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  1. Thank you so much :) It's now moved without any problems. No more worrying about program files! EDIT: I *** love Mod Organizer :)
  2. So it really is that easy then. I wouldn't have thought :) I got Wrye Bash installed in the skyrim folder though. Does that program act the same way as MO and TES5Edit? Or should I just uninstall it first, then move the Skyrim folder to the new steam folder and reinstall it?
  3. Is this a relatively simple process, or can it mess up my current configuration? I really want to buy a new ssd drive just for games, or at the very least move my install out of the program files folder (yes, I know :( ).
  4. Thank you for the reply, but does that mean when I put the SKSE files generated by Frostfall/Campfire from the overwrite to its own mod (or another mod) it will keep writing to the files from there? Or will there be new data files generated and I have to move everything from overwrite every game session?
  5. Thought I'd start a new thread, but since this one is about overwrite as well, I will try my luck here :) I am closing in on the finishing line before I start playing my modded skyrim, but what should I do with the files that end up in the overwrite folder in mod organizer when I have booted up Frostfall/Campfire? I mean, aren't these settings and stuff that change while I play? Should I leave them there or make a mod of it?
  6. That is true, but if you read what SparrowPrince writes on the Better Dynamic Snow + SMIM selection he says: "SMIM users should overwrite BDS Files". Which to me sounds like SMIM should overwrite BDS. But again, now that I installed a seperate installation of Ruffled Feather with only BDS I saw that NONE of the files conflicted with SMIM. So weird that he would write that.
  7. I always preferred WATER over the other water mods out there :)
  8. I just fall more and more in love with it. Kinda glad the newest update for NMM wrecked my setup hehe. But here is one question I am still wondering. I guess this one is kinda specific. WATER is supposed to overwrite SMIM's files, which is fine, but Better Dynamic Snow should be overwritten by SMIM. And now since the Better Dynamic Snow is combined into Ruffled Feather together with WATER, how do I make SMIM overwrite Better Dynamic Snow, but not WATER?
  9. So basically it overwrites in the traditional sense just without ACTUALLY overwriting the files? So I just install my mods in the correct order then :) That just made MO even more awesome and easy to work with. @GrantSP No Problem! Thanks for the help :)
  10. With the fear of sounding dumb: I am sorry, but I didn't understand that link you posted at all. :/ I read through it several times and couldn't pull out the information I needed for the questions I had above. Maybe it's just because it covered everything at once and I just needed a small portion of it. Does the order I install the mods matter? Right now it seems that everything is good. SMIM overwrites the Ultimate Fire HD mod and SkyFalls, but I am just wondering if I install a mod and it overwrites something it shouldn't. How do I fix it so that the new mod dosen't overwrite the old in a easy way?
  11. Ah thanks both! Missed that one for some reason :)
  12. Hey everyone! Been using STEP so much more lately and just switched to Mod Organizer (Damn, why didn't I do this years ago!?) so slowly learning the ropes :) Got one question since I've been stuck in the old ways of installing mods. What is the best way to handle mods that have files that should overwrite eachother? My example is: I have installed SkyMills and am about to install SMIM. SMIM is supposed to overwrite some files from SkyMills. What should I do to make it as "correctly" as possible? Can I organize the overwite order or should I remove the conflicting files completely? I am sorry if this is covered in some guide out there, but I could not find an answer with my search inquiries. Thanks in advance!
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