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  1. So I downloaded the optional config file for BCC - SkyUI to see if I could remap the keys and fix the problem... no dice. And cdcooley says he has been unable to find a solution. Until then, looks like this mod is an inconvenience to anyone using a gamepad. More annoyingly, it can't be easily removed mid playthrough as it has a plugin.
  2. Yes, they are, but they are bugged. Pressing the A button turns out to have the same effect as pressing RT. So while pressing A should open the quantity prompt, it does not. Chatting with cdcooley, he has confirmed that this is a bug and he cannot explain it. LT, RT, and A all seem to do the same thing. I'll take a look at the config tonight and see if I can fix it through hackery.
  3. This mod introduces a bug for gamepad users: When looting gold or arrows from a container your only options are to button press once for each individual coin / arrow, or press X to take everything in the container, then put back what you don't want. Might warrant a warning for us filthy casuals :P
  4. Chatted with cdcooley and confirmed that the problem is his Better Container Controls mod. Unchecked the mod and confirmed that the behavior was fixed. Not sure if I can safely remove it mid playthru yet...
  5. Hey folks, I just installed STEP (Special Edition) with one or two mods on top (the most significant being Ordinator, so I didn't install the perk overhauls in STEP), and I'm having an issue with SkyUI. No error messages or anything, but when trying to take items from or put them in a container I can't get a quantity prompt. When using a controller I just have to button press over and over until every item is moved, or hit X to move every item in my inventory (or in the container) at once. When using a mouse, I can right click to move all of one specific item, but that doesn't solve my problem (and doesn't help at all when using a controller, which I prefer). I have no experience debugging SKSE stuff sadly... any ideas on how to bug check this? EDIT: I did check the MCM menu, and the item quantity threshold is set to 6, as the default. EDIT #2: Upon further testing, the issue seems to be only with money and ammo... when looting septims or arrows I have to tap for each one. For other items, I get the prompt as expected. Hmm...
  6. SE is ideal if you're most interested in presentation and/or stability improvements. There's no doubt that it looks better and runs more smoothly than LE. However, if like me you're more interested in gameplay tweaks, enhancements and immersion mods (the sort that required a lot of scripts and/or MCM functionality) LE has a lot more to offer in that department. But I gather the situation is improving all the time so I keep checking up on it to see if I should make the leap...
  7. Oh, forgot to mention that my resolution is 1920x1080... just saw that was in the requirements and I didn't include it in my application post.
  8. Yes, The 418th Step mod is really silly. It's like the part in Cosmopolis where Eric Packer has his custom-built limousine lined with cork to shut out street noise. He knows that it doesn't actually work ("How could it?"), but what matters to him is that he cared enough to ask for it and pay for it. So I guess it just fits nicely with my sense of humor to keep Chesko's joke mod in. BTW, trying to find the 418th step by counting is extraordinarily difficult. Apparently there are only 7000 steps if you count one step made of four pieces of stone (like "- - - -") as four steps. So each step your character makes up the mountain counts as approx 3-4 steps each. Even when you do manage to find the step in question, the changes introduced by the mod are so subtle that you can easily miss it. If you look in the posts section of the mod page there are posted images that visually show you where to find the inscription.
  9. I'm running into this same issue. I've found that it affects a few ESM/ESPs: YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esmdomecity.esmRoberts_NewVegas.espFCO - Roberts Patch The last message output before the crash was not always the same, though in the case of YUP and domecity it was indeed in the race and hair sections. Of course, all that means is that the script got through at least that line just fine before crashing. Thankfully the other mods (especially the ones with obvious levelled list changes) still seem to work fine with the script.
  10. Wow, now I feel really bad writing that article on my blog telling everyone how great STEP is and how they should visit this website...
  11. I have gotten so much enjoyment out of STEP over the years that I would love to help out, specifically with starting the (long, painful) migration to Skyrim SE. I'm kind of taking a break until SKSE and SkyUI/MCM get ported over, but I've been getting so antsy not futzing with my load order these last few months that I find the urge to experiment...
  12. I like this topic, as perk & skill overhauls make a big difference to the game. Here are some overhauls and related mods I've used, along with my thoughts on each: ACE Combat Skills Pros: Nice, simple, clear perks. Not as many "dead weight" perks (i.e. perks that just make the skill better). Ace Realistic Fighting module makes the combat more dynamic and strategic, and can be used separately from the perk overhaul if you like. Overall much more fun than the original perk tree without being too drastic of an overhaul. Combines nicely with Wildcat. Cons: I'm not a fan of the way ACE splits bows into Light and Heavy, which makes Archery more complex, but not necessarily more fun. SPERG Pros: "Dead weight" perks essentially removed. Fewer, but stronger perks make perk choice more meaningful. You can have a Mudcrab follower! Cons: Makes the game a bit too easy. Adding Wildcat and ASIS might fix this (I never tried them together with SPERG), as might raising the difficulty. Ordinator Pros: Incredibly creative perk tree. The most different of the three so far from Vanilla. Allows for extremely creative builds (Combat blacksmiths!), and popular builds that were just not feasible in Vanilla (Monk, Cleric). Cons: Over 400 perks means the perk tree is totally overcrowded. Haven't played to an epic level character yet, don't know how strong you get at high levels. Wildcat Pros: Standalone combat mod works with any other perk overhaul. Enemy AI dramatically improved. Battles are quicker and deadlier, and much more fun (if you survive) Cons: Battles can be a little too deadly. I've gone through many dungeons only to have the boss one-hit-kill me, requiring me to just abandon it an come back later. ASIS Pros: It just makes sense for a level 50 mage to know something better than "flames". Enemies using potions makes me feel less cheesy for using them myself. Cons: Patcher describes some features as "having bugs" with no explanation. Increased Spawns has broken quests for me on several occasions (i.e. scripted encounters where too many enemies spawn for the scene to play out as it should). SXP Pros: Works with almost any perk overhaul, and gives you EXP for actually doing stuff instead of just skill grinding. Lets you choose what skills to level and when. Removes the temptation to use exploits like casting Muffle hundreds of times. Cons: You've got to know in what direction you want your character to grow, since the game won't advance skills for you. This can prove overwhelming to new players. MCM interface is slightly clunky. Disparity Pros: Changes in-game height of NPCs to emphasize racial / gender differences. Racial abilities improved, usually changed from once/day to passive. Adds an optional class system that lets you personalize your character greatly. Cons: I honestly haven't found any. Disparity is excellent. Bound Armory Pros: Really fun, makes it more fun to play as a Conjuration battlemage. You can conjure a Pickaxe Cons: None really, but the Heavy Armory mod that the author recommends to go with it is a bit over the top. Recommendations --------------------- I recommend ACE for most players, since almost everyone can agree that it's solid, and it's close to the vanilla tree in its intent. I currently use Ordinator because I've played the game dozens of times and want to try out less conventional character builds. While SPERG has an admirable philosophy, I think it's just too overpowered. The trick with Ordinator is to not overthink what perks your character is going to take, since examining the perk tree thoroughly would take hours. Just level them through normal play and then see what perks are available when you level. It makes for an unpredictable and (IMO) satisfying experience. Even though it may not be for everyone, I refuse to play without SXP. I'm so tired of trying not to exploit Illusion magic, and having to craft hundreds of iron daggers. That said, it can make Ordinator even more intimidating than it already is. ACE and Wildcat work extremely well together for the ultimate in pure combat enhancement. But save frequently because one hit deaths are not uncommon. I like ASIS, because it just makes battles feel more fair to me when I know that NPCs aren't being nerfed for my enjoyment. Definitely disable the Increased Spawns, though. Or prepare to reload a lot of saves. I currently use Disparity + Ordinator + SXP + ASIS. BTW: I used to use Phitt's Alchemy and Food Overhaul because I really appreciate the idea of lowered / more realistic potion prices. I had to get rid of it though, because getting it to play nice with various perk / levelling overhauls proved to be too much of a bother.
  13. As a die hard gamepad fan, I've managed to get the F&L setup working quite well, with NO XPADDER REQUIRED... well, mostly. If you want to use all of the neat gameplay enhancements added by Project Nevada without reaching for the keyboard now and then, XPadder is your only option as far as I can see. I don't like XPadder mostly because it makes the controls far less fluid than native X360 pad support. If you want that nice native pad support and don't mind a few sacrifices, read on: First, disable Weapon Wheel. It seems to disable the Wait command for some reason, and you aren't using a mouse anyway so you lose nothing. Second, disable Enhanced Camera and associated patches. For some reason, this mod causes your view to drift several pixels immediately after you stop moving. This probably works fine for mouse users, but if you're using a game pad it becomes impossible to interact with anything easily. Third, one nice thing about Fallout New Vegas is that unlike Skyrim the game doesn't disable keyboards entirely when you're using a gamepad. So if you want to use the cool extra features that some of the mods add hotkeys for you can actually still use them, provided you don't mind reaching for the keyboard now and then. I use this to turn on/off nightvision or flashlight. I know you can also enable sprint or bullet time this way (though it's a pain). I just tend to disable sprint and bullet time in the Project Nevada menues, since they're pointless for me. Finally, you will need to disable gamepads temporarily and use the mouse/keyboard to do the following: Use the console windowInstall any cybernetic implants. Disabling Project Nevada's Cyberware mod would probably fix this, but I like it so much I'm willing to live with the inconvenience.
  14. I believe the problem is solved! Looks like I was having the same problem as Neurovore in this thread. The issue seems to be NVSR (New Vegas Stutter Remover). It's not extremely clear in the install instructions unless you read carefully that users of the 4GB NV loader need to modify the following values in NVSR.ini: With these changes my game runs as smoothly as the day it was born, load times are ridiculously fast and it hasn't crashed once. Thanks to everyone on this forum for being so awesome and helpful!
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