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  1. without enboost I'd get some pretty bad stutter when looking around. these settings work for my config: ReservedMemorySizeMb=512VideoMemorySizeMb=2048 had to do some trial and error until I hit the sweet spot for my pc setup.
  2. yeah I tried that. neither me nor another user from the nexus community can claim that it fixed the issue. it may have slowed the degradation to a certain extent, but this can be a placebo effect, not actual fact. what I noticed is, that when my fps drop either due to busy areas or when they start degrading after an hour or so, my gpu load decreases as well. it's never above 70 at first (@60 fps) but then gradually drops to 40 or 30, evidently in accordance with the lowered fps count. doesn't make sense to me. shouldn't the processing load increase to maintain game performance? why would it go down as well I wonder?
  3. well, the first paragraph is what I was talking about. while playing on my main, I can keep an eye on my second screen, enjoying how my lazy ass cpu almost never goes over 20% while my GPU is being productive at 70%, more or less. I understand the stutter and fps drops, it is an olde engine after all. but having your fps shrink down to a measly 30 after a while, even indoors - now that sucks. reloading a save isn't enough, I have to restart the game to enjoy 30 minutes of flawless 60 fps. little update on what I've tried so far: - deactivating all instances of NVSR - removing texture mods - making sure the 4GB mod does what it does - purging my sweet ass cellbuffer - crying in a corner - using the skyrim enb .dll instead of the native one - using lasso to limit cores - modifying the threaded ai in the ini and whatnot - installing the game performance mod (might turn out to be a mistake in the long run) - more crying I think I'm officially out of ideas. I'm still convinced that this is a mod issue. It has to be, right? gonna go full savegame destroyer and deactivate nevada skies, just for a while. awop as well perhaps. thankfully mod organizer exists which makes it easy to add and remove all sorts of stuff.
  4. to keep track of my cpu load I simply open up a tool like cpu-z on my second monitor while playing the game an my main. tried your ini config but 20 minutes later I got an out of memory error :\ oh well, thanks anyway. playing fo4 at a steady 60 is really liberating right now but modded NV is sooo so good though :D
  5. thanks for the suggestions. most of them don't really apply to my config, sadly. neither cpu nor gfx are at max capacity when playing nv, which leads me to believe that this is not a hardware issue. I also refrain from using crap like game booster or whatever, so there are never secondary fps killers as far as I can tell. my stutter remover ini looks almost exactly the same except for the heap replacement. when active I get out of memory crashes after 5 or 6 area transitions. do you mind sharing your heap options part of the ini? maybe I've punched in some wrong numbers there. unfortunately doing the steps described in 5. won't do me any good here. once my framerate drops to 25-28 I would close and restart the game. no matter where my char would end up at this point, the fps will jump back up to a solid 60, some busy areas notwithstanding. walking around, quick traveling start the slow degradation again, until I end up at 25 fps (no matter where I am). I will try limiting cpu cores and playing around with the nvidia cc but I don't think it will help much. there has to be a mod conflict somewhere :\
  6. yeah, same here. had to deactivate mods I didn't really need, like conelrad. 133 active mods seems to be an acceptable number for me.
  7. well, the problem still persists. bHookLightCriticalSections and fps control were already disabled. deactivating enboost didn't do it for me either. I remembered reading something interesting on the stutter remover page and decided to activate breplaceheap in the nvsr ini with various iheapsize values. it seems to dampen the fps degradation to an accaptable degree, but my game crashes with an out of memory error after a certain number of area transitions :\ my hopes and dreams are now with a rebalance patch. seems like the author is actively looking for possible bugs within his mod, which is good news.
  8. oh yeah, I'm certainly feeling that one. I haven't tried switching off the rebelance module, but the FPS degradation is rediculous :\ I finished testing and am now playing for realsies, getting sometimes 35 FPS in freaking Goodsprings after a while. I really hope the mod author looks at the problem and will let us know if he finds anything. I always use Nvidias V-Sync, turning off the in-game option. But everything else you listed is definetly worth looking into. Gonna start modifying some ini files then, thanks! :>
  9. so it's not uncommon that certain areas in the game will make your fps take a nosedive? I'm gonna try your ENB, cause without one my game looks way too bleak and washed out. otherwise I'm still open to any and all suggestions.
  10. Hi! A common problem, I'd say. For some reason my game can't seem to handle enb presets. I get an 15 fps hit when using Enhanced Shaders for example, an enb that is supposed to be performance friendly. My rig should be able to handle that: Xeon 1231 v3, GTX 970, 8 GB RAM, game is installed on a SSD. I followed the guide, installed Medium texture versions when possible, toyed around with ENB and ini settings, but nothing seems to work. Heres an example: I run around Goodsprings, at first the FPS is at a wonderful 60. Afterwards I go to the gas station and take a look around. Pointing the camera in the direction of Victors shack, my FPS goes instantly to 47. Without ENB I gain more or less +8 to +10 frames. Does anyone know what I can try to remedy this, preferably without deactivating the enb? How is this performance loss even possible an my machine? Thanks in advance!
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