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  1. I think i solved it, and it was probably user error. First thing i did was run expert mode for tamriel only. Doing it this way, the "loggeneratorcmd" error did not happen and the tamriel log had content. It finished with the lines: Finished LOD level 4 coord [4, -8] [196834/174873] Can not get hash for shader in meshes\dyndolod\lod\trees\treepineforestsnow03_78524f29passthru_lod.nif block TreePineForestSnow03_LOD_FLAT:0 Can not get hash for vertices in meshes\landscape\plants\pineshrub02.nif block L1_PineShrub02 Log ended at 06:29:47 Code: 3005 The only mod that edits the pineshrub02.nif is USLEEP. Then i tried the whole process again. The only thing i changed was the tree rule. I changed LOD16 to billboard instead of Static LOD16. Then the whole process finished.
  2. Thank you very much for helping. I tried the newer executables you provided. The same error occured, but i saw the actual error message in the lodgen.exe window: "Unhandled Exception: Unhandled Exception: OutOfMemoryException. OutOfMemoryException." All LODGen_TES5_Worldpace_log.txt end with a Code:0, but LODGen_TES5_Tamriel_log.txt is empty. The exe did not freeze, as it could be terminated with the OK button in the popup window that said "lodgeneratorcmd has stopped working". CPU temp is fine.
  3. Hello, i have recently updated from version 2.18 to the latest 2.35 and now have a problem: Dyndolod does not finish the process and quits with the "lodgeneratorcmd has stopped working" message. I am using Skyrim LE. To update, i chose to completely delete my old dyndolod instance and remake everything. I use the ultra trees option. I searched the forum for this problem and the fix that was mentioned did not solve the issue, as i allready point dyndolod to a directory outside of MO. I am using MO 1.3.11. I have tried it with MO 2.07 and while the error message does not pop up, the dyndolod process stops after only a few minutes of running instead of the usual 30min process and shows no LOD ingame. What can i do to solve the problem?
  4. This glitch happened to me earlier, just thought you might be interested, since it is LOD related: https://imgur.com/a/JD2NL It is basically the LOD not unloading. It flickered on and off depending on view angle, giving the whole thing a strobe like effect while moving the mouse. Load order was just Arthmoors SSE mods. No need to troubleshoot, i could not replicate this on several new saves.
  5. The Dyndolod Ressources archive for 2.16 seems to be corrupt. Downloaded it two times, can not open.
  6. I use MO and deleted the old versions of both DynDOLOD and the output folder before i installed the new version. Unless MO did something weird, i should have no old dyndolod meshes. But i am not 100% sure what you mean with the source meshes. I assume you mean the ones that are in the dyndolod installation folder. EDIT: I disabled all texture/mesh mods except the ones that DynDOLOD made master files (SMIM, real roads, verdant) and the flicker is still there.
  7. Disabling sunrays ingame in the ENB menu does fix the flickering.
  8. I do not mean this issue with RS. I was referring to the update post: "Fixes include Flickering textures with ENB sunrays and Glow LOD reported by snares". Since i made the initial bug report i felt like i had to test the supposed fix as well.
  9. For DynDOLOD 1.47: Still got floor textures flickering in windhelm when using bReflectLODObjects=1. The state of flickering depends on the camera position and angle. On some angles and positions, some textures stop flickering, while others continue to flicker and need other camera positions to stop flickering. No flickering with bReflectLODObjects=0. Used the latest tes5edit, completely remade dyndolod with the high preset and rules for windows, high, lights from child worlds and used the ultra trees ini edit and made a new game. This is just feedback FYI, as i am happy with it right now.
  10. Check the STEP guide on tree settings in the game .ini files. It discusses minimizing the transition. However, with SFO this still looks kind of meh.
  11. Thank you! That was exactly the issue and i didnt realize it was allready known. I went with the hybrid trees option and set the tree distance in the ini to 0. Had to remove SFO 2.3 for that and took exactly a 1 FPS hit as a result, as it went from 56 to 55 in my usual test spot. The only stutter left is when the game loads bigger amounts of assets, like several NPC or a fort. Strangely, that test place had a FPS difference of about 6 depending on which direction i looked to, which is now gone. Overall, the FPS feels more even now, with less bumps depending on view direction. Might be placebo though, as i did only test this in the one place.
  12. Just a bit of kind of related feedback FYI: I had troubles with one specific kind of stuttering, which only happened in third person (playing first person was stutter free) and only when crossing cell borders (as indicated by the yellow lines drawn by the TB console command). The stutters were up to half a second long freezes that made the game semi unplayable. Turns out that [Terrainmanager] settings were to blame. I got these from a gamerpoets video, which claimed them to be graphically superior (which is true) without reducing FPS too much (which is also true) but which neglected to report on them introducing heavy stuttering like described above. Those settings were basically all Ultra settings x2: fBlockLevel0Distance=70000.0000 fBlockLevel1Distance=150000.0000 fBlockMaximumDistance=500000.0000 fSplitDistanceMult=3.0000 fTreeLoadDistance=150000.0000 Playing on Ultra settings, i can still recognise a bit of stuttering, since i now know what to look for, but it is barely noticeable. Strangely, the DynDOLOD settings, medium or high, with or without dynamic LOD, have barely any impact on this.
  13. Thanks for confirming my assumptions. I dropped fore a note on his nexus thread. EDIT: Got an answer from Fore: "Although I have a patch for his mod (for an earlier CBI version), FNIS and CBI are practically incompatible now. moljka is aware that that I overwrite those files, and he's aware that he has to provide proper input when he wants his newest version patched into FNIS. So I just lean back and wait what happens."
  14. I am using "Combat behavior improved" and FNIS 6 together in Mod Organizer. Running the FNIS for users to generate the FNIS output deletes behaviour files from the "Combat Behavior Improved" folder inside Mod Organizer. I guess this is due to FNIS not supporting MO and assuming the files are all inside a normal non-MO folder structure. Can someone tell me if thats a problem?
  15. Hello Sheson, i found a glitch with DynDOLOD in combination with ENB. It consists of very quickly flickering textures. With some brighter textures, it looks a bit like a strobelight. Not all textures are affected, only a select few are. Those seem to be mostly of the "overlay" type. For example the Windhelm floor is mostly affected where all the wet looking puddle overlays flicker. Other types are ore node textures and snow over stone overlay textures. The occurence of this bug is specifically tied to using the meshes from the Dyndolod data output AND an ENB with sunrays activated. If i deactivate sunrays, the glitch disappears. If i deactivate the DynDOLOD meshes, the glitch disappears as well. I ran the dyndolod worlds script with medium settings and the checkboxes Windows, High, Fake lights child worlds checked. Here are a few screenshots showing the problem: https://imgur.com/a/MwIts The first and second are with ENB, showing the flickering. The third is without ENB (disabled with CTRL+F12). EDIT: remade my DynDOLOD with pure medium settings and now its fine. Seems to be tied to the three extra checkboxes.
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