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  1. Yes, Laser Sight for instance. I can add mods to the sniper rifle. I get the "currently equipped weapon cannot receive mods" message. Here is my load order just in case
  2. Any idea why I cannot add modification to the Reservist Rifle? Looking at FO3edit, its entry doesn't seem to be overwritten by any other plugin, but I'm not sure this is enough for WMK.
  3. My endorsement for an alternative to CASM: Extended Save Manager. I was having invencible enemies when loading CASM savegames. This solved that issue and it works the same AFAIK. I would say it is even better with more options. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/19119/?
  4. OK, so I finished installing DALCO, here are some tips for whoever is interested (just what I remember, some details may be missing): - plugin order probably doesn't matter, but trust LOOT by default - in Wrye Flash add bash tags Names and Nomerge to all DALCO plugins. Probably just needed for DALCO Unofficial Patch because it had new releases since, but to be safe I added this to the other 3 DALCO plugins that were missing them - unmark all Names checkbox when building the batch except DALCO. You want it to win the naming fight to get the benefits of the plugin - After the bash is generated, still in Wrye Flash right click the bash and Export Names to a file - Then for every plugin that loads after bash and has a chance to change names, like TWPC Wasteland Patch, in Wrye Flash right click them and Import Names STEP guide have some mods that adds new items not covered by DALCO, mostly the new quests. A manual patch can be made for them.
  5. Well, ok. Same thing with Chems and Meds Re-Texture Pack. I haven't done much testing yet, but putting them before my Blackened FWE + MMM + EVE + Project Beauty.esp helped. If I find out fur sure I will confirm it here. Of course there is other effects from other plugins that are still lost I think.
  6. Is it just me or the Fallout Food Package Retexture Compilation messes up the 2 ingestibles it is replacing? They loose their effects because of wrye flash. It seems this mod should be loaded before Blackened at least. If so, is this a suggestion for the loot masterlist of the guide?
  7. Ok, you may have a point there. I was disabling them all in FO3Edit without even thinking about it! Because when I load one plugin FO3Edit shows "all mods that one affects", I assumed that was all I needed. If that is the case, just a noob mistake for not learning enought about the program.
  8. It does (using LOOT order), but there is too many missing that way. I was hoping for a quick solution, but no luck. As one example, I have Combat Knife (00004326), that according to FO3Edit (when bashed patch selected) it is "overwritten" by FWE into Combat Knife. But DALCO FWE is ordered after it, when I run FO3Edit on it's esp it shows that Combat Knife (00004326) should have been renamed. I don´t get it why it lost the name battle. EDIT: I'm playing with disabling the names tag on all plugins when generating the patch EDIT 2: Well, it seems that the reason for that is that I let wrye flash to merge some mods, then when I see the FO3Edit of bash I don't get the full picture. Tomorrow will not merge them and continue my tests.
  9. OK, based on what you said, disabled my DALCO plugins, because they rename ALL items. That makes all the objects that wouldn't be included in the bash to be included. Thanks for the help.
  10. I ran it on the bash file (only one marked in FO3Edit, all the others are marked on Mod Organizer), it should have shown all the columns you mentioned right? When I created the bashed patch all of them were marked and properly ordered. And even with only those mods shown, shouldn't FWE prevailed over UF3P? If this indeed is a problem on my end (I've been trying a few things here, nothing much though) is there a procedure to identify it? I mean, visually everything is fine. Proper order, proper bash tags, all activated. Anyway, just wanted to know if I did something obvious to cause this. I will be trying to understand better what is happening here through logs, docs and stuff.
  11. I've read a bit about this. I believe the bash tags are correct, and so is the order. Could I have done something wrong or is this the kind of thing that sometimes happens? And how to fix this other then creating a manual patch? Relevant plugins order Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm - should have prevailed in bash UUF3P - FWE Patch.esp - should have prevailed in bash Blackened FWE + MMM + EVE + Project Beauty.esp - should have prevailed in bash I did not include TWPC Wasteland Patch Collection.esp for the generation of the bash patch. The attached image shows FO3Edit error, there is plenty like this. Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch is taking precedence over the others for bash All plugins
  12. Or maybe Item Prefix for F3 with DLCs? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/16943 https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/21943 I'd like to make this work with the mods in the guide, although I don't use them all. Wondering if anyone has gone through the trouble before. I'm worried mainly with blackened I guess, but since I'm a noob in modding, I appreciate recommendations. So I've read about using GECK for this, seems pretty straightforward. - Opened my finished mod with all DLC in GECK - Exported Names (top-left in Files menu) - Opened UP with DLCs - Imported Names. Or using FO3Edit. So I'd copy all overwritten items to a new plugin and rename them. Anyways, I will probably delve deeper into this on the weekend.
  13. It worked, thanks. About that patch, how is it going? Do you know many errors like this? Below those items i saw other problems I believe, like the potato chips.
  14. I saw the known issues about this, but I wonder what do people do about this? Just disable Primary Needs? What is the preferable drink if not water? As in one easy/cheap to get. Thanks
  15. OK, scratch that. Everything works fine, no need for aHud after iHud. It's just the activate on combat that does not work, it's always on. I disabled that option for now.
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