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  1. Nice, good that you've found what was causing this. Will try it again with alpha 33. Edit: Can confirm, that it is working now.
  2. I had to update the bounds, so that the grass billboards could be genereated. Beside that it sould be original. But I am not 100% sure Edit:I think I edited it at sometime, because I/a mod (which I can't found at the moment) removed all 'pebbles' (ugly little things)
  3. Yes. Error on my end? The grass cache was generated freshly (and I did a run with it with alpha 30)
  4. I installed the new resources (alpha 9), generated LOD via TexGen and wanted to create the LODs with DynDOLOD Alpha 31, but I ran into this error message: 'Item not found' - nothing more. bugreport DynDOLOD_SSE_log FileUpload for DynDOLOD_SSE_Debug_log (too much text/too large filesize - 52 MB)
  5. With alpha 31 the default TreeFullFallBack setting in the ini is: 'TreeFullFallBack=0' Is this on purpose? (on version prior to alpha 31 it was always set to =1 if I remember correctly) 'Wizard' and 'Expert' modes are also both set to =1 by default, which I think shouldn't be? And are these some of your debug options, this settings are also new: [DynDOLOD] ;IgnoreLODModels=1 ;CreateObjectLODAtlasMap=0 ;CreateObjectLODAtlas=0 ;DontMergeShapes=1 ;RemoveUnseen=0 mipmaptests=-1 ;DebugFormID=2048
  6. So with the new Alpha, this 'fix' Winterhold College LOD Shimmer Fix (btw it solves the flickering) would get obsolete, as DynDOLOD would cover it?
  7. Ah got it, so at first the whiterunworld isn't loaded in whole and a few seconds later the whiterunworld cells are getting loaded and so the LODs are vanishing. Never noticed this before, that's why I was confused.
  8. Nothing which should get a high priority (as it is even barely seen), but I noticed - while I was wandering around in whiterun and looked from inside the whiterunworld to the exteriors (I was generating grass cache again and wanted to see how it looks ingame) - that first more LODs were shown, just to vanish after some time: First look: Some seconds later, after I change position: Haven't found anything concerning this in the documentation or here (but honestly I have no clue for what I should search). Logfiles from my last generation.
  9. Ok, that was it, what I don't understand is, why I didn't saw this in any other gamestarts...or as I tidied up a bit, this record was overwritten before <- shame on me Edit: It isn't fixed completely, I think I missed one record, I did checked both mentioned in the link. There is still the nearest mountain, where it doesn't match, but SnowLODMaterialHD and SnowLODMaterial are identical now (conerning the snow color). Edit2: This might be, because I noticed that there is much less snow on the LODs. If you getting closer and it changes to a lower LOD level/Full Model more snow is applied to it and so it looks brighter all in all. Edit2: Had to mess around with Majestic Mountains, but now it looks quite good. Still I don't know why I had to do this, as it doesn't made a difference before and yes I deleted some plugins, but none of them had messed around with the SnowLODMaterials. Of course I had a mod installed, which changed this...oh my god, just irgnore this...damn 😅
  10. Me again, maybe found another issue. Haven't noticed this before, because after coc time of day was always the same and I always changed the weather to 0010e1f0. Snow on Mountain LOD is very dark and it wasn't so dark with alpha 27: All DynDOLOD Logs Haven't change any textures (colors) and I haven't changed anything on the Terrain LOD textures (same as with DynDOLOD Alpha 27) generated with SSE LODGen, but I don't know which beta version it was.
  11. Will look into the documentaton, thanks for pointing it. Oh nice, I'll look into it
  12. Ok. Thanks again for answering these kind of questions. I read it in another post: As you are still completing the list of prerendered lod textures (like wrbuildings_lod.dds an so on) and because I am interested in the technology behind it, could you explain what you have to do to create these textures? I searched days on how to create these textures by my own and asked on the HD LODs modpage on how to do this, but mostly the responses were like 'you have to stitch them together with photoshop on your own'. I am firm with photoshop, but I had no clue where I could get the textures I needed, so I made screenshots from the mesh in nifskope and tried to build the whole thing up - nah, that didn't looked good. That's why I am aksing on how you managed it to automate the whole process.
  13. Hm, maybe this still doesn't work if I went from mainmenu via coc command, exit the game and restart it. I don't know if this is related to the 'profile specific .ini' which are used by Mod Organizer 2 but the value was still on what I definded in MO2s ini. It works the other way around though, if I set a specific value inside the MO2 SkyrimPrefs.ini it get catched/is used by DynDOLOD. Need any logs, further infos about this? BTW: I merged some plugins now and haven't encountered any strange crashes, yet. So I ran into some sort of limit, but I don't know which. Because of many .esl/ esl-flagged .esp I shouldn't reach the plugin limit for now. If I know how I would dig deeper into this, but this is beyond my knowledge^^ Will forther optimise my setup.
  14. Reference cap: Was on my list and I checked it with a xEdit script -> I have round about 250-300k which should be fine as far as I know. Plugins: Active are 399 at the moment (yeah, this is a bit, maybe I'll have to take a look and reduce it, but I know that there are mod configs outside which have much more) - 152 .esp/.esm and 247 esl (flagged) plugins File handle (with EngineFixes should be to 2048 maxed): All plugins + all .bsa archives are in sum 546 files (or what does count into this?) But even if the optins from engine fixes doesn' work, I would be a long time above the 512 limit, so why would it happen now? Don't know what to say about memory resources, because you wouldn't mean my pc specs by that? ______________________________________________ I checked the option, but even if I set it to 0 inside of the DynDOLOD settings the fogs stayed at the same place. Or does it only get applied, if DynDOLOD is initialised and the message was there? Oh wow, that's exactly, what you said. Yes, if I change this with DynDOLOD nothing chaged. In my SkyrimPrefs.ini it is set to 600000. Changing it there had an effect ingame. I set it to 20000 instead and the fog disappeared as expected, but I still saw the flickering. May have to set it even lower which does also comes with the visaul drawback. (Couldn't made any screenshots, because the game crashed again and again 😕 ) Does it maybe interfere with Dynamic Mountain Fogs (I just saw that it's hidden at the moment)
  15. First Topic Thanks for taking a look, unfortunatly I've found nothing behind that record - pure vanilla. But it's getting even weirder. I change absolutly nothing, but today the CTD occur right after I went via 'coc whiteriverwatchexterior03' to that location (between after 5 - 10 seconds in the game). And the CTD crashlogs are absolutely random, I can't see anything which is related. Also this isn't 100%...it's more about every 3rd gamestart is without a CTD. These are 5 examples: https://pastebin.com/FhvgwqcN https://pastebin.com/gvVLLkU8 https://pastebin.com/saRqKjW5 https://pastebin.com/K7p45i64 https://pastebin.com/zX1tm4Hr I thought it's cause because some loading in the background failed, so I reverted back to EngineFixes 5.4.1 - no result. Disabling the MemoryManager and ScaleformAllocator options doesn't make any differences (both happens with 5.6.0 and 5.4.1). I'll still have to look into this. As I said before, I get many of these random CTD (mostly pointing to a navmesh of the cell where I am at the moment of the CTD). So this has to be with resources? But I just don't know how to look for these, because the crashlogs are pure random in my eyes. Second Topic (Back to DynDOLOD) One time the game didn't crash, I thought that I'll have a massive mountain texture flickering in very far distance, but I took a closer look and saw, that, depending on camera movement/angle, the mountain LODs are in front of the mountain fog or behind it and this is causing this flickering. Could you do something about this? Only change on these screenshot is a barely mouse movement. The fog itself isn't moving at all.
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