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  1. I just changed my profile to SRLE Extended so that it makes more sense, sense I added some mods from SRLE Extended: LOTD. I am rebuilding some patches now but I still testing these mods out though until I feel more comfortable building a bashed patch and finally playing the game. Its alot of hard work of course. I dunno where to start with the conflict resolution patch. But hopefully I will have the patience of steel to do it. I'm more comfortable just building a bashed patch than a conflict resolution patch.
  2. Ok now I really have a problem. I have been following mostly the SRLE with a few additional mods added to SRLE. Here is my left side and right side of MO mod order list. Every time I go to the game. It freezes at the Skyrim symbol. I'm not able to play the game at all. I dunno what could be the cause of it though. I think I should have checked some mods before I did the installation. I stopped at the Landscape section a day ago and everything worked fine. But since this early morning since I added some other mods plus the bashed patch, its not going to start at all. Can someone please help me with this. Its been very frustrating.
  3. Nevermind, i figured out the problem I had to unactivate a plugin that was considered a bashed patch. Weird.
  4. Oh and also I can't find the Bashed Patch in Wyre Bash. Did I do something wrong?
  5. I keep getting this error for merging CACO patches. It keeps telling me that CACO_RND_Patch.esp and CACO_CoinReplacer_Patch.esp has non-contiguous plugins in it. It's status is "Critical". It said that I have to adjust the load order and restart Merge Plugins to resolve this. I tried to do that but it still didn't do anything to resolve the issue. Its the same way with Better Quest Objectives as well.
  6. Here's another pic of Gherdyl. The enb preset I am using btw is Rudy ENB (Vanilla) with WIP vanilla weather and ELFX Interiors. Before Gherdyl New and Improved Gherdyl
  7. I'm still on SRLE. I added a few mods that were not in either of the guide. So far everything is working out great. I am on Effect section now on SRLE. I'm almost have way through. I did however made another profile. But this ones for The People of Skyrim addition. Of course I won't be able to install all of the mods, but its ok. I'm just excited that I can finally play Skyrim with my redguard Gherdyl <3
  8. This guide has come a very long way. I'm glad to see that its still being updated occassionally. I can't wait to get started finally on this guide with my new pc build. :)
  9. I dunno if I can post a link to the newest version of Wyrmstooth. Its in another site where the author posted version Wyrmstooh 1.17A. I have both that and !.16.2.
  10. ENB is still in beta since the weathers dont work yet, hes working on it though.
  11. I wouldn't expect it soon tbh. Maybe next summer who knows. Its alot trickier than people realized. I feel bad for Boris as well to deal with this as well. *Sighs*. 64bit version has alot of modding potential but at the same time comes with many complications.
  12. Congrats Tannin, I'm glad that Nexus hired you. Your mod manager is the best thing EVER. Better than any mod manager for any game. I wish you the best of luck. Lmfao, ahahahahaha right!!!!
  13. I see the guide is coming along very well. Good job Darth and the team. :)
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