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  1. here is the log, sorry LODGen_SSE_DLC01SoulCairn_log.txt
  2. Regarding the first error.. I already looked up the IceShader01 in xEdit prior to posting here, there was no entry for it despite Skyrim.esm and Update.esm. That is why I have the suspicion it was a weird coincidence, the second time DynDOLOD completed after all, and I never had an error like this (giving a bug report) before. I ran DynDOLOD a third, fourth and fifth time today for testing. Error did not occur anymore. Regarding the second error.. sorry did not read it was already reported above me. From my 3d, 4th, and 5th test run I can tell you that the error is inconsistent: In my second run yesterday, FalmerValley and SoulCairn did fail. 3d run, everything worked perfectly. 4th run, only DLC01SoulCairn failed to generate object LOD. 5th run, likewise just DLC01SoulCairn failed. Didn't change a thing in my load order during all those runs. I am sorry, I actively tried to look at the command prompts opening for object lod generation as soon as they popped up for the corresponding DLC01 worlds during DynDOLOD generation, but they close too fast, cannot see if something like this is written in there. In any of my logs, I cannot find such text, but as I understand it you really just mean the command prompt windows itself. I attach you the LODGen_SSE_DLC01SoulCairn_log.txt of the 5th run, where object LOD generation for that world failed. I don't know if its useful for you now, I do it anyways. Please let me know if you want me to try anything else. @Stefan No. Grass FPS Booster is a meme mod that just takes the esp from other grass mods and edits some values for density distribution of grass meshes. You want to use "No grass in objects" for the fixes it makes to grass growing through objects. You only need to "generate grass" (I think you mean the grass cache feature of No Grass in Objects) if you intend to use features of No Grass in Objects (or optionally from DynDOLOD) to let grass draw beyond the uGrids cell border. No grass in Objects does this by letting grass simply draw further, DynDOLOD creates object LOD for the grasses.
  3. Hi Sheson, I have troubles with the newest alpha, wanted to give you feedback. Troubles occur since switching from "ressources 3.00 alpha 2" to "ressources 3.00 alpha 3" and simoultaneously switching from alpha 12 to alpha 14. In my first run, it failed completly, saying "Errors were found in IceShader01". See attached logs (mega-link). These are all the logs that were generated. It also threw out a "bugreport"-log what it doesn't do usually AFAIK. Maybe this bug was a one-time coincidence and doesnt correlate with the new alpha, I dont know... You will have the answer I then tried to run DynDOLOD again, this time it went through, but it couldn't generate object lod for the dlc01 areas. ("..<Error: LODGenx64.exe failed to generate object LOD for DLC01FalmerValley" ..... same for DLC01SoulCairn). See attached logs again (mega-link). Since this time all the logs were created and I have no clue which ones are important, I just uploaded them all. Hope you don't mind and look into the one you need. Hope this helps you!! Best Regards
  4. Yup, changing the Threshold in Nifskope fixed it (I set it to 128, because I already started redoing LOD before your advise came in). Thank you so much for hinting me to the solution, you are truly amazing! And so is your DynDOLOD Guess I will report it as a bug @ 3D Trees and Plants anyways, in case someone comes across the same thing before you update to the next alpha.
  5. I checked the NiAlphaProperty in Nifskope, it says Threshold 0. I cannot see that value on the other meshes, they have more something like 64 or 128. is that the culprit?
  6. I am using the newest Alpha of Dyndolod. I just recently started devoting my soul to Skyrim again, so I did not test the latest stable version of DynDOLOD. Shall I test it with the old version? Sorry, here are the logs. DynDOLOD produces so many I am afraid I don't know which ones are important, I just attached most of them.. mega link When i tfc to the mesh I can clearly see that the color map is perfectly fine, there just is no alpha mask for some reason.. as I said, all other trees work like a charm, it is just this one that seems to get messed up for me when being atlased. I can see no difference between that particular mesh and the other ones, or between the texture it uses and the other textures (before being atlased).
  7. So, from what I can understand DynDOLOD uses textures from one big atlas texture ("DynDOLOD_Tamriel.dds") for all the Trees. How did I manage that the atlas mapping of jus this one mesh model is wrong? It is reproducably always this one tree mesh that is faulty when redoing DynDOLOD.
  8. I hope it does not bother you too much that I ask for troubleshooting, I have a really quick question: I created Ultra tree LOD with the mod 3D Trees and Plants. Everything works perfectly. I did alot of careful manual reading about how to set it up. Every hybrid-tree in the game works perfectly, except one tree type, I think its treepineforest02 (picture). Logs don't hint me something is wrong. When i check from close-view with 'tfc' I see that the mesh is fine, but the textures dont seem to have alpha layer, thats why it looks wrong. However, when I look in files, the texture looks right... Maybe you have a quick hint about where to look towards an error I made? Thank you very much!
  9. I'm on Windows 10, I am aware certain formats make Windows 7 crash. It is unfortunate that I think it is not always the same texture that gets corrupted (maybe most of the time no texture at all), it can be anyone. Crashlog from earlier listed different texture than this one causing the crash. Makes it hard to troubleshoot and try to convert manually as you suggested. :-( I added more exceptions to my antivirus, I just had xLODGen.. now i also added Textconv and pretty much the whole folder where xLODGen stuff is located in. Also added administrative rights to everything. If you say it is on my end I believe you. If i can find out more or if this solves it I can report back, so others know this can be problem. I will also thoroughly check the logs now, so I can ascertain whether there is an error or not when I come across that crash again with a new xLODGen output. Thank you
  10. Hi Sheson, Upon redoing terrain lod like 10 times, the crash occured again. I did a binary search and traced the CTD down to a single faulty DDS file (mega link). Loading the whole xLODGen terrain ouput without this file into my game does not result in a crash, this single file crashes every time. Here are crash logs from the Netscript Framework in case they help you: https://textuploader.com/1e3ub https://textuploader.com/1e3u3 I already tried loading the DDS file in GIMP myself, I get this error: GIMP error. (sorry that it's german ^^) I am very curious if you can find out if xLODGen creates this faulty file because something is wrong on my end, or if it is a weird rare bug. Because I am doing a landscape mod and don't wanna upload faulty stuff .. :( Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this !! EDIT: Forgot to mention: I am pretty sure there were no errors of any kind in the log after running xLODGen. I created 512 mb BC7 Max textures for all LOD levels (4,8,16,32). However, if i recall correctly, this problem also occured earlier when I used different texture formats (DXT1, 565), so it might not be a problem restricted to one format type
  11. No problem, I was just taking a shot if other users possibly had a similar issue in the past. As i said, because it only crashed once they were loaded, otherwise not. But you are right, I will try to narrow it down to the root with binary search the next time it occurs. I can post the result anyways once I figured it out, even if it is most likely on my end. Maybe it is helpful for you or others. Regarding looking at the crash log (from NetScript Framework I assume), I am really bad at interpreting these, I know Skyrim very well from extensive modding, but I am more of a user in the end. Is there any way / guide on how to reliably interpret those? Thank you!
  12. Right now, I found the error in my last log: look here please https://ibb.co/T2bVctj It just occurs once in the whole log. Can this be the culprit? What does it mean? EDIT: I looked through the output and tamriel.4.-36.-48 is just missing from it. So that means thats another issue? I doubt missing texture could cause crash. I deleted the ouput that last made me crash unfortunately, next time i can see through all the textures and try to find if there is one that could cause a crash, by not having power of 2 pixels or something like that... as far as the btr files are concerned, i have no clue how to trouble shoot those unfortunately
  13. Because I did nothing else than redoing terrain LOD before the crash. Loaded twice and instant CTD, unchecked xLODGen output, loaded fine again. I am very well aware that this is most likely on my end, because of the reason you brought up (this thread would be full of reports). I am on a more or less minimal load order, I am creating a landscape+Grass overhaul for SSE, that's why I am very frequently recreating terrain LOD right now, to obtain LOD colors suiting the grass for all the regions. Most of the time xLODGen works fine and I can load my safe, but every couple of times the output seems to contain something causing CTD. I am really bad at interpreting crash logs but think its a texture (Textures\Terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.8.56.16.DDS), according to this log...!? https://textuploader.com/1ebbp (crash log) I should keep track of the xLODGen log and see which output makes it crash the next time. If i remember correctly, there is a an error now and then in the log saying "failed loading DDS [...]". Maybe this is related. The error is not in every xLODGen log, it is often completly free of errors. All I was wondering is how this can sometimes occur, sometimes not..? :( Is it possibly third-party software from me, like anti-virus, crap-ware, etc., that might interfere with your program? Maybe you have an idea since I have no clue how things work. I already added xLODGen to anti-virus exception. I do not wan't to upload crashing terrain LOD once the mod is done, and if it is just one LOD4 texture on an akward occasion, I would have a hard time validating its safe. I would have to run up and down whole Skyrim map :D I appreciate your time to respond to single user issues, and thanks for all your hard work!
  14. xLODGen for Skyrim SE is very inconsistent for me, sometimes when I create terrain LOD and load a save i get instant CTD once loading is done. Then I delete all terrain output and redo xLODGen, and the new textures and meshes work fine and cause no crashes. Sorry for the vague problem description, but any idea what might be causing this? It seems to create faulty meshes or textures occasionally. I am well aware that this might be on my end, but I don't see why it happens. I run xLODGen through MO2, the output goes into a dedicated output folder outside of Data.
  15. -Thank you very much for your tips, I'll find the solution soon now. Might just rerun DynDOLOD as first try and see if it persists. -OK, I understood wrong. So I have to create the normal texture map for the tree billboard dds (which is traditionally used for the usual TES5LODGen tree LOD generation) I assume.. -Really looking forward to the automated atlas generation ;) Cheers
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