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  1. Tried your files over the weekend. But since you have SkyTest installed, it required it as a master. So it did not work for me. I looked into Minor Arcana.esp with TES5Edit and tried to fix the records for the horses. Did not work I am really a beginner in terms of modding. But, afterwards (and most likely it was there even before) I had a 'horse ownership power', using that on my horse bought in whiterun, fixed all the problems I had. Maybe everything was working as intended and I just overlooked this 'feature' before. Thanks for your files anyway.
  2. Sounds good, will try over the weekend if it also works for me and report on the result. I did not check yet wether I really own the horse or not. At least I could ride it after buying it and also when I returned to the stables later. I still wonder what went wrong during the guide, since others seem to not have the same issue.
  3. First of all, great work! I followed the rectified guide and started playing a couple of weeks ago. Game runs smooths and looks really good, even without the beautification. However, I encountered a problem with immersive horses. After finally being able to buy a horse in whiterun, it will always run back to the nearest stables as soon as I dismount. I can access its inventory, but neither the set hotkeys nor the power for whistling or the horse menu work. I also do not hear the whistling sound. I googled for the problem and found others having the same problem when using IH and Reqiuem. The solution was to load the IH esp directly before Requiem for the indifferent.esp. I didn't try yet, since I expect troubles when deviating from the provided load order. Any advice on that? And do I have to run the reqtificator again when changing the load order that way? Edit.:Another gameplay related problem: I started Helgen Reborn at level 7, which might have been a bit to early. in the quest Molon labe is just not possible to kill the 15 Thalmor with my young paladin. I would just delay the quest for later, but I have these two followers now from the quest. Can I somehow abandon the quest and restart it later?
  4. I just found in FAQs on the ASIS nexus page that one can change the language in the ASIS.ini file. I will try in the evening whether this also solves the problem. Will report then.
  5. Nice. Disabling ASIS indeed solved the problem. Can loot animals, draugr and the guy with the golden claw now. I thought to switch to english version in the future, maybe this also solves the problem, will report if thats the case. Is there anything I have to take care of before switching the language? Do some of the mods recognize the language during installation and thus will not work afterwards? Thank for this hint, saved me a lot of time!
  6. No, I use 'SUM launcher', a small tool I found on nexus, to run the ENB Manager and Changer outside of MO. To whatever reason ( I guess missing admin rights) I was not able to run the .jar using 'open with JAVA runtime environment'. No native english speaker here, maybe I was hard to understand.
  7. I guess you got me wrong. I had no problems running SUM from MO. But I had problems running the ENB Manager and Changer, which should not be run from MO. I found the SUM launcher on nexus, made to launch SkyProcs. It actually launches an admin cmd, if I got that right. And I edited the .cmd file of SUM launcher to run the ENB Changer and Manager.
  8. I had problems running the .jar from the ENB Changer using Win 10, nothing happened when I tried to run it. JAVA was installed of course, but I took the 32bit version, just to make sure. Perhaps that were problems with Administrator-rights. I solved that using 'SUM launcher' from Nexus (editing the .cmd of course). Neovalen, maybe you can add a note to that part in your guide. Took me hours to figure that out. Although more experienced user might be aware of that.
  9. Thanks, will try that. Actually that was my plan, disabling them one by one, but 5 at a time is definitely the faster way. I hoped somebody could hint me to the most likely mods that might be responsible. I just realized that there were frequently changes made to the guide lately, and it took me the last two weeks to follow it. Might that have messed up something for me? Another question, I have Skyrim and MO installed on my system SSD with 100GB, so not much room anymore for additional mods. If I plan to try out another modding profile (eg. latest STEP version), is it safe to just transfer the MO/mods folder to my HD and then retransfer everything when I want to use SRLE again? And does it make a difference performance-wise whether MO is also installed on the SSD or on a conventional HD? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, I recently installed SRLE. The game seems to run stable, but I cannot loot some corpses. I can loot most humans, but I cant loot wolfs and most draugr. And even more annoying, I cant loot quest related corpses, don't know if thats just coincidence. Taking the vanilla start I was stuck when I should loot the guy in the building to get my first weapon/armor, that guy who stole the golden claw from the merchant in Riverwood was also unlootable. For those I dont get the tooltip to use 'E'. I have absolutely no clue what might be the cause. I am really unexperienced in modding, although I closely followed the guide, I might have made a mistake at any point. Can anyone guess where? Which mod might be responsible? I skipped the Conflict Resolution part and just downloaded the provided file. I also skipped most mod merges, because I do not plan to add mods on top of SRLE - is that a problem? I play in german language, dont know if that might interfere. This is my loadorder, sorted with LOOT: Please use 'spoiler' tags when posting long lists. See the STEP Community Citizenship Guidelines (at the bottom of every page) for details on how. @GrantSP
  11. Greetings. First of all, I really admire the work that was (and still is) put into this incredible guide. Very nice job Neovalen. I am a absolute noob concerning modding and followed this guide. I skipped the CR part and just took the provided file. Starting a new game everything seems to be running stable, the optics are beautiful. But I seem to have a problem with looting. First I took the vanilla start and was unable to loot that dead guy in the building, so I was stuck there because the tutorial did not continue. So I went for the start 'camping in the woods' where I start near Helgen and realized that I am also not able to loot animal corpses (wolfs,rabbits). Although, using an old save I was able to loot Camilla Valerius, after killing her for test purposes. I have no idea what is causing the problem. I don't get the tooltip to loot the dead corpses, if I point over them its as if they were not there. I also cannot loot the arrows that stick in them. Looting containers seems to be fine as well as harvesting plants. LOOT does not report any errors. I read somewhere that skeleton mods might cause this. So I deactivated XP32 and ran FNIS again, that did not fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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