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  1. ENB's will make a huge difference in interior lighting, especially the newest .0345 binaries which now have interior Point Lighting. ENB site is down now (temporary?) unfortunately... This parameter affects things like torches, candles, fires, etc. This can be tweaked under Environment : PointLightingIntensityInterior Also, ambient or "general" interior lighting can be tweaked in Environment : AmbientLightingIntensityInterior Hopefully this helps out. Also, if I'm not mistaken ELFX enhancer can be included with ELE (load it after), and if memory serves me right, this was a pretty nice look, but no time to further check this now unfortunately...
  2. Do you think that Quest and Adventure mods should then be limited, or level progress slowed down to enable more adventuring? Personally, I'd like to see more Quest mods (Wyrmstooth, et al) as well as more mods in general. As long as the engine can run, keep fueling it, so to speak. But having never even finished the game, there might be some good logic there ... I do miss having the SMC "beautification" section for improved graphical fidelity, even though it would mean converting many Oldrim mods. But since SSE can push the envelope in terms of visual/mod overhaul (and engine overload), seems to me a good idea. This Guide is legendary just on its own, but with the combined help of Lexy and this community, can be something truly spectacular if/when some of the Trello suggested user mods get implemented. I suppose ideal situation would be to categorize the Guide into sections where users could choose what they wanted, but that would probably be too complicated to resolve (not sure though?). For example, options for: More Quests, Survival & Needs, Visual Beautification, etc.
  3. Regarding mod suggestions for this Guide, would it be a good idea to put that Trello link in the Main Guide, under the rest of the links (Changelog, History, etc.) so that if new users miss that post(s) they can still find it? At the same time, in order to avoid "mod suggestion bombardment" (and yes, I'm resisting my own), users can post their recommendations here on this forum for preliminary review before getting rubber-stamped by you for inclusion in Trello's "Mod Suggestion" column. I notice that list is getting rather long in the tooth. This may also weed out some obviously incompatible ones, etc. In addition, by posting here first, more people would likely view the mod suggestion and perhaps also be aware of new patches or work-arounds that may have made a particular mod incompatible in the past, but quite workable now (such as the ones outlined above).
  4. Congratulations on this ultra-impressive Guide!!! Looking forward to finally setting it up/play-testing it soon. What about Skyrim Special Edition you say? Uh, whatever.... FYI, I've uploaded a couple of "teaser trailers" of my custom ENB/Weather preset, which I'm going to be fine-tuning for this guide in the next little bit. So far it's in BETA stage and I'll dropbox the files here before going live on Nexus as my way of saying "thanks" for all the work you guys have put into this Guide. Paul, if you feel this post is "hijacking", let me know plz. TRIPLE ENB REDUX You might need to raise the volume during some videos to hear weather better, will fix this later. I'm a newb at video creation... thx... Hail Storms Video (new weather event) Morning Frost Slowly Melts Away Outside Whiterun Video (modified SnowFall ENB realtime snow cover effect) Arctic Rainbows (new weather event/mod coming soon...hopefully! ... including Lunar & Boreal Rainbows) Sleet Storms (new weather event) Crystallized Frost Lens Effect (in case you forgot just how cold it is!)
  5. This guide is shaping up to be absolutely phenomenal! Thanks for all the tireless work that's been put in to this :) This is sort of how I always imagined an ultra Skyrim "kitchen sink" build to look like and look forward to seeing where it goes... Regarding ENB's, I'm working on my own preset which might fit in nicely with this setup. TRIPLE ENB REDUX Highlights: Modified version of Rudy NLVA Integration of NLVA's weathers PLUS Vivid Weathers Two entirely new weather events that should have been included in Skyrim: Hail Storms & Sleet (I might be releasing this as a mod on the Nexus) Integration of SweetFX for AA, sharpening & a very slight sepia tone to reduce brightness Integration of True Storms for both NLVA plus Vivid Weathers (and a few more custom weathers) Integration of Minty's Lighting with Thunder Storms for both NLVA plus Vivid Weathers (and a few more custom weathers) New rain textures/shaders for ALL weathers ranging from a slight drizzle to a stormy downpour New (subtle) frost-like crystals lens effect for some cold weathers Modified rain lens effect for some rainy weathers (very subtle, so if this effect bothered you in the past, give it a try) Integration of AOS & SOS Modified (subtle) Depth of Field (built for game playing not screen-archery) Integration of Snowfall ENB's Real Time Snow Cover on a few weathers Modified version of Snowfall ENB's Real Time Snow Cover on a few other weathers whereby the "frost" effect only takes place between sunset and late morning. Once the sun comes out, the "frost" effect melts away into the standard weather, returning again after sunset. TLDR: More rain, snow, thunder, lightning, frost using subtle, playable lens effects and DOF settings and incorporating all the best weather mods, ENB presets & SweetFX settings, along with a sprinkling of new & modified weather events for a more dramatic weather & ambiance experience.
  6. Speaking of frost vignettes, I've been working on one for my own custom ENB. Looks better in video, due to subtle "frequency" effect (vignette fades in and out). I chose a semi-realistic translucent crystal image to have lighting blend through the lens effect. https://i.imgur.com/KoQenCsh.png
  7. No need for these 2 files. We're getting our SMAA anti-aliasing and other post-processing effects with SweetFX. Can you notice the subtle difference with and without SweetFX? Look at the stone textures in the pillars as well as the distant mountains. Without SweetFX: https://i.imgur.com/QezyoEth.png With SweetFX: https://i.imgur.com/QMXdwPwh.jpg
  8. thx reddvilzz, If I ever get around to finishing/polishing it off I'll definitely share it here I'm building it around the SRLE:LOTD SMC mods/lighting setup for the most part, but there's some texture/esp overrides as well
  9. well, i'll post it on here in case anyone else is interested, after all, the goal is to get the best visuals for SRLE: LOTD right?! the basic jist is to install your preferred ENB (in your case Rudy NLVA?). then copy Straylight's SweetFX folder into the main Skyrim directory. then copy d3d9.fx, d3d9_SweetFX.dll, (dxgi.dll & dxgi.fx only for Win 10), and the 3 SweetFX *.txt files into the main Skyrim directory. also, you MUST edit enblocal.ini to show these settings: [PROXY] EnableProxyLibrary=true InitProxyFunctions=true ProxyLibrary=d3d9_SweetFX.dll it's a very subtle improvement IMHO that's pretty much it. you've now got Straylight's SweetFX post processing working. PM me if you have any issues or comments, but I might not be able to get back to you until tomorrow; time to crash!
  10. DOH, hate it when stuff like that happens...you just never know what happens the more you mess with a massively modded Skyrim! btw, forgot to mention that I'm also using Straylight's ENB SweetFX settings as a final post processor, made a nice little difference; might want to check it out
  11. if your 980 is only 10 FPS in cities, sounds like something unusual is going on (INI settings, texture/mesh conflicts, etc.). Check this out: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74427/?
  12. What about this one instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM5avh2ygzc&feature=youtube_gdata https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1628-potion-replacer/
  13. Awesome! just what I've been waiting for: SRLE: Extended LoTD with SMC is about as good a Skyrim base as anyone could ask for. If you need any tips on getting it going, PM me and I'd be happy to help. SMC is a bit of pain to find/download all the mods (I'm lucky that I've got every single one), some aren't on Nexus, some are on other sites (Arthmoor's AFK Mods?), etc. But once set up, it's a breeze to maintain. Don't forget to include some of the optionals for each mod (see below for eg), and there are also a bunch more patches in the file download section. thx dunc, it's just plain SMC Northfire 2K plus Moss Rocks. However, I just noticed that Northfire also has a Lost Mossfall download option which I didn't try, nor have I tried the Vanilla overlay (might test that one out). ENB I used in that shot was a pretty funky custom setup I was testing, but will take a bit of tweaking to make it work right if I ever go that way: it's base is Rudy NLA, mixed with NLVA weathers (+ True Storms patches & Heavenly Weather add-on), along with more Vivid Weathers weathers. Basically I want to integrate these to get the best of all of them (eg: for rain, I want some weathers from True Storms, some from Vivid Weathers and some from NLVA, and have water droplets lens shaders appear on only some of the more drenching storms; same with snow: mix things up for more variety). I'm also waiting to see how Rudy's NLVA turns out as well. have you tried turning ENB off and seeing if you can notice the water? or forcing different weathers to alter imagespace? some ENB's tend to hide water in these cases
  14. nice pix dunc :) also so nice to see a separate thread for this topic :) hopefully jdsmith (or others) have the time to make the official (?) guide for this SRLE Extended: LotD ! some random pix before I crash for the night! this forum is awesome https://i.imgur.com/xJgh27eh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Zvc5pREh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/GhPSnkah.jpg https://i.imgur.com/FRzI4nDh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/GMhuCxCh.jpg
  15. jdsmith2816, you seem to have a firm grasp on integrating SMC cleanly with SRLE:LOTD. any chance of you being able to post an "unofficial/official" SMC SRLE:LOTD Integration Guide on this forum, updating as necessary and outlining all the steps in a bit more detail, maybe even providing a mod merge guide to reduce esp count? I recall darth looking at SMC a little while back, but I imagine he's too busy dealing with the technical end of SRLE:LOTD, but if you're willing to tackle this part of it, I'm sure he'd be happy to put his stamp of approval on it, seeing how so many people are currently using SMC as part of their own setup.
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