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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Will Edit when I've found out anything. EDIT: Ok, due to catastrophic user error, I will have to start over from scratch. Thanks for the help.
  2. 66 hours into my current play through, which is my first with FaLiNV, I have started crashing whenever I try to move to a new area or fast travel. I tried loading previous saves, it happens with all of them. I'm currently doing OWB, if that's relevant. I have Willow and J.T. with me. I've tried making them wait behind, unequipping everything, rerunning LOOT. Any one know what might cause this? Have not quite figured out how to post my load order with MO just yet, or I'd post it. EDIT: Found how to post my Load Order. In the file Mod Organizer>profiles>Fear and Loathing>loadorder.txt Please remember to use "spoiler" tags when posting long lists as per the STEP Community Citizenship Guidelines linked at the bottom of every page. Edit 2: Ok, so what I've found so far is that Event Viewer is showing this: Exception code: 0xc0000409 I think at this point I should mention that I am used the Update Version of Windows 10, upgraded from Windows 8.1. That said, I did that upgrade before I did the clean install of FNV and subsequent modding. On Winwiki.org https://winwiki.org/exception-code-0xc0000409/ I found a tool that claims to fix this problem, but I have not experienced the issue with any other programs. I think right now I'm going to run Malwarebytes just to be sure I don't have anything lurking, before I do anything else. *Thanks for fixing my post, GrantSP. I was so happy with myself for finding the loadorder.txt that I forgot the spoiler tags*
  3. I can't thank all of you enough for your hard work and dedication. Figuring things out was a little tricky at times, but there are a lot of answers to be found by searching this forum and googling around. Kelmych's Fallout 3 guide was invaluable for the first issue I ran into, which was figuring out where my DLC files kept disappearing to, and what to do about it. The first time I nearly finished the guide I suddenly realized that they were missing from the MO left pane, thought I did something horridly wrong and deleted everything, clean installed and started over. Second time I realized they were gone right after I cleaned them and found his guide while googling in a panic...lol. In my last crappy assortment of mods that I cobbled together through luck, I would crash about every 2 hours or so. It was no where near this level though, maybe 25 mods at most. I also had used TMC's 4k textures which I now understand is an issue with just about any other pc, no matter how good your rig is. I know this game is old, but it is definitely my favorite rpg and fps of all time and ranked about 3rd in my list of all time favorite games. So, thank you again, to you and everyone here for helping to make this old game feel new again.
  4. Thanks so much for the help. I'm about to fire it up.. GOD, I hope I did it all right. Oh, do I run LOOT again? It seems implied. Edit: Looks great... Crashed after about 15 minutes.
  5. Hey, Just finishing up my F&LinNV installation. It went pretty well since learning from my last issue. I found along the way I had to move a few Plugins around a bit to make FNVEdit run when I needed it. For example, RaestlozFactionArmorEnhancement.esp was way down the list and needed for another Plugin to run. Several others less extreme, but needed to be swapped in the load order. I followed all the instructions, except the optional "Additional Weapons". I also did the DDSopt Texture Optimizations for the Vanilla textures only. Aside from those , all else is done. I was elated to finally run LOOT. Last step is the Bashed Patch. Googled where to get the Bashed Patch, 0.esp from and copied it to my Data Folder. Got the message for disabling the Mergable mods and clicked Yes. But, then it all failed to load because some Mods are out of order now. "WARNING! The following mods have master file errors: Ambient Temperature - PPA.esp DELINQUENT MASTER: Powered Power Armor.esp Project Nevada - All DLC.esp DELINQUENT MASTER: Project Nevada - Rebalance Complete.esp 1nivPNSPatch.esp DELINQUENT MASTER: 1nivVSArmor.esp Please adjust your load order to rectify those problems before continuing. However you can still proceed if you want to. Proceed?" I'm guessing that LOOT moved them, but I surely could be wrong. Anyone have any idea what I should do?
  6. Hey, I really appreciate the help and the "clarification". I'm new to Mod Organizer, through this guide. Sorry if my question seemed beneath answering, I'm not trying to be an ignorant pest. I guess I'll look elsewhere on the net if I run any more issues.
  7. Ok, so based on you guys suggestions, I have figured out what went wrong. When installing the Beta 3 Hotfix A, I was pressing the Replace button instead of the Merge button. There are places in the guide where it gets very specific about pressing [Merge] not [Replace]. By that phrase not being in the instructions for this particular mod, my brain figured it must need to be [Replace]. So, just as a general question, then, should all other "optional" and "patch" files be [Merged]?
  8. Sorry, took me a minute to find it..lol *First thing I checked was to make sure I didn't move it to optional. =)* # This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.FalloutNV.esmClassicPack.esmMercenaryPack.esmTribalPack.esmCaravanPack.esmDeadMoney.esmGunRunnersArsenal.esmHonestHearts.esmLonesomeRoad.esmOldWorldBlues.esmYUP - Base Game + All DLC.esmSortomatic.esmAfterschool Special.esmD.E.I.M.O.S..esmSomeguySeries.esmTales from the Burning Sands.esmAdvanced Recon Tech.esmAmbient Temperature.esmJIP Selective-Fire.esmdomecity.esmThe New Bison Steve Hotel.esmProject Nevada - Core.esmProject Nevada - Cyberware.espProject Nevada - Equipment.esmProject Nevada - Rebalance.espProject Nevada - Extra Options.esmDetect Traps.esmMerged Fixes.espYUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).espNewVegasUncutSeries.espSandbox6 Mods Merged.espBashed Patch, 0.espNewVegasBounties.espNewVegasBountiesII.espDarNifiedUINV.espAdvanced Recon Range Finder.espAdvanced Recon Gear.espAdvanced Recon Tech.espFPSWeaponWheel.espJIP Realistic Weapon Overheating.espJIP Companions Command & Control.espThe Mod Configuration Menu.espThe Weapon Mod Menu.espPowered Power Armor.espAdvanced Recon Tech - Detect Traps.esp Edit: Just deleted the orginal and redownloaded/reinstalled and it's still not working.
  9. Ok, I see it listed in the Powered Power Armor NV Beta.7z file in the MO downloads file. I guess I should just reinstall it... Maybe it missed installing it somehow. No, uninstalling/reinstalling it is not doing it.
  10. When I run FNVEdit it is telling me that it cannot load because I don't have Inventory Access.esm, which is a mod by the same modder that makes the Powered Power Armor mod. In fact, that mod's page says that the Inventory Access.esm mod is needed, but it's not in the FaLiNV instructions. So, what's up? Did I do something wrong? Did I miss something?
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