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  1. I had definitely overlooked the 15 minute limit. Regarding MO2 - except for the current issue, MO is indeed working OK overall, I was simply wondering if MO2 had any specific marked advantages if I would be uninstalling it (MO) anyway.
  2. Hmm, for some reason, I seem to be unable to edit my previous posts... Anyway - speaking of the above, would there be a point in switching to MO2 for Oblivion on a 64-bit computer, overall?
  3. Well - I have rebuilt the bashed patch again, from scratch, with the mergeable plugins activated (when rebuilding), and deactivating both them and the NoMerge ones when prompted to - the problem is still there. I am thinking of reinstalling MO completely, but I am not sure how much would be lost while uninstalling - could anyone possibly advise on this? Also, I would still appreciate a clarification on the treatment of the NoMerge-tagged plugins by WB. Thanks.
  4. What I did so far (by the way, for what it's worth, I am using WB version 306): 1. I deleted the "blank" patch. 2. Since in WB there was a problem with load order - it was "locked", so it changed back to whatever it was previously locked as - I unlocked it, ran BOSS, then locked it again. 3. I rebuilt the bashed patch I already had in place, without deactivating it in either MO or WB - it seems in this case changes are made to the already existing esp, since in Overwrite there was only a Docs folder with no esp, but a change I had made to a tweak (armour shows amulets) did seem to have taken effect. Admittedly, I left the deactivated/merged esp's unchecked in MO - nonetheless, they sill showed as checked in WB's 'Merge Patches', probably because of previous rebuilds; also, at the start of rebuilding, I was shown a list of plugins - "mergeable, but tagged NoMerge" - to be deactivated, which I did not deactivate; however, I had left them active previously as well, without the double hair problem appearing. 4. I deactivated and deleted the bashed patch in MO, then rebuilt it again - with the merged esps still unchecked, and the NoMerge ones left active - this time there was an esp file in Overwrite, so I created the mod etc. as normally. All the same, there is no change - things look as before. Thus, first - would there be a suggestion what to do next, I'd rather avoid experimenting with checking/unchecking things hoping something works; second, I am curious about the NoMerge plugins - should they actually be deactivated prior to building the patch, and why, if they are not going to be merged - I looked through WB's readme pages, but there doesn't seem to be much on this specific topic there. Thanks.
  5. Hmm - so should the merged plugins be reactivated (ticked) again, then, before rebuilding the patch (or does this say it shouldn't actually matter)?
  6. Thanks for replying; there is, indeed, such a file in the data folder (1 kb in size) - I assume it should be safe to simply delete it? As for the second issue, I have a suspicion, but I am not sure if it really is the cause - I use Gamer Poets' instruction video on how to build a bashed patch through MO, and emphasis is put there on that the plugins that will be merged still need to be activated when building the patch, and then deactivated, but left in the plugin list for when rebuilding it, so I had done just that the first time; then, when rebuilding, I think I reactivated them again - could it possibly be that they were somehow 'merged twice'? I also had some of the mods in the list highlighted in red at some point - as I understand, this is caused by identical modification times, and affects load order - so, following the instructions given here https://wryemusings.com/Wrye%20Bash.html#ModsTab, I edited the times (strangely, they have gone back to being the same since, but now the line colour is no longer red for some reason) - but I am not sure if this could have caused it. Also, a question that might border on silly, but - in the video I see that when right-clicking the bashed patch in the mod list to build/rebuild it, it is unchecked - does it matter whether it is so or not in general?
  7. Hello (again). I seem to have done something wrong while building and rebuilding bashed patches through MO, but, for some reason, I currently have an 'Unmanaged: Bashed Patch, 0' "mod" at the very top of the left pane which is categorised as Non-MO. I also have the regular bashed patch at the bottom of the left-pane list and all else, as far as I can tell, "as should be", but I don't think the first one should be there? Also, one of my companion mods, which I have used a hair mod for (the hair mod is one of those merged in the bashed patch), now has a double hair - could it be caused by this? In case it matters, the Overwrite is empty. As usually, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. After a somewhat longer delay than I meant, here is the current state of things: First, this is the complete error message I get in MO: Settings provided in ini tweaks have been overwritten in-game or in an applications. These overwrites are stored in a separate file (profile_tweaks.ini within the profile directory) to keep ini-tweaks in their original state but you should really get rid of this file as there is no tool support in MO to work on it. Advice: Copy settings you want to keep to an appropriate ini tweak, then delete profile_tweaks.ini. Hitting the Fix button will delete that file profile_tweaks.ini: [General] bUseMyGamesDirectory=1 Second, I installed Nehrim meanwhile, and the Oblivion .ini file seems to be simply gone from the location it was before, but there is one in the Nehrim folder (I think without the tweak), I am not sure if that is "as should be" for some reason, or not. Also, I tried to install MO in the Nehrim directory and use it with that game, but it would not detect the Nehrim installation and seemed to "want" to manage the already existing Oblivion one, for which I have a copy of MO in place. Not sure how to use MO with Nehrim, but I see a good part of the threads here are on that topic exactly, so whatever the current state is on that, I would appreciate an update as well (not sure whether to start a separate thread on that or keep it here). Any suggestions how to proceed would be welcome, thanks.
  9. Ok, please give me a day or so to check this, I will post here.
  10. Oblivion.ini is exactly where the line is added (not by me, it just "appeared" there), I was referring to the Oblivion_default.ini just to say that there it seems to be missing (i.e., this is not a tweak present by default). Also, it is indeed all there is in the profile_tweaks.ini file (so I suppose I can delete it safely). Now what I am wondering is, since my MO installation is configured to keep the saves in the corresponding profile folders, first, why would a change in the mod tweak the save location, and second, if I leave the change in the Oblivion.ini, is it not going to obstruct normal gamesaving (through MO) somehow? Thanks for all the information.
  11. No idea, then? What I can tell by looking at the Oblivion_default.ini file in the game directory is that this tweak, whatever it might be doing, doesn't seem to be there; but: 1. What it does, and thus would it be necessary to keep it, and 2. Is it only present in the .ini because it is in the profile_tweaks.ini, and would go if I deleted the latter remain unclear, any clarification, please? Thanks.
  12. The MO Wiki as in this link here: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Mod_Organizer? Regarding the .ini file, I am not quite sure as to priorities (the error message says a new file is created), or indeed why any changes should have been made to it, but the file is there indeed, and not too enormous in content, namely: [General] bUseMyGamesDirectory=1 I don't quite know what use of the game directory is meant here (storing saves is an option that comes to mind), but I assume if the game played all right as it was, it shouldn't be necessary, and it should be safe to simply delete it?
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