mods edit the same land space. For one reason or another this is bigger problem in Oblivion than in any other Beth game.
  6. I consider myself a expert at installing mods. I however learned knew things from this guide. Personally I think it is still highly useful for newbies. I didn't see anything in the guide that would screw someone over. Sure they might not get a perfect setup because a few mods got updated but it will probably be better than if they tried to do it by themselves.
  7. I do get some massive slowdown with Better Cities installed. Not on all cities and not in all parts of cities that have slow down. The game is still playable but those FPS drops hurt my immersion. I doubt it is just BC but a combo of all the high texture packs and added NPCs. I think I will have to go back and tone down some of my choices in textures. Or maybe I'll just leave it. I don't spend that much time in towns anyway.
  8. So I installed Better Cities. I tried running around near the area and warping to all points. I didn't get any crashes. I didn't notice anything odd.
  9. Purple textures means a texture file is missing or the path to the file is wrong. Hmmm or you ran out of memory and the game couldn't load the texture. Did you make Oblivion 4gb aware? If not try that using the patcher https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45576/? You can also try this ENBosst https://enbdev.com/patch_oblivion_enboost_v0259.htm I'm installing Better Cities now. I'll do some test to see if odd things are going on.
  10. Did you turn off auto saves, do the ini edits, and do the bash patch? If so I have no ideas but you can figure out which mod is causing the problem. What you will have to do is uninstall half your mods. Then test your game by fast traveling to Chorrol. If it crash you will know the problem isn't with one of the mods you uninstalled. If it runs you will know the problem is with one of the is with one of the mods uninstalled. So repeat the process with the mods you are sure where the problem is cutting the install in half each time. This is a pain in the butt but even if you had say 200 mods you should be able to narrow the problem mod down within 5 attempts or less. Should only take 30 minutes to a hour at most. I have 118 mods and had to do this myself a week ago. It took me about 15 minutes to find the mod that was causing the crash. The mod wasn't the problem for me. I didn't set the ini setting right which caused the mod to crash the game. Oh I should note I use Mod Organizer for my main organizer so the process is most likely a lot quicker for me.
  11. Ok I'm still going through the guide but decided to start playing. I have around 80 mods going. I had a couple of random crashes during saving or loading. I was able to load the save games I crashed on. The game is pretty stable. I have no FPS drops Main problem at the moment is the crosshair is a lite black square and mousing over things don't display names. For example mousing over a door going to BoB's Magical Stuff doesn't display Bob's Magical Stuff. Must be a setting in DarNified UI.
  12. I installed it using OBMM. Seems to be working for me.
  13. I'm a little more than half way through the guide and just tested things out. So far everything is working. I'm not installing everything though. I put over 200 hours into this game years ago but never completed the main quest or even started the main side quests. I'm going mainly with green listed mods that don't really change much besides making the game look better for PCs and bug fixes. I'm doing some oranges stuff also but I'm being very selective. I think that is where you missed the point. This STEP guide is modular. Why would a newbie install Alternate Start. That is a great mod for someone like me that went through the tutorial 40+ times. The mod is marked orange for a reason and not green. You don't add mods just because they are on the list you add them because you want them now.
  14. In the guide all the official DLC except Shivering Isles is listed as to be cleaned. Should Shivering Isles be cleaned?
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