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  1. Came here with this same issue. Minty Lighting is in my wheather pack and after using relinker my game will crash on load. Caused by mintymcmpatchquestscript.pex Was this fixed? --------EDIT Did some reading and it might be related to v44. Using v40 for now on.
  2. Nice! I'll keep those loose for now! Thanks for the help! Oh my issue was fixed by removing mode Distinct Skyrim Landscapes(not sure if I can post the link here)
  3. Can Dyndolod/TES5LODgen read **.txt inside BSAs? I mostly pack all my mods in BSA. Ps: I know Dyndolod will load all properly installed bsas files and ignore MO manage BSAs so I always keep dummy.esps activated
  4. So I moved from SFO to EVT but now I'm having some "vanishing" trees problems. While I'm moving around tress will lod trees will disappear and there will be no tree where the lod was. Apparently this could be a billboard issue. I have the EVT billboards installed but no other billboards as far as I know. I also have STEP Core. Could that be the issue? Here is a picture of the issue:
  5. Did a bit of tweaking in the Smash.All settings. I think is handling LVL better now ;) If anyone would like to test it: Smash.All.zip
  6. Smash.all is not doing so great for LVL. Any tips? Tried to change settings but so far results are not ideal ;/
  7. Since I can't edit my post this is a updat ;) I just did my first run of the updated Smash.All. Boy this is better them my own custom made settings. Quite the achievement mr.mator :O
  8. I feel like the only way to really use the power of mator smash properly is a way to share the settings. I recently installed Skyrim again and after installing Smash I forgot to backup my old settings and lost like countless hours of settings editing. So this is my mistake no question about it ;) But I'm a smash user from the TES5Edit script time. So I could like spend 2/5 hours looking at my plugins and creating new settings. But all my findings are pretty much lost with myself. So I'm really hoping that some why to share stuff is added in the future Maybe even as part of modpicker or other way ;)
  9. I'm looking at the REGs patches and there are some issues with the "REGS Patch - STEP Extended.esp". Are those harmless?
  10. Is the author still working on the mod? I understand that some drama started regarding patches and is not a good sign that the nexus page is locked for comments. Mainly I'm trying to consider vetting this mod ir or out of my list.
  11. Thanks for trying to help me sheson! This is a screenshot of the crash: https://flic.kr/p/yyAdRv Sometimes this happens too: "Waiting for LODGen.exe to finish" https://flic.kr/p/xBKah6
  12. I just started using DynDOLOD. Man what a amazing tool! Cheers!! My issue is that the first run worked just fine. My DynDOLOD - Output was about 1.2GB. Now I updated TES5Edit (180815) and started a new run. My DynDOLOD - Output reduced to 870MB. Also the Lodgen started to crash or freeze in some runs of the script. Is this normal? Lastly I'm using M.O. and i have several BSAs that are not loaded by TES5Edit. Is that a problem? If a file is missing would the script let me know?
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