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  1. I actually have a question regarding mod managers, mainly which is the recommended manager for STEP, Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager? Right now I'm sorry of using a combination of the two, where I first install a mod using mod organiser for testing purposes, then, once I'm sure it won't crash my game, I remove it from MO and install it via NMM. That way I basically have a great environment for mods that may or may not conflict. I'm actually thinking, however, that the better idea would be to have two installations of MO, one that is for main play, and the second as the testing environment. What do you think?
  2. Thank you, I actually do not have internet where I live, and only get internet access on the weekends when I visit my parents, so I'll take a look at the guide again on Saturday and find the spots where I got confused. Thank you again for your offers of help.
  3. ~~ I just realized that I made a typo in my post title. Is there any way to edit that to be correct?
  4. I am having a hard time understanding the step guides, I can't seem to figure out how to complete many of the steps in the guide, and it's frustrating me. I have a high functioning autism spectrum disorder, I'm not stupid, but the instructions just don't make any sense to me. I'm sorry if this is on the wrong place, or if I'm just missing something. But I would really like some help with the guide of that's at all possible, thank you.
  5. Well, it does ctd, that's the only thing I could find on my logs that might possibly have been causing it. If that's not, in fact, the case, then I don't know what's causing my CTDs. I'm just so confused xd
  6. My apologies, since I'm mobile, I find it difficult to give error logs since I cannot simply copy and paste them. I will attempt to write out the latest error that has popped up accurately... INFO (date time string): Windows Exception (c0000005). Origin: "C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/tesv.exe" (8b437c). Last hook call: structure HINSTANCE__ *__stdcall LoadLibraryW_rep(const wchar_t *) That's the last error in my logs. Does it mean anything to you guys?
  7. Showroom continuously crashes just as the game loads in, this is the only error I can find in my logs. I have no idea what it means, I have, in fact, tried searching it, but it seems any errors are simply similar in the code, but not the originating dll. I don't know what to do, Amy help is appreciated.
  8. I have that option enabled already, so that is most certainly not the issue. However, I am to have resolved it myself by simply adjusting the enbseries.ini file.
  9. So, I tried to install the ENB files that came with this mod, I'm no expert on using an ENB though, not even close, and I'm pretty sure I messed something up, because as soon as I start up Skyrim, the whole monitor starts flickering to the point that it's difficult to even select the exit option from the main screen. I'm not sure what to do for this xd
  10. So, I think I've narrowed down the cause to the Dragonborn Gallery and Open Cities combination, I do have the patch file that's supposed to make them compatible, so I don't know why it might be causing the crash. I'm actually wondering if there's an easier way to determine which mods cause crashes besides just adding and removing mods one by one? If not, this will take a very long time, because I pay worth a LOT of mods.
  11. ~~ I already own both pinnacle and is successor, padstarr. I don't want to use an external software for a feature that is already built in to the game.
  12. So, I know it's possible to customize the bindings that skyrim users for your controller because I've seen the text file things, but whenever I look inside those, all I see is a bunch of numbers and what not that I don't understand. Is there anyone who has used or made a custom controller binding that can explain to me the basics of it. I really want to make my own bindings xd
  13. I'd be perfectly willing to be your Guinea Pig if it means I get to have awesome Skyrim weather appeal. Lol
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