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  1. @sheson Please ignore everything I said. I might not have touched my Myrkvior installations, but I completely forgot that I had that Morekvior mod installed which is recommended on Myrkvior's page. It only clicked after you mentioned full model NIF changes. Since that mod doesn't have any LOD files as such, I never realized it could affect LOD generation. And now I see something about potential issues with DynDOLOD mentioned at the very bottom of that mod's page. I should read mod pages more carefully. Apologies.
  2. Ok, will do. I thought you were managing the mod now so posted here. Anyway, before I do, these are two affected tree ids in different SSE logs. TREE:00051126 TREE:0004FBB0 And here's the 2.93 LE logs for these two trees: Those two passthru nifs are still present in the SSE Myrkvior folder. Don't know if this info's any use, just thought you should know.
  3. Hey sheson, having some issues with the latest versions of DynDOLOD (2.93/3.0) and Myrkvior. They keep generating 2D LODs for certain trees. I first noticed this issue in SSE while trying out 3.0. Dropped down to 2.93, no luck. Thinking it might be my SSE modlist, I switched to LE, but the issue persists. These LODs work fine in my 2.85 DynDOLOD o/p. Unfortunately, I didn't back up the 2.85 compatible DynDOLOD Resources so can't generate new LODs with it. 2.85 2.93 Tree 1 Tree 2 LE log SSE log Checked the base id for the above trees in the LE log and it says "Billboard found, new tree, 3D LOD not found <sfotreepineforest05_DA7F1B12> fallback Billboard". Nothing's overwriting Myrkvior's LOD files afaik. I even download a fresh copy of Myrkvior to check if I have any missing LOD files. Also, 2.93 works fine with EVT. TIA
  4. Test 1 is much better than test 2 which doesn't seem to make any noticeable difference. Comparison 1: Test 1 - https://i.postimg.cc/tpcSYCYT/Test1-1.jpg Test 2 - https://i.postimg.cc/6WzzwBkB/Test2-1.jpg Comparison 2: Test 1 - https://i.postimg.cc/PXdKBCF6/Test1-2.jpg Test 2 - https://i.postimg.cc/Pfxy5BHY/Test2-2.jpg
  5. Billboard2 helped a lot with the brightness issue. Thanks. I tried removing the mipmaps in GIMP, but it didn't seem to do much with that cluster of hybrid trees at the very back. I tried it with the existing LOD output and also generated new LOD output with those edited files. I mean those trees at the back are there, but compared to the ones just a little further, they look like faint, green patches that aren't connected until you move closer. Height issue still remains as you mentioned. Sure, whenever you find the time. Its not a gigantic issue.
  6. Hey sheson, I'm having a little issue when generating hybrid tree LODs using Myrkvior in LE. Since you're involved with the mod now, thought I'd ask here instead of posting on the mod page. The far away billboards don't seem to match up with the hybrid trees. Not just the color (tried increasing brightness to 21), the shape and size as well. Also, once those billboards transition into hybrid trees, a few of them seem to be invisible and only gradually start coming into view as you move closer towards them. I didn't have this issue with EVT. I'm not using any billboard mods other than Indistinguishable Vanilla Billboards (though almost all of its files are overwritten by Myrkvior's anyway in MO2). I even tried generating LOD with IVB disabled but no luck. Here's a short clip showing the issue - https://streamable.com/4ft5lo. If the video doesn't work for some reason, here are couple of pics: https://i.postimg.cc/TRgyhHLK/enb-2020-05-12-03-51-10-26.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/qJrNKXyj/enb-2020-05-12-03-51-14-00.jpg DynDOLOD log file - https://pastebin.com/getjMNv0 Apologies if I'm missing something obvious or if this has already been posted. My Google search results turned up nothing useful. I'm using the latest DynDOLOD version (2.82). Thanks.
  7. Yep. Didn't think JK's superlite module did anything tree related inside Whiterun but based on this evidence, looks like it does. Locked JK's esp to load after Whiterun Forest's and re-ran DynDOLOD. All good as of now.
  8. Ooh that did it! But I haven't added JK's to DynDOLOD yet. So I should just load JK's esp after Whiterun Forest's esp in MO and run DynDOLOD?
  9. Looks like JK's Superlite Merged esp's the culprit here. Ran DynDOLOD w/o it and no more stuck LODs. Then I re-installed the mod and those LODs returned. So whether I include JK's in DynDOLOD generation or not, it seems to be affecting Whiterun Forest's LODs. Does JK's have anything to do with trees?
  10. Form ids: 1600597d16005925160059261600595416005928160059291600aae51600591b1600592a Pics with ids:https://imgur.com/a/n5ZEv Note: Whiterun Forest adds a lot of trees outside Whiterun so most probably I have missed some of these afflicted trees but I am guessing a common issue plagues them all so hopefully these ids are enough to help you figure out what's going on.
  11. No nothing's overwriting the LODs generated by xEdit. I disabled the DynDOLOD o/p folder completely before running xEdit. Ok I see. That's why. Same thing in the xEdit log - <Warning: 1 duplicate FormID numbers of trees references were detected, excluded from LOD> I'll note the ids of most trees that I can find with this issue and post back in a little while.
  12. Ok here are the test results: :D 1- Since they are tree LODs, hiding Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees folder makes them go away. 2 - Downloaded xEdit from the link you posted and ran it with the command line argument pointing to MO's overwrite folder but unfortunately those LODs still stay put. Btw, observed a couple of things while generating tree LODs with xEdit that might interest you: i - The color mismatch I was previously having with LODs generated for Pines of Whiterun (colors didn't exactly match because they were object LODs instead of actual tree LODs, weather mods/ENB aggravated the problem, needed to increase FlatLODLightingEffect value - post 61) isn't happening with xEdit. Its a proper match with other pine tree LODs. ii - On the flipside, lots and lots of persistent LODs once I actually enter Whiterun which doesn't happen with DynDOLOD. 3 - Looked up the id in the console and they all start with the same number which MO's mod index tells me belongs to Whiterun Forest as expected. Maybe something about these handful of trees added by the mod that none of the tree LOD generating programs like?
  13. I am modding classic Skyrim. I know, EVT and its billboards aren't at fault here - was just trying something different for the heck of it. :P Ok give some time. I'll try out what you've suggested and get back to you. Btw, since this is classic Skyrim and SSELOGGen isn't applicable here, how should I proceed? Apply the command line argument to change o/p directory to DynDOLOD's exe in MO?
  14. Yes, one instance in the log. Fresh run of DynDOLOD. [00:00:18.240] <Warning: 1 duplicate FormID numbers of trees references were detected, excluded from LOD>. Tried reinstalling EVT with Vurts foliage textures and billboards this time but those few trees still have LODs stuck in them. Like I said, I've been using coc commands straight from the main menu or new saves. Even tried fast travelling to other locations and back but didn't help. Load order is setup like you suggested (Resources, Indistinguishable vanilla billboards, EVT, EVT billboards with TexGen & DynDOLOD o/p folders at the very bottom) and given all other tree LODs in my game are fine including ones generated for most of this mod's trees, I am guessing my load order isn't the issue? Anything else I can do other than removing Whiterun Forest altogether?
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