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  1. Not a great photo in certain light its much more pronounced.
  2. Hey guys could somebody please upload some screenshots of the finished result? I don't know if I have made an error but Geralt's hair looks far too Blonde in comparison to his face its really distracting, every time I try to take a screenshot the game crashes, anybody experience this?
  3. Memory blocks log (Never used this before so not sure if its as it should be) No I have extensions shown, its definitely saved as .ini, I also triple checked in case there was a duplicate somewhere but there isn't.
  4. Unfortunately there was no change with those settings, I have tried rebuilding my bashed patch checking and rechecking my load order based on the guide but I still cant play more than 5 mins most of the time allot less really has me stumped i'm not new to modding these games in the slightest but I just cant figure out what my issue is, I have gone over every ini included with mods etc re-running SUM and LOOT etc it's strange SR:LE is one of the best written mod packs IMO and it was easy to follow and I did follow it carefully so I just can't understand where my installation is so broken?
  5. Hey thanks for taking a look, here you go SKSE ENB Memory settings
  6. Well thought I would bump this up it would seem my installation is completely unstable I genuinely have no clue as to why, checked and checked in TES5Edit no conflicts that shouldn't be happening as far as I can tell, as far as I can see my load order is fine but I cant play longer than 5 mins without a crash so something not right, took over 5 hours to install really don't want to do it again if I can avoid it anyone have any suggestions or can see any glaring issues with my install? Active Mod Files : Wyre Bash Active Mods: Mod Organizer left pane (These are upside down first listed here is last in left pane of MO) System specs:
  7. You are spot on Neo, it is indeed an issue with ENB, problems dissapear when ENB is disabled thanks for the help I'll triple check AA is off everywhere EDIT: Yup that fixed it only issue now is flickering from certain light sources? EDIT: Got the light flickering sorted ELE_Legendary_Fs_WT_Lite was in the wrong location, it would seem however "Winter is Coming" is unselectable under CCO in the MCM, looking back over there install instructions I cant see anything I missed?
  8. Hello all, I installed SR:LE last night and all went well, I did a bunch of testing before going to bed and it seemed fine no issues in the hour or so I was messing around however I just launched the game and my character is just a set of floating eyeballs and the cell has dissapeared, I am pretty sure this is a load order issue however I have not modified my load order since re-launching the game also lock times are not activated in Wyre Bash so I am very confused as to what could be the problem, I have tried shifting some mods around the bottom of the load order and checked for conflicts etc with TES5Edit but I can't seem to find or resolve the issue? Can yanyone see any glaring issues with my load order? Active Mod Files : Wyre Bash Active Mods: Mod Organizer left pane (These are upside down first listed here is last in left pane of MO)
  9. Just thought I would add to this, I had the same issue as the OP, I resolved it using Fo3Edit, I changed Static->1stPersonLaserRifle->Model to match the Blackened RH+FWE+EVE.esp, for whatever reason the bashed patch had added extra texture included in the RH_IRONSIGHTS.esm, most likely installation error on my part but its fixed now with no need for Nifskope editing, hope this helps.
  10. Hey Kelmych, finished installing the guide few days ago, had some issues with one particular profile ctd on load, no missing masters etc I'd assume it was INI edit of some sort however I couldn't resolve it, I simply made a new profile, reinstalled and all was well. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the guide haven't played Fo3 in years and I'm having a blast with the mods in the guide, just thought I would add a suggestion that's working perfectly for me using all the optional's (EVE,MMM etc) Helm POV, adds Project Nevada style overlays and visual effects: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/11474/? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/16439/?
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