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  1. Thanks for the answer! They were large references indeed, never knew that kind of consolecommand existed.. fml I need some sort of ingame book to keep these all in my mind and with description what they do . For the comical relief of the thread, I first tried to do a small mod that would move them above the water lod to remove flickering, naturally that somehow backfired and made the icefloe largereference completely disapper until in range of the ugrids 5 loading of them, dunno how I managed to do that but thats what happened But did find few options to remove them: So your Dyndolod mesh rule should be able to eliminate them easily, aswell as: Using Remove Icefloes mod or Skyrim 3d Icefloes mod, All should effectively remove the icefloe z-fighting. Thanks for the help firstborn eater once again! I learned little again.
  2. After mustering myself to post here, while there are not stupid questions.. its more of a shame to be under the judging eyes of the cowgod who takes sacrificial babies. ( also probably its gonna be a stupid question ) So I have gotten to the point in testing that the lod just works and starting to look very good from a gameplay perspective. But there is probably one minor issue that is kinda an eyesore and its the z-fighting edges of these iceflows ( I think they are called that ), now the question is could the problem be eliminated by disabling their lod creation or reduced by any means ? While I realise it might not be possible, atleast ill know some answer from now. Screenshot is from Shrine of Boethiah. Have a nice weekend!
  3. Before ill have to generate new xlodgen files ( since my previous meshes/textures were generated by an older version, probably ) Can anyone confirm that this is either happening or not happening in the newest version of generated meshes? https://imgur.com/VxZdM0u (Picture looking at Sun Stone ) Basically the terrain meshes pushes through the "platform" that are the stones in DragonbornDLC (that grey spot in there), this is happening on all the stones Sun/Earth/Beast/Tree/Water with the exception of Wind Stone. And this in turn causes either the snowy lod or ashen lod to stick out like a sore thumb from the said thing. Edit minor thing but had to ask.
  4. I do find this to be quite refreshing grass mod that has come around, performance aint shabby either. How are you handling overwrites and hiding with SRO ( if you are still keeping it in your modpack ) ?
  5. HQLODS is fastest way to get rid of the problem. (You can see before and after screens with the same problem) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/4834/?tab=images You could always slap Lodgen or Dyndolod too obviously. I believe both of them should remove the problem too. PS Culling data fix is generally for the sea problems. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78241
  6. *Facepalm* Thank you so much. I could have not deduced it to snow shader from that. Oh classic Todd and being naughty.. Keep up the good work and have a nice week!
  7. I redownloaded the files added the new 1.8 sse update and just made a new mod organizer setup with only SRO landscapes. Im getting quite different look then your shot :S my textures have some dark smears ( couldnt find better word for them? maybe depth smears). But you were right its much more apparent in vanilla. https://imgur.com/a/pPZ7JQn First is SRO second Vanilla and Last I took with Osmodius landscapes. Its those black smear ( that are especially visible in vanilla ) causing the difference. What on earth is causing them(Since I dont have anything else then SRO in MO now ) or did I miss something in the installation process? P1-3 and sse specific update on top.
  8. Hmm I think I found some seam issues near Riverwood on the way to bleak falls barrow (SSE): https://imgur.com/a/JQvNkDJ Sorry if this has been mentioned allready. ( SRO is being overwritten by SMIM only but that doesnt touch landscape textures ) Still thanks for the great texture pack!
  9. Im so sorry, for posting this report/question but has anyone gotten these few lakes to work "nicely" ? This is probably 99% chance my ham handiness or a large references issue(2.nd case), doesnt probably hurt to ask. Keep up the good work, and may 2018 be a year of many firstborn/goat sacrifices to sheson! First are is the lake near Wayward Pass, this is notoriously bad on vanilla. But I couldnt get it to play nicely with dyndolod, so the lod transition still happens. Location Other bad lake/river is this lovely thing near bronze water cave. It has mostly flickering or z-fighting problems, which are not that noticable without weather mods but get quite annoying with them. Location
  10. Im so sorry this has been asked to death probably, but roughly how far we are from general release for Dyndolod sse? Also I do not have kids(yet), do you accept goat sacrifices sheson? Have a great week, and thanks for all great work you have done!
  11. Just skyrim stuff xD But anyways thanks akatosh for confirming this!
  12. Its an odd issue and happens quite randomly(always at night time tho), I have noticed it few times in random places at random times. Sometimes I can replicate the results, and sometimes I cant. I would assume at this point it would be an engine issue with lights just going ham. One of the best examples is this when you arrive at morthal around 12-5am and the npc event triggers, their torches illuminate the textures like its pure daylight and while their torches do that I could not replicate this with my torch nor candlelight. https://imgur.com/a/F6kH3 ( you can also see at the pictures that guard torches wont cause the issue to the tiles, and once again just pure vanilla sse. But it does occur on modded/textured games too ) I have also noticed same things happening at whiterun stables and whiterun entrance sometimes. Its just really odd, but then again its skyrim lights
  13. So while playing my modded sse, I have been noticing some texture shadow problems popping out here and there where a light casted from a torch or candlelight spell would not apply to textures until standing literally on top of that said texture. ( Also using beth ini) And to clarify after these problems started bugging me enough I tested it with unmodded, vanilla inis(on ultra), no added textures and the problems still occur. I have noticed that this problem occurs on few places, especially notorious are roads where multiple different textures are present. One place where this occurs is just at the riften entrance when you are inside the town on the right, this is with using candlelight. https://imgur.com/a/yq3HX here you can see said place in Riften, where the darker "shadow" is the line where basically the textures meet but light is not cast to the other texture. So as I started doing some detective snooping, but could not find a reliable answer. Is there any known fixes to this lighting issue or is it just engine limitation? And apologies if I posted in the wrong forum section!
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