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  1. Thanks.. I'm not worried about the guide being updated once I'm finished with it.. It's more the fact that I may perhaps be halfway through the guide and then have to take a break of a few days only to come back and find that parts have changed! But I will take your advice and wait for the next big update! I know it's probably an odd choice to not go for any graphics mods. I use a laptop with the following specs: i5-4210M 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M 2GB VRAM So yeah it's a little outdated now. I have previously had a fully modded Oldrim with ENB and all, but was frustrated by occasional crashes and some low frame rates. I have managed to run SSE with some graphical mods but it was more of a light list. It's definitely more stable. I haven't managed to play with many of the newer game play mods. I know graphics seem important to most people but I was playing games back in the days of the SNES and original Gameboy (as I'm sure some of you may have) so I'd actually like to experience all of these mods rather than have to deal with frame rate drops, etc.
  2. I've stumbled upon this guide following the OMEGA mod... I've been meaning to install OMEGA for a while now but wanted to do so when he was in a more 'finished' state. I see now that he's intending to incorporate your guide. This is great for me as I was looking for a good guide to follow alongside it but was worried about incompatibilities etc. My question in terms of this guide now is I'm wondering do you recommend any time in particular to start the list? I can see that there are updates almost daily! It'll likely take me at least a week to install everything due to my limited time in the evenings. Are the updates generally small? I'm worried I might be halfway through and then find that something has changed and have to go back, etc. Also I see that you have lots of compatibility patches, etc. which is great. I'm really not looking to install any graphics mods whatsoever. In fact I will probably look to only optimise things and perhaps install a few graphics fixes for meshes, etc. I'm tired of installing all these great game play mods and not having the frame rate to fully use them! Would I run into any issues do you think or can I happily skip all of the graphical sections?
  3. Apologies for the double post (why can't I edit my post?) but I have figured out that I need to spawn a campfire with the N key, then accessing my character panel will let me sort out my abilities. It threw me a bit why the ordinary meditation was still available, but I understand why according to the info on the preparation page.
  4. So I got through the guide and am now finally playing. I'm 99% certain I followed everything perfectly. Having an issue. Maybe I'm just being dumb though. I only ever played W3 maybe a year or so ago and I didn't get very far and don't really remember much. Now I've followed this guide but I'm basically like a new player. I can't seem to figure out meditation. My understanding of the preparations mod is that I am supposed to be able to manage my character skills and alchemy etc while mediating? Also that I'm not supposed to be able to meditate unless I'm by a campfire or indoors? Well I seem to be able to meditate anywhere, but I don't seem to be able to manage my abilities or anything else... time just passes and that's it! Am I missing something? I've left the mod settings at default.
  5. Thanks for letting me know! I'm actually only up to the Brutal Blood mod following your updated guide as real life has caught up to me the last few days, so I can just go ahead and add complete animations :) Just for future reference... Say I was to finish the guide and start a new game and then say a few days later notice that you have added something new or updated a version of a mod... Am I still ok to change it or once I have started a new game or is it recommended not to update or change any mods kind of like Skyrim?
  6. So I was about halfway thru this guide and noticed that a bunch of things were updated. I'm probably just going to start from scratch. To the author - Do you have any more updates planned in the next day or so or am I good to go? Also, just having a look at a few of the changes... I notice people saying Brutal Blood and Ghost Mode have problems together. Has this been accounted for in this guide?
  7. Hi Neovalen... So I've been following this guide without any problems but when I've come to load the game I'm getting a script error. The same one mentioned here - https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/3539255-script-compilation-errors/ I followed the advice in that thread and the game seems to be working now. Have you had this problem? I installed the Custom Localization mod and replaced my script folder as mentioned. I ran the scriptmerger and there was just 1 conflict between the Custom Localization and Friendly HUD mod that seemed easily dealt with.
  8. So I found this guide and I was very happy! I followed the Skyrim guide and had a great time with it, and was looking for something simple to follow for Witcher 3. Unfortunately it seems I'm a few months too late. I'm about halfway through the guide and have found a few mods which have been updated, and the versions you listed aren't available. Autoloot and Friendly HUD are my 2 stumbling blocks up to now. I'm rather hesitant in installing the new versions instead, especially considering the patches at the end of the guide most likely deal with the older mod versions in mind. Is there a planned update anytime soon? Or has anyone managed to successfully follow this guide recently?
  9. I see thank you. I'm actually a blind idiot apparently. You do say to use the older version and I went and blindly downloaded the newer one! Apologies! So I've just finished a lengthy but rewarding install of all of the SR:LE guide. I did plan to add REGS but I've seen the incompatibilies with AI Overhaul and ETaC and a few other mods, so I'll perhaps add REGS later once things are cleared up and more compatible. I added a few extra mods to the SR:LE install.... namely Ordinator, Thunderchild, Imperious and the rest of Enai's mods. I think they're pretty irreplacable! None of them see to be conflicting on the left panel of MO at least, and I did check and double-check for load orders and compatibility so hopefully I'll be okay with them added. I also went for Dawn of Skyrim since it seems to be compatible with AI Overhaul. So I'm about to jump in and see how it goes! Have a question about ASIS - In previous Skyrim builds I've used ASIS and all of it's features. What is the reasoning behind only using the NPC enchant fix in this guide? I've added mods like I said, also including Apocalypse Spells. I've checked a bunch of mods for what they suggest to add to the ASIS ini lists, and am using the ASIS Improved ini files also. Is it fine for me to run the rest of the settings when running ASIS? Or is there a reason you said to not select any of the others?
  10. So I was hoping to get some clarity on what exactly we should do with Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul since the merging doesn't entirely work? I was going to just not do the merging, but the conflict patch requires it as a master. Should I download an older version if that'll fix it? What will happen if I just merge the files as normal and ignore the warnings?
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