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  1. tried launching fresh reinstall with hishutup's ini... ...you can guess the result by now. thanks for your effort, especially synthetik and hishutup -- I really appreciate it. but I don't want you to continue wasting brainpower on a lost cause. i might just bite the bullet and reformat my entire pc, probably just play something else for a while and try to get this bad taste out of my mouth. ugh.
  2. yeah i noticed it was missing too when i added synthetiks edits. i am gonna start install now, try to launch fresh install with your ini 1st thing in the morning. if this helps: the 1st time i tried to install the guide, i did the archive invalidation steps, but then i ran into problems with the install when i got to QTP. don't remember the issue but it wasnt loading right. read around in various forums and some people said that step wasnt needed any more, so I deleted everything, reinstalled, and on my 2ng go I did not bother with archive invalidation, and I did not unpack each mod to project either, and everything went fast and smooth until the very end when i started messing with better/open cities. lol i feel like i'm in an episode of house and who knows what random thing i'm not telling you is the stupid little piece needed to solve the puzzle.
  3. Synthetik-- tried everything you suggested - you can guess the result by now =( except, not sure what you mean by compatability mode, don't remember saying that? so, I have continued to purge my pc of everything I can think of (good bye, win10 apps!), cleaned, repaired, disabled, etc. now, I have again deleted everything oblivion related to prepare to try a new install, but, before I reinstall, is there anything any of you are curious to see on my pc? anything you can think of outside oblivion that might toggle this program when I start to download it? I do have skyrim + mod manager + LOOT still, all for my skyrim build. I did, earlier install a 2nd copy of mod manager, before I ever found the mythic dawn guide, and had started to try to mod oblivion that way, before realizing wrye was a better way to go and following MD, and I have deleted everything related to that I can find and think of. I won't reinstall until I get some feedback here, and then when I do reinstall, I can try to show you everything untouched before I try to run oblivion for the first time.
  4. only thing i have touched on this ini is the intro movies. https://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=04393631631803325156
  5. don't know. noticed that on maybe my 3rd reinstall. every time i reinstall, first time i run the launcher, this is default. i can't figure what would cause that to happen, and i dont think i ever before looked at the data files pane on a fresh install, so no clue what it should look like.
  6. no dice. i was even feeling a little hopeful that this would do the trick, updated java while i was at it, but nothing. same problem. i have half a mind to reformat my entire computer (I feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack at this point), but I'm afraid I will do that and it still won't work at which point I would have to be committed. does this matter? in launcher, default data files looks like this: https://postimg.org/image/fd8eabvch/ I have tried launching with every possible configuration of those selected/unselected, no difference. also, here is what my task manager shows when it locks up: https://postimg.org/image/6vw7ow53l/ (probably unrelated: if I am on a 64 bit system, why is everything labeled as 32 bit since I upgraded to W10?)
  7. i really do appreciate all the effort. --synthetic: no, i have never possessed a disc for the game. i just read that suggestion on older forums as i fished around for a solution. --hishutup: do you mean like go to nvidia and redownload the drivers for my graphics card? are you starting to see why I am at my wits end? like, the problem doesn't even make sense. somewhere along the line, i must have toggled or tripped something somewhere, and it's probably some stupid little thing, but i can't for the life of me... i see so many posts on so many forums similar to mine, but none of their solutions apply or have worked for me. if it helps, the problem started when I was very near the end of the mythic dawn install (and it was looking so beautiful and was running so smooth and i was getting so pumped up for this playthrough!), when I was messing with the open / better cities stuff that the freeze first occured. and the problem has not changed since, after MANY reinstalls/uninstalls. same problem. so something I did THEN I think has to be the culprit. on a positive note, in my quest to straighten this ought, my C drive is looking very clean and organized and I've removed maybe 200g of clutter and refuse =)
  8. -deleted the ini's many times, every time, tried backing them up and moving out of ob folder to have game generate new ones, personally scoured the new inis line by line and see nothing out of place. -i have restarted many times, doesnt seem to help. -dxsetup is a new idea. will try and report back.
  9. i have verified the cache on my last two install attempts. no dice. it gets past the intro movies. but that at least is something I have not yet tried. testing... no dice. i never thought i would miss the intro movies, but i am going to re-enable them again on my hopelessly broken oblivion game, because they give me hope, and because maybe that's all i will ever get to see ever again of my beloved oblivion... a bethesda sticker and a daedric sign and the opening theme... =(
  10. tried all of that already, thanks =D i can start it, and play around with all the options on the launcher. i can launch it, and it will play through the opening sequence and get to the main menu. on the main menu, i can also fiddle with the options just fine. i click on new game, and then the little dialogue to confirm start new game y/n pops up just fine, and when i click on yes, everything more or less instantly freezes, music stops, and cursor freezes on the screen right where i click yes. i have to ctrl alt del to shut it down. i tried downloading a couple vanilla saves off the nexus, but the same freeze happens when i try to load or continue from one of those saves. i have also tried removing the ini to generate a new one, and i have gone over the ini that the game is generating and don't see anything amiss there either.
  11. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I have tried all of those things, many times. Also deleted wrye's "oblivion mods" folder and all of wrye bash for that matter. Have tried installing out of program files and in. My almost-completed Mythic Dawn build was in a new file on my C drive, out of program files. I am nooby about modding, but I try to do my due dilligence of research and such, so I don't think my problem is something obvious at this point...
  12. also, when this happens, task manager shows oblivion (not responding) and hovering around 26-27% cpu usage, every time. also, i do have a mod organizer and loot still installed to handle my skyrim build, which still seems to be working fine, thank god. i am rather green when it comes to heavy modding, working through a couple step builds and such and learning as i go but really please think of me as a total noob.
  13. I'm at my wit's end! I had been installing mods following the mythic dawn guide. Build was stable and beautiful until I did some last minute fiddling with open cities / better cities (messed up terrain around anvil/lighthouse). Installed and uninstalled both a couple times, tried different versions, etc, and then finally decided it wasnt worth it and stripped it all out and then when I tried to launch was first time game froze when trying to start new game. Tried a couple more times, troubleshooted what I could, same result. I figured thats what I get for messing with those big unwieldy mods and I screwed my build and fine, back to square one. Uninstalled everything, deleted everyhthing I could think of, followed the uninstall guides, etc, and re-downloaded from Steam. Launched clean vanilla from Steam, and the games froze when I selected to start new game. %^&%#$^#$ Since, I have reinstalled the game several times, followed every uninstall guide I could find, tried completing the operations in different orders, uninstalled all related programs (wrye, etc), ccleaned the crap out of everything, manually scoured every nook and cranny of every folder on every drive, sacrificed the neighbor's ferret to Based God, ran things as an admininstrator, reorganized my desktop, whimpered in the corner, installed Oblivion in and out of program files, and cried many tears. I've searched and searched the old internet machine, and while various iterations of the freezing issue seem rather numerous, none of the fixes work for or apply to me. Most seemed to fix by deleting mods or using the discs to reinstall (discs? what is this 1997?), but I have scrubbed every trace of every mod related anything, and I can't remember the last time I even saw a game disc. I'm out of ideas. Anybody? i5 3.2, 8gb, gtx 970, windows 10.
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