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  1. And I tried something different. I deleted Tamriel worldspace. The game loads. So: If I have just Tamriel, maaaaaybe a few other worldspaces = No Crash If I have no Tamriel, all worldspaces = No Crash If I have all worldspaces = Crash
  2. Well. I'm back! Been away for a few days haven't been able to play too much with Dyndolod. I am, however, trying to figure this out. I had a game going. Level 5. No big deal if I have to restart. I was playing with Dyndolod but with Tamriel worldspace only. No crashes out of the ordinary :P Opened a save in an interior without Dyndolod activated. Walked outside and back inside. Saved. Re-generated Dyndolod with all worldspaces and your script. Reloaded game. Crash on loading screen. Try new game. Crash on loading screen. When I open Papyrus, there is nothing SHESON or Dyndolod-related in the log.......................... !*$(&!@ I am not honestly not sure what to do. Rebuild the load order and start fresh? I have never seen this happen with Dyndolod... PS. Does it matter that it's # 255 in LO?
  3. Yeah. I can confirm deleting anything mod-related that's not Skyrim or DLC-related from Dyndolod.esp will avoid crash. Any tips? Should I just TES5LODgen the rest? Am I really pushing Skyrim to it's limits?
  4. So I generate Medium. If I delete/don't generate the following worldspaces, the game does not crash on load/re-entering Helgen Keep: + aaaWereBalokDungeonWorld - Staadomaar Template (Helgen Reborn.esp) + BSHeartland - Tamriel (BSHeartland.esm) + Dimfrost - Dimfrost (Wyrmstooth.esp) + NecroDragontailMountains - Dragontail Mountains (Undeath.esp) + WyrmstoothWorld - Wyrmstooth (Wyrmstooth.esp) + XJKislandWorld - Phalos (Darkend.esp) I am trying to re-add these and see if I can narrow down, except BSHeartland What's weird... Is that I've generated these before and never had a crash or freeze
  5. Generating with Medium and deleting everything mod-related from worldspaces (Wyrmstooth, Darkend, etc) allows me to exit and re-enter Helgen Keep
  6. Further testing: If I use Medium settings and delete everything but Tamriel, I can load the game and re-enter Helgen Keep without crash. I am going to try and delete anything mod-related from Dyndolod to see if it crashes. If it crashes after that, I will send you esp
  7. When chipping away at the Dyndolod.esp, should I remove the meshes from each worldspace? Rather, does Dyndolod store extra info in the SKSE about the worldspaces generated? EDIT: Idk why but when I delete 2 specific worldspaces (Deepwood Vale affected by Organic Factions + the dungeon added by Helgen Reborn) the game doesn't crash when re-entering Helgen Keep
  8. Ok so I re-generated a few times. I went from bottom of worldspace list (where Tamriel is) all the way up. Sometimes it crashes upon return to Helgen Keep, sometimes it doesn't. I tried generating everything (except Bruma) and deleting worldspaces from that, but I assume data is being stored somewhere that links to that worldspace thus it still crashes, which means I've re-generated a bunch. I thought I've narrowed it down to 3 worldspaces: Dimfrost from Wyrmstooth (never had a problem), Deepwood Vale (Organic Factions was added and affects that area), and the Dungeon added by Helgen Reborn. Usually I have never had any problems with Helgen Reborn. However, when not generating those worldspaces, I get a crash re-entering Helgen Keep. I am, however, able to enter Riverwood interiors.
  9. Yeah this is very weird. I've used Dyndolod for years now and I've never encountered any problems with it. Decided to reinstall Dyndolod just to be safe. Regenerated on Low with all worldspaces except Beyond Bruma. Ran game without Dyndolod at first. Saved in Helgen Keep. Everything good to go. Loaded game up with Dyndolod inside Helgen Keep. Everything still looks fine. I walk out. Dyndolod initalizes. Walk back into Helgen Keep. Crash on loading cell. Took your advice. Generated *only* Tamriel. The game loads. I exit Helgen Keep. Dyndolod initializes. I go back into Helgen Keep. No crash with all the cabbage and walls there. Any thoughts? Why does having the other worldspaces involved cause Dyndolod to CTD? Currently going to try turning off chunks of worldspaces being generated to see if that might fix it.
  10. So there was some Dyndolod "patches" for something I can't remember. I disabled and tried another new game using Low settings. Instead of entering Helgen Keep, the game crashes... Papyrus log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Tnp-aJjmdP2Kbja3K5xpgdFfzC8ziRks Edit: it was a Caranthir Tower Reborn and Lanterns of Skyrim patch that includes meshes/textures/scripts I am going to rebuild on Low without these and see what happens
  11. I tested again using the Low settings Dyndolod. Like I mentioned, the game loads and I can enter Helgen Keep but there's weird things missing. Here's the Papyrus: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YvZM-ScB8yXLEZaZ_JJb0sacOzOmR3ig There's something of note: Error: Cannot call GetWorldSpace() on a None object, aborting function call stack:[ (FE00528C)].SHESON_DynDOLOD_LODObject.OnCellDetach() - "SHESON_DynDOLOD_LODObject.psc" Line 248[11/11/2017 - 12:04:05PM] OnCellLoad called, bLocked:False[11/11/2017 - 12:04:05PM] Error: Cannot call GetName() on a None object, aborting function call stack:
  12. I decided to try a new game with Medium settings using Wizard. I can get outside of ASLAL cell where Requiem and scripts kick in. Dyndolod initializes. As soon as I start moving the game crashes, but at least I'm outside. I saved before freeze/CTD but when I try to load that save again, the game crashes on loading screen. I've got the Papyrus logs here with debug on in Dyndolod_world.json: https://drive.google.com/open?id=187QLl3oCUCFtnlDg3RYfKLgBg5Lf12_d
  13. Hehe. The hits keep on coming... Ok I decided to just go ahead with low settings. Got to Helgen. Went into the Keep. Boom there's things missing like cabbages and clutter and then I look to my left and there's huge chunks of walls and floors missing. So frustrating that I just gave up. I went to sleep and this morning I looked at what was affecting interior cell of HelgenKeep01. Couldn't find anything out of place so I started clicking on things with MFGconsole. Eventually I found a torch that was last affected by... you guessed it, Dyndlod.esp When I deactivate Dyndolod.esp, the walls and cabbages are back where they should be. Obviously this is weird. Dyndolod doesn't affect interior cells and does not have anything listed in the esp that I can see. I even regenerated Dyndolod without Temporary=1 Any thoughts?
  14. Nevermind. I tried playing with Low setting. While it did play, it froze upon approaching Helgen. I reloaded and entered game but it crashed when another cell was loaded on my way to Helgen. Just saw your post. Going to take another look and see if I can find something. Thanks again
  15. At this point, should I just say screw it and go with Low setting since it works?
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