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  1. ok thanks and i didn't know that the mods you posted i got on steam i didn't know they would conflict with the mo mods and i understand so just talk to sacremas about the LL mod issues ? and is there any other issues you can help with? i just want to make sure because i wouldn't want them to get mad because i asked them questions about errors with mo instead of LL related stuff so if theres nothing else besides LL issues just say so
  2. ok sorry really new to this so no idea what i should give here is the mod modlist.txt.2016_01_02_15_42_25 file was to big so broke it down into pieces just in case you wanted to see all of it i put in part 1 but can't put in others because it won't let me upload more then 500 kb and theres about 3.95 mb left of the log and no idea how much you need to help me edit ((also sorry if i took to long to reply was trying to cut the log down into 8 pieces only to find out that its 500kb period instead of per post )) saved debug info.txt
  3. here is mo log or at least what i think you meant by mo log where is the modlist.txt or if this log i posted is it where is the mo logs
  4. sorry didn't know you would respond so soon and yes i installed it on the d drive since thats the closest thing i have to a ssd i think ok thanks i didn't know that its really good to know i always thought that i had to keep it in admin mode and no i am pretty sure it was attached to fnis problem yes i installed fnis creatures seperately and yes its below main one i will take mo off admin mode now so thanks i hope this fixes it ((edit)) just ran it on normal mode and still got the fnis creature pack error
  5. problem is that if i run mo in regular mode then nothing works and it says i can't detect python or the other stuff plus when i run fnis outside of mo i get a error from fnis saying it was installed badly
  6. is there any other questions to be answered? or more info? wasn't sure if you are able to help me fix the error and also how do i know whats causing it is it mod organizer? or should i talk to fore about it? want to make sure
  7. wow that was really fast i feel bad for making you wait i am so used to people taking longer and i did that already the only ones that aren't are in the left side so they won't appear in right side but if there causing problems just by being uncheckmarked i can always delete them and reininstall when i need/want them also i always run everything through mo and i have comp set up so mo always run in admin mode
  8. is it still working for you? reason i ask is it was working for me around november 2015 then computer broke and i finally have a new one but fnis won't work again and keeps saying creature pack not installed please tell me what you need to help me i wouldn't want to spam you with logs until i know they would help i tried googling creature pack not installed but i can't find any links that will work
  9. ok i understand i followed the directions and after tinkering a bit it seems to work now except on the opening scene where you have to walk to the executioner
  10. was having problems with fnis and mod organizer my problem is every time i run fnis it sends the files to overwrite section then when i try to copy them into a mod i made i get errors or mod orgnizer crashes or skyrim crashes when i load it do you know what i can do to get skyrim to work again with mod organizer ? it was working fine before i started using the fnis updater
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