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  1. Hmmm what about VMAD records? Are their still issues with decoding them? They seem rather hit or miss as to whether they will smash properly.
  2. That seems to have fixed it! Also I can now properly delete old Smashed Patches, so thats nice. That tab is weirdly laggy though still.
  3. Mator, Smash isn't properly preserving Name subrecords for almost any record. I can find this in all sorts of records, where it will carry across many changes made by a mod, but not name changes, reverting the name to Vanilla or the name from another, otherwise non-winning mod. However for some records it does work properly Screenshots of names failing to carry: https://i.imgur.com/WNxBuUO.png https://i.imgur.com/WNJBUmW.png https://i.imgur.com/W6AUz80.png https://i.imgur.com/HqmdqXf.png Screenshots of successful name carry over: https://i.imgur.com/qKGO9Zg.png I can't figure out what is causing this.
  4. And success! Took 40 minutes to do the processing but the windmills move properly and everything. This is excellent.
  5. Yes I think I forgot to uninstall teh Medium ones from BAIN before I just overwrote them with the High ones. It was like 5:30 in the morning and I'd just woken up Edit: anyway I uninstalled the current BAIN folder, deleted a couple orphaned files, and will be trying again shortly. RIght now double checking I have hte SMIM windmill meshes installed
  6. Its quite possible I didn't fully remove the medium generated data Are there specific folders I can just remove entirely and then just start over from scratch?
  7. Hmm its just weird they were working and now they aren't
  8. I didn't check waterfalls, I only had a few minutes this morning to load it up (I'd set the program to run as I went to bed). Yes, I used the default ESP for the high generation I went back to an earlier save that I'm 99% sure had never seen teh medium (this is just a testing game atm anyway, so I'll just start a new game and try that) Wizard mode, all I did was load up the script, select the worldspaces and hit "High" Just to make sure I understand, for rotating windmills and waterfalls do I have to have Skimills/falls installed at all, or can I remove it entirely and just use the SMIM meshes? Do I need to leave the Skymills meshes, but just deactivate the ESP?
  9. So I installed DynDOLOD last night, first using the medium settings. Went to the mountain outside Whiterun, looked down, everything was fine. The windmills were spinning in the distance. This morning I decided to upgrade to High settings. Deleted the necessary stuff, restored the blank esp, re-ran the program. Loaded it up, went back to the mountain and its even better. But the windmills no longer spin in the distance, in fact the sails are completely invisible. The only other change I made between teh two was I (as the video said I could) removed SkyMills-SkyFalls, but made sure the SMIM windmill option was installed. Which should have still worked
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