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  1. Thanks Synth I'll try that, I can deal with interior water not working...I'll just stay out of the water. I'm playing a pure stealth archer build so he is rrreal fast. Ugly water just makes me sad though, so I have to fix that. Just as an aside, does anybody else visit Bruma or some snowy area and then fast travel to a warmer city and there is snow on the ground, in the trees, etc.? It clears up if I wait for an hour or two in game, but just seems a bit immersion breaking and glitchy.
  2. Well I've run into a problem that I can't seem to resolve. When I am in an interior and submerge into water I can't see a thing...pitch black entire screen. Night eye and light spells do not help. I've read a number of comments/posts about similar issues, and I've tried disabling some things in the oblivion.ini...water displacement, water shaders...cranked brightness up to 100%...nothing is working so far...Any help would be appreciated. Meh random ini tweaks might have been ill advised at best, now my water is messed up interior and exterior. But oh well this is my first playthrough in Oblivion in years, it just means I might finish this one at 20ish level instead of 30ish and then do a fresh install again.
  3. I'll have to try out those alternative heap settings. My framerates are really fantastic even in IC and other 'busy' areas, but I CTD a lot or the game will go blackscreen and I have to x out, but audio is still working...very odd. I'm not using any autosaves, quicksaves, etc. And I manually load if I get gibbed. Edit - I tried out heap 5 (worse than 6), and heap 2 (can't load a screen without CTD). My game is stable in most areas, but I found an area in the outskirts of Skingrad where I was CTDing every 30 secs...or less and had to try and fast travel maybe 10 times before it didn't crash on the attempt. As much as I love the idea of BC, ROC, and UL I might have to just drop those and see if that cleans up some of my CTD. As an aside, a quick bravo to Maskar, if you want a real challenge, but don't want to screw around with FCOM, I highly recommend MOO. At low levels you will NOT want to face a fort full of vampires ;).../kersplat.
  4. That's a good point Synth, but I thought a 'reminder' could be helpful with the bashed patch instructions at the end of the guide as it is possible to forget that little bit of advice when you get to the very end ...
  5. I figured it out, I forgot the useful suggestion to read the readme and mod authors instructions for the more complicated mods. I merged the 'better cities.esp' into the bashed patch, when it is supposed to be activated separate from the bashed patch. After cleaning that all up and starting my character over again just to be on the safe side, Imperial City looks fantastic and so far pretty seamless. As an added benefit that seems to have considerably reduced my CTD rate, perhaps because now the game and my PC are not working overtime to find a ton of missing meshes. It might be helpful to add a reminder about the better cities.esp in the bashed patch instructions at the end of the guide, so rookies don't miss that critical step.
  6. Thanks Synth, I'll go back thru all of my settings and patches for BC, UL, and ROC to see if I missed something. And I'll see how things are performing farther away from IC before changing the OR heap settings. But being a Wrye Bash noob, if I find that I need to make a tweak to BC or UL or whatever...can I tweak the setting in the installed mod, anneal, run BOSS again, rebuild the bashed patch, run teslodgen and the mpgui for the other tes program...and if that resolves things in game then just start my character over to avoid potential saved game corruption, etc. or am I grossly overcomplicating the process? As an aside if I do nothing but tweak an ini setting for a particular mod in an existing saved game, what is the best method to both insure that the tweak is not overwritten and that it doesn't screw up that character's saves?
  7. Argh, well perhaps I spoke too soon and jinxed myself. At any rate, I seem to be encountering a lot of CTDs and mesh issues around IC, not far from where you exit the original sewer exit. I seem to be pretty stable away from IC. Is that what most of you are experiencing or are you able to tweak IC so there aren't glaring mesh issues and frequent (maybe once every 15-30mins) CTDs around the outer edges of IC? Obviously my guess is that this is something to do with my setup or implementation of BC and related patches, but I am also using ROC and UL. I seem to recall a setting that had to do with the outer walls of IC, perhaps I need to tweak that setting? I don't mind starting my character over if needed, but I'd prefer to avoid having to roll back and reload the install. Also, Hish mentioned a CTD reduction mod and waiting until version 3.0 was available, do we have any idea when that could be available?
  8. I tested things out after installing nearly everything per the guide's instructions, but avoiding a number of the quest mods and substituting MOO for FCOM, and so far everything is working perfectly and looks fantastic. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication to the community, and attention to detail. Szorn
  9. You could save space by using numbers or symbols to represent "not lore friendly", "not fully tested", "will potentially experience issues under certain mod configurations", etc. Yes Hish that looks better thanks, if applied to the rest of the document that would help me finalize my choices for the setup I want to try. I'm not deviating tremendously, though I do plan to try out Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.
  10. Would a numbering system be easier to implement? 1 is green, 2 is yellow, and so on?
  11. Thank you, if there is a G for green I can't see it at all, but I can see the rest. If those were applied to the rest of the document I would be most appreciative. Szorn
  12. Could I please make one small request as a colorblind member of the community...could someone please put the corresponding letter with each colored box? Like R in the red boxes and G in the green, etc.?
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