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  1. So I found the issue. It was the line "bBackgroundLoadVMData=1" in skyrim.ini that made it crash at the main menu, removing it allows me to load my game. Thank you for your infinite patience.
  2. So it seems to be my .ini's, when I revert them to default my game starts, but if i use BETHini to change it I crash. What about my ini is causing issues all of a sudden? I've run DDL before with my regular settings without incidence.
  3. So I can run texgen and dyndolod without encountering a single error, and my logs look clean(to me), but when I check both texgen and dyndolod and load dyndolod.esp at the very end of my load order the game will crash before I'm able to see the "continue/new game/load" screen. wihtout it enabled My game loads and plays without incidence. Crash fixes reports the same error each time: "Game has crashed with exception address 0xF52344!" My modwatch: https://modwat.ch/u/SuperVillain0utcast/plugins My logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b9xamehld3zzckj/AADJpYEIouUQboQI1lMl6jUka?dl=0 Thank you in advance
  4. Go into the MCM for CACO and turn off "no restore health for vampires" in the alchemy tab.
  5. So I wanted to use the creation kit to remove the duplicate lanterns as well as move the floating lanterns into appropriate locations that are found in the ECTV Merged.esp, but after ESMifying all of its masters and setting it to active file in the CK, the duplicate lanterns that are found in game don't show up in the rendered cell in the CK. Using MFG Console in game clearly states these duplicates are coming from ECTV Merged. So why wouldn't they show up?
  6. sands torch was causing me issues as well every time I equipped it, but not the issues you describe. I just stored it away, not worth the headache.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l3pr73sz8ni9t2b/AADIA0x4X8wvHjK_sidw8NmLa?dl=0 Ran around tonight taking some shots of my newest configuration, check em out if you wanna. theyre not great shots or anything, dont get your hopes up. was just running around taking pics for testing purposes. i took several in the same locations that were with only ambient light, with a wearable lantern, and with a torch. You think its too dark???
  8. Fyi you need to attach a "names" bash tag to the obis.esp before building a patch otherwise all those unique names don't get carried over. One thing I noticed...
  9. ah so it merges. i didnt bother looking to see if it would, just copied the changes into my patch and called it a day. also of note, did you guys know your npc retextures CR esp will merge into the bash patch? just right click it in WB and select mark mergeable.
  10. for anyone interested, if you go into Xedit and find: _Camp_Tent_LargeLeatherStaticSN _Camp_Tent_LargeHideStaticSN _Camp_Tent_SmallLeatherStaticSN _Camp_Tent_LargeLeatherStaticSN under STATIC in campfire.esm, forward them to the bashed patch, and you can alter them under DNAM - Direction Material\Material to each read SnowMaterialObject1PBetterDynamicSnow [MATO:2C001305] this will make all the tents use better dynamic snow's snow shaders, and looks much better all around. you'll need to add BDS to the master list of the bash patch, but thats NBD.
  11. In what can be considered nothing short of a Christmas miracle, the discord devteam have released Mod Organizer 2.1.0 for SSE!!! they've fixed a ton of issues. time to start modding SE finally :)
  12. has anyone confirmed this worked? did you update the Undeath patch?
  13. Figured it out. the mod gives you a ring to detect all chests around you, and for some reason when i unequipped it one time it stopped working as intended but left the visual effects in place. re-equipping then unequipping it fixed my game. though now i almost want to go back and replay the gray cowl seeing as i played a large chunk of it with that wierd effect in place... I knew some of those dungeons were just way too dark... bet the whole mod looks totally different haha. too bad. i made too much progress to go back now. was fun anyway :)
  14. BAH So I finally got around to play The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, and it was a blast, really enjoyed it. But when i returned to Skyrim, whatever filter GCON was using on its visuals is now superimposed on my base game, and nothing other than reverting to a save before i ever started the mod changes it. does anyone have a clue why this might happen and/or how to fix it without having to lose all my progress??? here's what my game looks like before i started GCON https://www.dropbox.com/s/913sv8v0h25pjpt/Before.bmp?dl=0 and here's once i returned to the regular worldspace https://www.dropbox.com/s/j3yxoankl0cprsx/After.bmp?dl=0
  15. Been using this for a week and its pretty great. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83175/? A SKSE Plugin that splits the global shout cooldown into individual cooldowns for each shout, allowing more variety in the shouts you use while the powerful ones cool down. It's just a .dll file so it can be added without consequence.
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