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  1. Have you forgot to sort the mods in LOOT? There is a button on the left upper side of the application, it is fourth from the right. It looks like three horizontal lines with unequal lengths. When you hover over it, it says "Sort Plugins". You need to sort your plugins, not only open LOOT.
  2. I also experienced some slowdown, although haven't got time fiddling with it yet. I am not sure whether it is caused solely by Vivid Clouds and Fogs, but I noticed quite a substantial fps drop (10+) in the fog near the river at the Riverwood lumbermill. I don't know if this is "Groundfog" or some other kind of fog. I also have a notebook (disgraceful to the PC master race, but it is better than my current desktop). It has: Intel i5-6200U 2,3GHz w/ Turbo Boost up to 2,8GHz GeForce 940MX 2GB GDDR5 VRAM 8GB DDR4 RAM the game is on an HDD, because my SSD is small I am not sure how can the desktop and mobile cards be compared. Would you say it is simply not sufficient enough or do I need every performance-friendly option available? Currently I've seen around 29-30 fps in my game, inside it was well over this (40+), but sometimes outside there was a drop, like in the fog. However, how I already mentioned, I haven't had time trying a lot. I had to fix ILS & CTD, because my skse memory allocation patch was not taking effect (I needed -forcesteamloader arg) - could this fix repair some fps drops?
  3. I am not sure I understood well, SRB was giving you the instructions and also he is a college professor? Yes, I have Normal Res. So I can remove/hide all of the files I mentioned? Or did I miss anything?
  4. I have noticed something: In the installer of Embers HD when selecting the compatibility patch there is written: "This should be installed after Ultimate HD Fire Effects." On the SMIM nexus page: "If you use rheadude's Ultimate HD Fire Effects, install it first! Then let SMIM overwrite all files!" On the Ultimate HD Fire Effects nexus page: "Deleted the SMIM compatible patch. You don't need it anymore. Simply install the actual SMIM version and overwrite conflicting files." Now that Ultimate HD Fire Effects was merged into STEP:Compilation, it overwrites SMIM and Embers HD and not the other way around like the mod authors instructed. I am not aware of the procedure when creating the Compilation, whether you delete conflicting files, so they don't overwrite the previous or something like this. I am not sure whether the conflicting files in Compilation actually are from Ultimate HD Fire Effects. [spoiler=Conflicts in SMIM overwritten by STEP:Compilation]/textures/dungeons/candles01_n.dds /textures/dungeons/candles01_g.dds /textures/dungeons/candles01.dds /meshes/clutter/woodfires/campfire01landburning.nif /meshes/clutter/woodfires/campfire01burning.nif [spoiler=Conflicts in Embers HD overwritten by STEP:Compilation]/meshes/effects/fxfirewithembers01_cheap.nif /meshes/clutter/woodfires/campfire01landburning.nif /meshes/clutter/woodfires/campfire01burning.nif So is it all right that the STEP:Compilation overwrites some files (related to fires) both in SMIM and Embers HD?
  5. What about Come together N Out of the way ?
  6. Not that I wouldn't know how to install it, just for future users :D
  7. Okay, actually I exactly wanted to point out, that maybe the mod page requires update instruction-wise. Or is it going to be in 2.10.1? :)
  8. Update v1y was released on 15th June 2017. Should we consider downloading it? Also written in the changelog: "There will be further updates soon! Stay tuned!"
  9. I installed the parts separately and MO said that the "SRO original Skyrim version update" has overwritten all of the other update files, so I deleted that. You can double-check it, but this means, the "1.7. Update" is redundant and not needed to even be downloaded.
  10. Thank you, Greg. Sorry for being impatient, but maybe this thread only needs a bump for someone else's reaction :D So why is CCF overwritten by WAF in STEP? I realize this topic has gone OT, however the previous posts connected to this are here... Should I rather post to the CCF/WAF conflicts thread?
  11. I did. And it is still there. Sorry, maybe I haven't made myself clear enough - I was talking about STEP: This: EDIT: Now that I see Changelog/, there is something like "Implemented since the 2.10.0 release" I believe instead of "", this could lead to confusion. I know this should be in the other thread, but I am writin it together here... It is surely related to the version change. EDIT2: Now I see this issue is also on later changelogs, & 2.2.9 & 2.2.8 & 2.2.7. They refer to the current guide, not their respective.
  12. Ehm, you haven't deleted the whole <p> tag, there is still a link to the latest release (duplicate, because it is in the warning also).
  13. On the beginning of 2.10.0 Changelog there is a warning, that it is "in development and is not yet applicable" On the beginning of STEP there is an additional bugged <p> starting as "{{Warning|text=This guide is..."
  14. So I wanted to edit my last post but can't, is it because of some other thread was active in this section? Firstly, I did some more research on the forum and I found it mentioned, that I should follow the instructions of STEP in WAF overwriting CCF. However, I am unconvinced because CCF is by the author of both mods described like "an extension of and compliment to" WAF & it logically looks like CCF fixes something in WAF. Secondly, I previously uploaded an unclear photo without the full path, so here it is: This shows, that the overwritten files are a texture, 2 scripts and 4 meshes. Well ok, the scripts are maybe started only according to the load order but what about the textures and meshes? Shouldn't the CCF have higher priority? In conclusion, why should WAF overwrite CCF? Does the load order affect overwriting of files?
  15. I have a question related to the mod priority order vs. plugin load order. Probably this has been answered already somewhere, but I haven't found an answer easily and maybe having the answer in this thread will be helpful for someone in the future. The recommended load order according to the mod documentations is: GDO WAF CCF According to STEP installation instructions: The mods according to section 2.D are to be installed in this order (whole section looks like only alphabetically ordered): CCF GDO WAF Of course LOOT reorders my plugin load order (right pane) in the order as suggested by mod authors, however the mod priority order in the left pane remains, and thus a conflict was born: WAF overwrites Improved Closefaced Helmets (that is surely intended because of the compatiblity patch) and ALSO something in CCF. To be specific these files: So my question is: What does the mod priority (a.k.a. left pane order) & plugin order affect differently? Are these specific conflicts irrelevant because maybe load order controls which files are actually used somehow (magically?) or should the left pane order be rearranged (contrary to the STEP instruction) according to the recommended load order so the files are overriden correctly?
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