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  1. Sheson, any chance you could tell me what code 194 means - just so I can figure out my problem is with Dyndolod 3.0?
  2. So, Texgen works now, didn't on Alpha 13. But Dyndolod doesn't complete. it says "LODGenx64.exe returned 194" for all of the worlds and stops. (I'll add the logs in a moment) Well, it seems both debug log and log are too big for pastebin. No bugreport was created
  3. I tried to upload those for you - but Chrome gives up the ghost whenever I try, too many characters I guess. So I'll have to put some links for the map files. I'll try renaming the map.txt just to try it out.
  4. I finally just used 1.49 instead - running it once for the mods that included dynamic objects and creating the dyndolod esp at the end, and then a second time for all the other mods, for statics and trees, without making a new esp. If I remember correctly the esp and json files for the dynamics need to match?
  5. It would seem that it is the fact that the files are merged that is the issue. I'm currently having DynDOLOD (2.06) create LODs for at slew of separate files - no complications, but when those files are merged it can't read them - just hanging at loading TES5.ini. Interestingly - CPU usage is the same 9-9.5% Of course - LODgen is run as well in the first case (using roughly 50% CPU)
  6. But does this apply if we are talking about the same world space - or even the same cell? Would you not need to include all the previous mods once you update. I'm assuming, and correct me if I'm wrong, because I hope I am, but if you run Dyndolod with one mod, can you then disable it and run Dyndolod with a second mod, and the lods while be merged? So ever so slowly building up the lods, mod by mod?
  7. It uses approx. 9% of CPU when it hangs (and roughly 900mb of memory). Maybe it is just taking a while, but I tried waiting 20 minutes without success. You could probably replicate the merges... but that's probably a bit of a hassle as there are A LOT of different mods in there :-) Although I'm using common sense a prescribed by Gamerpoets. I'll continue to mess around with it. 1.49 made me aware that I'm also missing a mesh in one of the merges - but I think that's an unrelated issue.
  8. Okay so my Dyndolod just hangs when saying loading Xx\Skyrim\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_TES5.ini What might be the issue? I installed it in the Skyrim folder as per your instructions for MO users, and Is running it through MO. Running it outside of MO works just fine (except of course it cannot see my mods)... Edit: Hmm, it would seem it is simply the amount of stuff I ask it to do. I have a lot of merged mods - when the formIDs go above 10k or so, it just hangs. Edit2: Seems DynDOLOD 1.49 doesn't have that problem Can I run 2.06 in stages - updating the lods, or do I need to run all of them because lod files will be overwritten?
  9. I don't usually, but Sheson asked me to, so of course I'll do it in order to get his help.
  10. It continues to happen in spite of sorting with the newest version of loot [spoiler=Tes5edit log]https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2zxakazg01eht0/TES5Edit_log.txt?dl=0
  11. Getting this error fromTes5edit when running Dyndolod worlds script: Error: Load order messed up! Tried to find a file id higher than files loaded. 85 > 76. Try generating tree LOD for this load order. Not entirely sure what it means - obviously some are out of order, but then again Tes5edit completes loading my mods just fine.
  12. Okay - should have done that then, but since I'm considering changing Realistic Water Two for W.A.T.E.R I'll have to run it again anyway. The mod in question was the Dragonborn Gallery - a huge mod - that I havn't actually played much with since I've been working a good few months trying to get a stable load order.
  13. That did it! Thanks Sheson! Now I'll just have to run the whole thing again so the jsons belong to the same run (that's important - right?). One single nif missing derails the whole thing. Something to keep in mind.
  14. I'll try reinstalling the mod in question then rerun dyndolod for Tamriel world space, see if this was the message that makes it quit prematurely.
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