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  1. AM curious, but not sure if this has been answered already but... Will there eventually be Fallout 76 Support now that it is on steam?
  2. Just curious, with the Creation Club out now for Skyrim SE and Fallout 4, will there be any updates to Mod Organizer to support the new .ESL file types?
  3. I hate to say, but I am having this issue as well. My download and Mods folder for storing is on a different harddrive then MO itself, becuase I have a small SSD, but when I load up loot or FO4Edit via MO, its not listing any of the files I have downloaded.
  4. This will now work with Fallout 4 as well? o_o Absolutely brilliant :D I look forward to future updates <3
  5. Ah right :D I cant wait for the full program to be updated for Fallout 3 and FNV to <3 Ill finally be able to play those games without crashes >-<
  6. I dont know how the heck anyone could of lived without this program. Heh. Will there eventually be options to tweak the ENBoost options as well?
  7. Good Good. So it will be fixed in the next version?
  8. Just a lil Bug report. It seems that the no Intro Video option doesnt work as intended. I have it ticked, and the Bethesda screen still comes up. Other then that, not really finding any issues.
  9. ENB required Settings? What would those be I wonder? O-o
  10. Love 2.0! Might I put in a request for the next feature? Maybe another page that has boxes you can tick to put in STEP Ini additions? It would save alotta time for people to look at the latest STEP Ini tweaks, and input them manually :3 Would be nice to be able to tick off options to add in stuff like the Combat tweaks for Arrows/Bolts and other parts not covered in this awesome program yet.
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