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  1. To answer your question JawZ, I was just trying to figure which setting was using the ENB. I'm clearly miffed as to why my game looks so much better with the ENB off. My settings must be out of whack I guess. Anyway, thank you both for the replay. I have more testing ideas for tonight. I'm using skyrim enhanced shaders and using the vanilla performance version I've decided the trade off isn't worth the FPS. I loaded the Pure(slow) option and can really see the difference. Looks great, but it may be too laggy around the major slow down areas. I only posted my results because often when I'm searching a topic and some solves their own issue, they do not explain how or why and it turns out being a dead end. Anyway, waiting on a friend to help me install a new graphics card so things are on the up. thank you for your time.
  2. I'm more question if you don't mind. If toggled off, is the memory boost featured turned off as well since I have the ENB set to false in the enb.local?
  3. I've been doing a lot of testing to try and get my game running at peak performance while using a(forgot the name) a performance friendly(Shader) ENB and I just want to clarify if it's running correctly. When I shift/F12 to toggle on off, would you expect to my FPS to increase or decrease when the ENB is turned on? Also, when I start up the game, is the ENB on by default or do I toggle in game? I say this because on start-up game runs at about 30 FPS and is more blurred and bright. After shift/F12, FPS boosts to 60 roughly and game becomes dark before much sharper in image. I've disable hi-res texture packs and using the vanilla(performace version of the ENB as opposed the pure version-both have 3 options) Does this make any sense?
  4. I tried using a different profile for testing purposes and voila....it works. Since I've gone back to the original profile and it works there now as well. Strange. Anyway, thank you for your time. Now on to other problems.
  5. I would I verify if it was installed correctly? I followed STEP CORE and Gamer poets yOUtube tutorial for MO and I don't have any hidden extensions with windows 10. I've read through this thread and others, but have really come to a dead end.
  6. Hello. I seem to be having the same issue as Spock(original poster). I was having CTD's and memory log was showing that SKSE wasn't working. SSME solved my issues. I've since put in the -forcesteamloader in arguments to no avail. I don't want to move my game over to programs from someone's potential fix. It seemed thread ended in that there's a possibility in the wrong code format being used, but not a fix for someone who is strictly end user. Any help is greatly appreciated. I should add I followed the STEP CORE guide with MO with the exception of a few VRAM hungry mods.
  7. Been doing some research on the Ultimate Morrowwind mod and I'm really liking what it offers and quite actually everything about this pack, but I have no idea what do with the pre-installation directions. "Removeall leveled lists that are installed with Weapons and armor fixes" I understand why, but don't know how. TIA
  8. Took longer than necessary...but i got it. Thank you.
  9. i was resizing window sizes in order to reorder my install order and after resizing MO(which worked perfectly), I cannot reopen the plugins/right side of MO. Kinda sad, but true. TIA
  10. I've played up to Level 60 with SkyRe and thought it was very good so maybe i'll just stick to what i know. I ruined my other games removing/add mods and was never able to recover them. Let me ask this if you don't mind. I've just created my bashed patch with most of the CORE/EXTENDED mods and getting ready to do the benchmark. If all goes well, I plan on adding some weather mods and the frostfall/hunterborn pack. Will i want to create another bashed patch if all goes well with those mod packs? I can't thank you enough. I've never had this kind of access to someone answering all the questions i've had over the last 2 years.
  11. You the man. Thanks. And thanks for the does of reality on my system. I will make do for now and keep learning and crafting a game for an evtual requiem play through.
  12. ​MO is wanting to fix the install order for all the mods I have installed per the STEP instructions. I'm able to run the game, but I don't like having the warning flag there. Been searching around but I have not found any topics regarding this. Do I click the Fix button or leave it alone. ​TIA
  13. I tried doing a save clean and after two crashes - one on clicking the bed on alternate start and the other trying to exit to Skyrim I got these messages after the analysis. [ (00000014)].Actor.Get Distance() - "<native>" Line? [ (00000014)].Actor.Get Distance() - "<native>" Line? Any clue? Also, I still get ctd whenever I try to access the map. Thanks for the reply.
  14. I've been playing for 2 years on MO with a level 60 character and decided to upgrade a mod(Claralux) which suggested I clean my saves. Ever since all my games have not run correctly and I'm sure it's through some fault of my own, but I've spent over a week each night trying to re-install/refresh/verify just about everything possible, including going over every tutorial again. I'm not at my gaming pc right now, but I'm hoping someone can push me in the right direction. I've started a new profile with only the DLC's and appropriate patches, SKSE 1.73, hi-resolution packs1-3, and alternate start just for testing purposes. Starting a new game I a CTD upon clicking the bed for alternate start. If I do the original opening I can play through for as long as I want, but if I save and quit to desktop and then try to reload that same save I get another CTD. Any idea? thank you for your time.
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