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  1. hi sheson i hope i didnt over looked this ive search, you help me with a dirtcliff fade in problem back around oct., now i just reinstalled skyrim and used dynDOLOD and everything is great but the lod trees are half size and when nearing them "pop" to full size, they seem to look ok as far as matching , they just look like there half the size they should be...please help what did i do wrong??? i didnt have this in the past and sure i did everything i did in the past install.....thank you.
  2. thank you for your help sheson I'm loving this tool, was wondering about the windows setting...is there a way to make only some windows light up instead of all of them? some places like an old tower out side of riften an old stone tower all the windows is lit up, looks nice but all of them is a bit much for me, if I could get like half of them on would be great,don't know if I can do that or not, can I make the windows just a bit dimmer? thanks.... ....ed
  3. wanted to share some pics of DynDOLOD in action on latest install of skyrim, 278 mods, 171 plugins running, hope sharing these pics is ok...Sheson will remember me as "dirt cliff ed"
  4. if you like to use the pics I sent you of the" full lod/decal fade dilemma" ... for visual examples in your manual or any other reasons , feel free to use them as you wish, thanks again.
  5. thank you so much sheson that seemed to work, and I knew it would be something simple...I just couldnt find it no where. I suspected it was something like that, I was reading about full lod and decal fade and was thinking that has to be it but what do I do? couldn't find ini fix or link, just some post about why but not what to do...lol thanks a lot...might be a good ideal to note that in your doc with a link attached that you sent me. you could call it " Modding 4 dummies,for guys like that ed"...lol, thank you for your help and time. I'm sure ill be back with something else......Mr.Ed.
  6. hey sheson ive uploaded some info I hope about the dirt cliff fade in,need anything else let me know, first time doing the info thing for someone hope I got it right , I got a zip file for u but not sure how to upload it to you
  7. thanks sheson, I'm doing a clean install right now, cleaning dirty edits and such and just the basics needed, no hi res...didnt start using them till lately anyways cuz I see so many recommended to use them on pages and post. alternate start , ece and my Lil plugin I made based on the tera elin 2 mod, but tweaked and looks a lot different .not really lore friendly but looks sooooo cool and cute. taking my time and triple checking things and found some updated mods that nmm didn't catch or inform me about,and ran check mods update??? I have 500 or so mods downloaded I play around with and go back and forth with , always new ones too... give some time and , ILL BE BACK! with a what ever happen update and we can take it from there if any problems...and thank you sheson!!! ive followed you and a few others for a long time now but just starting to post comments , tried posting at nexus a couple of times...well...I just don't no more. any advice on this clean install text me back and thanks again, OH!!! my first new born is pushing late 20's. don't think you want that one...lol....................eddie
  8. thanks for the respond sheson, I have installed skyim with no mods . did install uskp .but did have the games hi res packs, everything " dirt cliffs" was fine, run dyndolod and get the fade in???? and seems like I'm the only one having this... I could be using the tool wrong but have tried to follow everything, I put tes5edit in the data folder not in its own folder and run it from there and use nmm.... I know , time to move up to mo. mods or no mods I get the fade in. and its when I get close to the dirt cliffs and it don't pop in it fades in the closer I get to them, can stop moving the fade stops closer I get fades in and looks like it should . could it be the billboards?thats for trees isn't it? dirt cliffs is the only thing, oh a missing windmill standing at skyforge looking out of whiterun but that's no biggy to me at the moment, but all dirt cliffs do it. thanks
  9. hi, I'm ed and I need some help, I hope I haven't overlooked this some place ive look all over. I'm lovin dyndolod but I have a ploblem with dirt cliffs fading in as I get cloes to them, snow covered ones is really standing out, but all do it. as I get close they fade in and look right, as I back away the rocky front face fades into whats looks like the grassy texture or snow on top with a straight line in the middle, snow dirt cliffs will be a straight white line about half way down as I get close you can see the textures fade in and look like it should. ive reinstalled skyrim at least a dozen times working with this in the last 2 weeks and have used dyndolod with no mods just plain old skyim, and with mods, always get that dirt cliff problem, its the only problem I have. I made an account just to ask for help with this, played skyrim sence its release and have been modding and using tools , tes5edit, ck, wyre bash...ect ,for over the last 2 years and have learned a lot...but this is stumbing me, ive watch so many gopher vids I feel like hes an old friend. I love dyndolod but the dirt cliffs are killing me and I'm sure ive over looked something simple, and I do read and read and read some more, but ive overlooked it someplace I'm sure. I usually have around 200 plug ins or more and over 300 hundred mods running with no problem , and have learned to do a lot by hand. heck my must have mods, patches, ect is always around a 100 to start with...lol. please help me if you can and thank you all for the mods, know how and hard work and time you put into it and share with the world, I know its a lot of work and time, ill spend days sometimes just tweaking something little, I'm picky like that. my wife the skyrim widow will say " OMG that bark on that tree don't look right honey you better fix it......gotta love her, and I don't think she cares much for my custom character Lil , cuz shes so cute...lol. thank you all............Eddie
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