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  1. new problem application load error V;000065432 Edit: ok i am back to no mod load thing :( geting sad
  2. hello i i wanted to restart skyrim se and i mod it but then i start SKSE with mod organizer my mods wont load it lunch like normal but when i click mods in game noting ther. i went in to a new game no mods showed. sorry for my english
  3. i have now follow evryting in the step and i still get CTD i have clean all and so on only prablem wass wyre bash i dident quite understand but i mange it but the problem is still ther
  4. ohh find your youtube tetorial that guy michel is the best telll exatly how
  5. ahh this is hard i dont even understand the begining DDSopt and i have onver 100 mods and i have som mods you cant get anymore so to startr all over wold be bad or i am stupid and dont understand i gess the last one
  6. ty i shall try this gona take a while tyy for the fast answers
  7. so i shall install all like LOOTand TES5EditWrye Bash and so on. and DDSopt say you shall not run it with mod orginiser
  8. i think i am blind i dont find step downlode butten
  9. https://wiki.step-project.com/ENBoost yes i have done this and i go in to https://wiki.step-pro...om/STEP: wow this wass much dont know were to begin i have this problem in my head then it becoming to much my brain shot down in a way so ye sorry if i am anoying do i need mod orgenicer i have NMM
  10. enboost yes but STEP no i havent herd of that umm sorry i shall try that if i find step
  11. hello i am not were good with this i have done all step but i still get CDT then i use ENBoost somtimes i can go throw leading wiout ctd but then i ctd then i am travling (not fast travling) i dont know what to do i look and my compiutor is new so i think it suld be no problem plz help me sorry for my english
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