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  1. To be clear, again. My game was perfect with no long loading screens, no CTDs, no ILS issues at all before installing DYNDOLOD. Then it was endless ILS after extremely careful installation, making sure to have the script updates, all the proper utilities, etc. etc. etc. and YES I know how heap memory workkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssss. And then, after completely uninstalling and deleting everything, my previously perfectly working saves were all ILS. Thus, something obviously did not get removed that was associated with DYNDOLOD and I could not find it or figure it out. Despite breaking down every folder in DYNDOLOD's files to try to ferret out the problem. So I wiped my entire Skyrim installation and reinstalled my backup which was made with every single mod and setting except DYNDOLOD and everything works perfectly again. Not a single ILS, not a single CTD, viola. Sheson, this is an amazing mod and when I did get it to work on my last game, it was awesome. I am actually sorry I moved my game to the new SSD because I have failed to be able to get DYNDOLOD to work this time. Despite bloody doing everything exactly as I had written my own instructions to do because this thing can be quite confusing and the steps and files and updates that need to be included are not altogether clear, whether you may believe so or not. It is awesome and the work put into it is tremendous. However, I am sad that when people come here with issues -- and there have been a lot of people who have struggled very hard to get this mod to work -- there seems to be a lot of backlash against them. I would consider myself a very experienced modder, who has been doing this for many years, and knows just about every trick in the book. Yet, I consider this the most difficult mod ever to get to work properly in any game I have ever modded, especially without ILS issues. It is NOT always heap memory issues, and it just gets very tiring to hear that. So at this point I will sadly bid goodbye to this mod and go back to the pitiful substitutes that are not even a quarter as good. Because I'm tired of being lashed at because I cannot get this mod to work properly without causing a total mess to my game, despite being a reasonably intelligent person with a long and experienced history of modding a large array of video games, including Skyrim since it first had mods. I am sorry to have wasted your time.
  2. I have been modding Skyrim since they had mods for Skyrim. OF COURSE I checked heap memory usage with Memory Blocks log. I should think that would be fairly obvious that anyone who tries to use your mod who doesn't know how to do such a basic thing is a ******. I do that every time I mod. And I did it again just to be absolutely sure of my settings with this mod. Please don't assume everyone who has problems with this mod is an idiot. And even after that, I tried a variety of different settings even despite what the log said just to make sure. What I am saying is that everything was absolutely fine before DYNDOLOD. I could not get DYNDOLOD to work this time, regardless of trying every fix in this thread I could, and now I just want every trace of it gone. But despite uninstalling and deleting everything DYNDOLOD, data files, esp, scripts, lods, etc. etc. -- my saves (made before installing DYNDOLOD) -- none of them will load. They are all ILS. So I am asking, does anyone have any ideas on what might be lingering in my files from DYNDOLOD that may be causing this? I even tried Save Game cleaner on my latest file even though it was made before installing DYNDOLOD. That did not help either. If no one has any helpful suggestions, then I will just go through the painstaking process of reviving my backup that I made before DYNDOLOD, because anyone who doesn't do THAT is a dickwad. But I'd rather avoid the process if possible.
  3. Very frustrated. So I was able to get DYNDOLOD to work on my game a while back, but I decided to move my game to a new SSD for better performance. Got it all modded up with perfect performance playing for several weeks. No major FPS issues, no CTDs. Then I decided to try adding DYNDOLOD again (which I had been hesitant to do because it took a long time to get it to work previously). I did all the things (with the updated files yes!), carefully followed all instructions, etc. and at the end -- infinite loading screens to infinity. I went through this thread post by post and tried every suggestion and every fix to correct the issue. Nothing. I run with 16g ram, i7 proc, GTX 780 Ti so I know hardware is not an issue. I checked all the files double twice, made sure I checked I had all the latest updates for everything, nada. So in the end I decided to give up the ghost and carefully uninstalled all things DYNDOLOD. Only now, NONE of my saves will load. They are all infinite loading screen! I went through all the data folders, everything to try to make sure I got rid of every DYNDOLOD thing in there, no luck. Note that none of these saves were made with DYNDOLOD active because I never got it to work. I really do not want to have to go through all the annoyance and bother of restoring a backup and dealing with all the mod manager stuff. So if anyone might have a clue on help?
  4. NVM. Apparently I should not have merged that thing I merged. :-)
  5. Would you suggest running Real Shelter in TES5Edit BEFORE or AFTER DYNDOLOD, or does it make any difference?
  6. Yes, Skysight Simply Bigger Trees is what I mean - that's what I have. I didn't even know there was a bigger trees mod other than that one, lol.
  7. So just to clarify, because I've been having some annoying tree & plant popping issues still, if I have SFO, followed by Skyrim Bigger Trees, and Realistic Aspen Trees (patched to SBT), then which of these LODs packages would I want besides the Vanilla package? Realistic Aspen Trees LOD Billboards SSBT for RAT LOD Billboards SSBT LOD Billboards Vurt SFO 2.3 LOD Billboards
  8. Somehow I missed that bloody section. Thank you so much. Everything seems to be in proper working order now and WOWSA even on just the medium settings, it is too gorgeous to even stand. I was just below Helgen and saw Bleak Falls Barrow clear as day through the trees and about died. Then I went up a mountain just to see what I could see and my jaw was hanging open. This thing even processed stuff that don't even have packs and rendered them beautifully in distance view, like some structures from People of Skyrim. What? That's just wild.
  9. I'm sure this has probably been answered and I'm just not finding answers I understand. When I have merged mods that may contain items DYNDOLOD may add to the .esp, do I include the unchecked .esp files in TES5Edit, or ONLY the merged files? I find it confusing because DYNDOLOD added the already merged files AND the merged files. Sorry, I'm just trying to do this right...
  10. Thank you for the detailed answer Sheson. :-) Yes, I qualify anything over 10 files as a ton, LOL. BTW, this mod is bloody brilliant and I just remodded my whole Skyrim for it because I wanted a clean slate. Considering I had over 300 mods, that is saying something. It is a little rocket science though, just like a smidge, heh.
  11. I have searched, but have not found an answer for this. I was installing DYNDOLOD and it asks to overwrite a ton of Project Parallax files. Should I yes, should I no, are these two things just not compatible??? Thanks!
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