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  1. When installing dread's modlist patches, at the end, I get a not found in archive error for df_landscapeandwaterfixes - cuttingroomfloor. As this was not a mod installed, I proceeded on for the time being but wanted to mention it.
  2. How about The Truth TechAngel85? It's lightweight and does not veer very far away from vanilla at all. It's easy to use and is one of those ENB that you really don't notice is there until you turn it off. I still use it on some games.
  3. Love that user name puppies_on_acid! The poodle bye eee iiii eee ites. The poodle chews it!
  4. If Lexy's guide is crashing on you at start, then you've done something wrong. This load out works and is smooth and stable. Go back and redo "Everything". Took me three times to get Darth's Guide on LE right a few years ago. It's too easy to miss or forget to do something.
  5. The only problem I have had with Skytest are random crashes for no apparent reason. It is the Random Event and Random Spawn and Goblin monster spawns as was pointed out to me by Uncleseano. Once I disabled those three in the MCM, the random crashes went away.
  6. He sometimes wanders down toward the docks and to Katla's farm. Why the hurry you aren't going anywhere but to your death! LoL j/k
  7. For the MO2 download issue. I have that sometimes too. But a right click and pause then resume fixes it. @Berndaroy: @Lauren: For the first set: #1 and #4 are the best for me. For the Solitude set, I think it is even. Personal preference.
  8. All of the wolves or just one? I still get that occasionally and not just animals. Humans too. But it's usually only one and it stops after a few seconds. I just write it off as my hapless victim having death throes. Makes my day almost as much as kill moves. Ha Ha. Gopher's last one with the, "Skulls? Noone said anything about collecting skulls! Inigo?" I almost fell out of my chair.
  9. Glad you got it worked out and Lexy was right about the path length, instead of going through it with me and painful way of doing things!
  10. ~Edit~ One thing I see is DilonVu for standalone oaks. Are you sure you installed ELOS Oaks Autumn Colours SSE v2.2? It is the second file from the top
  11. Are you using Relinker 40? Some people were having issues with 44, that 's the first thing I'd check. ~Edit~ One thing I see is DilonVu for standalone oaks. Are you sure you installed ELOS Oaks Autumn Colours SSE v2.2? It is the second file from the top
  12. Godescalcus is often the man! I'm loving his Texture tweaks. It's something I do after I know my game is fairly stable and I start tweaking what I like and don't like texture wise. ~Edit~ Fast travel is for pussycats. Do you want immersion? Walk or ride your horse to wherever you need to go. Carts are okay though.
  13. This is the third time I've posted on this. Don't you people ever "search" the forum? The search box in the top right corner? Those records are from Immersive Armors Daedric Cuirass, Boots, and Gloves, look them up in xEdit. I've made Mator aware of the issue. He says to ignore it for now. Apologize for the terseness, but I'm getting tired of addressing this.
  14. I have it, didn't have to do any CR with it either. Works fine.
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