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  1. FPS is now running between 30 and 60 consistently, which is acceptable. I'm getting an occasional CTD, which is annoying, but it's rare enough and I can load the game back up in about 5 seconds so it's not too big of a deal. Thank you everyone.
  2. Yeah, my game has since been fine, but I need some way to boost my FPS. Anyone got any tips? My computer really should be able to handle it...
  3. I think I've sorted out the issue. A while back I removed ENBoost files from my skyrim directory, with the belief that it would increase my FPS. I now realize this wasn't a good idea, but it did in fact give me about 100 fps. Since I've added those files back, the game doesn't seem to be crashing (though the CTD's were too random for me to know in a single 1/2 hour bit of playing), but I am now running a max of 30FPS with constant dips to about 10. 30 I can handle. 10 is not ok.
  4. As I was told to do that in the first reply to my post, I already added that argument. Thank you, though.
  5. That's the same thing you told me to do in your previous comment, isn't it? I already have that file in "data/skse/". I had the pre-download in MO, so the file in my Skyrim directory was unchanged. I disabled and uninstalled it, and removed any trace of its existence in my system. Now I just have the ini in the skse folder. I just ran the game and am still getting the same memory blocks log as posted above.
  6. That seemed to fix the Ratway issue, but I'm now just getting a CTD about 10 minutes into the game, regardless of location. Oh I also disabled 'SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users' at the same time i followed your recommendation, so it could have been either of those things. Though my memoryblockslog says: with dozens of lines below it showing other numbers.
  7. I'm getting a consistent CTD when I try to enter the Ratway in Riften, either by the door beneath the marketplace or the tomb entrance of the cistern. The whole time I've been playing since I installed STEP enhanced, I've been getting CTD's in seemingly random places. First it was around Whiterun. I tweaked some settings and verified the integrity of my game cache and that stopped. Then it was the area surrounding Riften. Repeated process, it stopped. Now, nothing I do is stopping the game from crashing when I try to enter the Thieves Guild. What kind of information can I provide that would help fix this issue? Thanks
  8. I think that pretty much fixed everything! Thank you so much.
  9. Wow, that was a simple fix for that. So now I seem to just be getting some flickering on the surface of water. Also some low FPS, but that's something I can deal with on my own.
  10. It was probably the Real Snow installation then. Edit: Tried Vividian again. Nope, still getting graphical problems. Blur at short distances, z-fighting at medium distances.
  11. Thanks for the reply, Quinnbeast. I've played a bit now and I can see a tiny bit of graphical improvement in objects and some leaves and such. Mainly, I was hoping for ENB preset-level graphic improvement, which I now understand was unrealistic. Since I already have a thread, I might as well ask: RealVision ENB causes what I can only assume is Z-fighting. I've watched videos of what Z-fighting is and it's similar, but over the whole screen rather than just in distant terrain or mountains. The graphics otherwise are great, and would love to use this ENB if I can fix this problem. I just tried Vividian, following instructions exactly, and got serious graphical issues. Unlike Realvision, uninstalling it was not easy at all, so I'm not too interested in trying again.
  12. I'm getting a 404 error code whenever I try to upload to Modwatch.
  13. Hi all, I'm pretty new to modding in general and very new to Mod Organizer in particular, so maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I've followed every step in Step v2.2.9.1 to the letter, but I'm not getting any noticeable graphical difference while playing. I know the mods are active, as sounds are fixed and road signs are better. In the past I've tried using RealVision ENB, but I get serious bugs (screen flickering in particular) that nothing has been able to solve, so I was hoping that following the STEP guide would improve my game experience without using an ENB Preset. Any help or tips?
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